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Published: March 6, 2015

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~ Wild Weekend 3 ~

In this final 'Wild Weekend' installment, Elena awakens on her living room floor with a powerful hangover and a mysterious houseguest asleep on the floor next to her. Over coffee and breakfast, Bridget helps Elena piece together the previous evening's activities which included party games, surprise guests, and, of course, more magic brownie adventures. Yeah, this one gets wild.

Wild Weekend 3

42 HD Images 1920x1080 - Size: 20 MB

Wild Weekend Bundle 

For those who missed the first two parts
127 HD Images 1920x1080 (including 2 Extra images) - Size: 80 MB and a very convenient price

~ Maid Service ~

Imagine you’ve requested a maid service to clean your apartment, but when she arrives at your place, she is a cute and petite french maid. You think there's been a misunderstanding, but then you find out she knows a lot about you and your wife. Strangely enough, even more than you do. If this wasn’t shocking enough, she starts growing taller and curvier in front of you. Wouldn’t you start realizing this is just a dream and let things happen? Right?!

This is a dreamlike story full of “animated” growth sequences. The maid will grow bigger in front of him and also when she’ll “be” with him. She will outgrow her clothes and shoes, becoming curvier with bigger breasts, wider hips, bigger butt, thicker and longer legs.

Cover-prep by Alex-GTS-Artist Maid Service - Preview 1 by Alex-GTS-Artist Maid Service - Preview 2 by Alex-GTS-Artist

Maid Service - Preview 3 by Alex-GTS-Artist

Royal edition contains unique extra images and videos:

81 HD Images from the story + 81 HD images with no text +81 HD images from stories but with less clothes and no text + 14 Short Videos + 2 Extra HD Images

Total: 245 HD Images (1920x1080) + 14 Short Videos


~ Unstable Growth 13 ~

The next installment of our incredible size changing girl is now available!
Time is passing by and, after intensive training, for Julie is time to test the limit of her powers.
Will she be able to control it? How far can she push her growth? Will it be dangerous? These and other questions will be answered as the plot unveils in this chapter full of extreme growth

Get Unstable Growth 13

Also use the promo code:


after adding products in cart to get all the past issues with a 25% discount (valid only this week!)

~ Wild Weekend 2 ~

In this installment of "Wild Weekend" both girls awaken to find they have not completely reverted back to their original heights and shapes, both retaining their curviness. While Elena is a bit surprised, both are generally okay with this. Bridget invites Elena to a pool party, and a reluctant Elena agrees since she doesn't expect to know anyone there, but...

Get Wild Weekend 2 Get Wild Weekend 1+2 Limited Bundle

Bundle is dedicated only to whom missed the first part.

~2 Hours More ~

He gets a visit from his step-sister just when his girlfriend grew 8 feet tall. How will he handle this situation?
In this story there will be present growth sequences including height growth, legs growth, breast expansion, ass growth and a little bit of shrinking. Particular care was made for clothes: they will get smaller as the girls grow to new sizes. It’s also the first story I make that will have some action (if you understand what I mean) with a nice animation and growth sequence. You can go forth and back in such sequences to create an endless animation. It’s a rich story with over 4.200 words!

The Royal Edition contains a copy of all the story images where girls will be always without clothes. It also contains an Height Comparison Chart image and two extra images.

Unstable Growth 12 - The Training

The destiny of our Julie is now set in "stone". She now starts to embrace it and has already endured a month of hard training. In this chapter we'll start to figure out how the life of an almost normal girl will change because of her power: She knows she can increase her size several times but will she be able to control it?

Unstable Growth - Bundle (Ch. 1-11)

Unstable growth is a series that started on Patreon where a blond girl has some problems controlling her sudden growth, the first episodes are single shots a bit disconnected but starting from the sixth issue the story deepens and takes form with new interesting characters. Sometime she grows "just" a few feet more, sometime she is taller than a skyscraper!
Here is a collection of 11 issues with a very convenient discount of more than 30% on every issue!

Get It Here!

B.A.D SchoolGirls 2Three beautiful but dangerous schoolgirls have outgrown their teacher and taken control of their class. Their principal rushes in and finds out what’s happening! Will she manage to get the situation under control? What she is going to do of the little professor? Will she discover their secret?

Get It Here!

B.A.D SchoolGirls

Three beautiful but dangerous schoolgirls are punished by their teacher for bullying their classmate. They will trick him and he will lose control of the situation. He will try to get back in control but just when this happens the girls will start to grow taller and sexier and his trouble escalate! 

Get It Here!

2 Hours Ago

She was a short girl that after eating some weird mushrooms had a huge growth spurt that lasted 2 hours. Watch her gradually become a giantess and increasing her curves while her sweater becomes smaller and smaller.

Get It Here!

Magical Ink

It’s a story full of growth related scene all created to be animated if you scroll forth and back. It’s a mini giantess story where her breasts get bigger, her waist narrow, she gets in shape (fitness instructor like body) and stronger, legs get longer, hips wider, ass rounder and of course she gets taller and taller!

Get It Here!

Summer Rain Shelter Gift Box

Gift Box now includes 10 exclusive images from different perspectives!
It contains also 15 and more test pictures of this set, pictures I did in order to get to the final image, for a total of 25 images.

Get It Here!

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I really miss B.A.D. School Girls. :/
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One day they might be back Heart 
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wild weekend purchase link at gtsartists shop keeps bringing me here
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Oops! Sorry!…
Here you are, thanks!
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The promo code is not working for me. nvm
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The Unstable Growth - Bundle can't found on you shop site. Can you check plz? :)
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There wasn't such thing, sorry for the delay. I've been absent. Now there is :)
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