Wild Weekend 2

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Wild Weekend 2 - Released by Alex-GTS-Artist

In this installment of "Wild Weekend" both girls awaken to find they have not completely reverted back to their original heights and shapes, both retaining their curviness.
Wild Weekend 2 - First Preview by Alex-GTS-Artist

While Elena is a bit surprised, both are generally okay with this. Bridget invites Elena to a pool party
Wild Weekend 2 - Second Preview by Alex-GTS-Artist

a reluctant Elena agrees since she doesn't expect to know anyone there, but...
Wild Weekend 2 - Third Preview by Alex-GTS-Artist

Wild Weekend 2

44 HD Images 1920x1080 (including 2 Extra images) - Size: 31 MB

Wild Weekend 1+2 Limited Bundle 

For those who missed the first part
86 HD Images 1920x1080 (including 2 Extra images) - Size: 60 MB and a very convenient price
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