Growth Diary Donation Project - Ended! Ty all!
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Would you like to make Rebecca grow "faster"? 
Would you like to be part of the comic and stand next to Rebecca? 

Well... read more!

Growth Diary - February 2016 - Page 1 by Alex-GTS-Artist


The purpose of this donation is to help me get new hardware for better rendering, I need at least a new powerful video card. My actual renders are very limited with max 2-3 people in each scene due to limited video memory. With the latest video cards I could place up to 9 people in a scene giving me the opportunity to render a giantess around normal/shorter people (and vice versa) making everything more interesting!
My actual hardware is 6 years old.

What's in for you by donating any amount?

By donating any amount you wish you'll speed up the release of the missing monthly issues from March 2016 to July 2019. As the donation total amount will increase so my "Growth Diary" posts will, up to 2-3 images every day!
I've a lot of requests about the growth diary and I think it's the best way to make everybody happy. It's possible to contribute with any amount but I want to reward who contributed the most.
I also want to expand the settings and to have her not just in her bedroom but at least in 2-3 more places so we can see the difficulties she has moving in an even smaller environment: ducking door, sitting on low chairs, dealing with shorter people, etc.

Note: The Growth Diary will always be free and will be posted here on deviantart and on


-Top Donation

Top Donation will have in the story his/her virtual avatar (this avatar can look like him/her or like a character he/she wants -max height 6'11).  Top Donation will also get 10 private custom images with Rebecca and his virtual avatar. 

-2nd and 3rd Top Donations

Second and third top donations will also be in the story as friends of Rebecca (same rule as above for virtual avatars).
*(NEW)* 5 custom images for second donation and 3 custom images for third donation with Rebecca and their respective avatars.

(*NEW*) 4th and 5th Top Donations

Forth top donation will have the opportunity to choose height (from 5' to 6'), hair color, hair style, ethnicity, body type (slim,athletic or "thicc") and bra size (from A to JJ) of a new female character friend of Rebecca.
2 custom images for forth donation and 1 custom image for fifth donation with Rebecca and one character of their choice.

- From 4th to 25th Top Donations

They'll have a custom image with a silhouette the same size of their height next to Rebecca.

- Top 10 Donations 

Top 10 Donations will have an opportunity to decide with me one issue: which interactions, character and dialogues. Everybody will have a issue to discuss with me. Keep in mind that there are limits to what a character can do according to its nature.

- Top 15 Donations 

Top 15 Donations will have a copy of my upcoming work that should be released later this month.

- Top 100 Donations 

Top 100 Donations will have access to a private Discord channel where they will get previews and exclusive images over time.

Extra info:
  • Donations will be closed as soon as I can afford the new hardware, I don't know how long it will take exactly but I suppose no more than a couple of months, maybe even less.
  • Release speed of "the Growth Diary" will be communicated and updated every week.
  • You can donate more than once, donations are cumulative.
  • Names or Aliases of people donating will stay anonymous unless they give me a permission to post their name or alias.
  • Donation total amount and top donations amounts will be public and updated every two weeks.
  • if two or more people donated the same amount it will be privileged who donated the most first or simply who donated first.
  • Avatars can be created as soon as I get the new hardware (so they can start interacting with her even from the past it depends what is the issue I'm about to post when I've the new hardware).
  • Silhouettes can also be created as soon as I get the new hardware but people are free to choose if they want to wait and be compared with an "older" and taller Rebecca.
  •  Discord Access will be granted once the Donation pool will be closed and before I'm having hands on the new hardware.


If you have any question you can ask here in the comments, I'll create also a FAQ session soon. You can also write a PM to me before doing any big donation keeping in mind I can't know who's the actual top donor as I need to download the spreadsheet and make calculations because donation can be cumulative.

Donation Goal:

Minimum Donation Goal is $1500 **REACHED!**
For the purchase of a Nvidia Geforce 2080 Ti with 11GB of Ram. (I still need to choose which brand, if you know a good brand let me know, I don't need OC version. All I want is that it doesn't heat too much compared to other models and that isn't too loud)

Second Donation Goal $2000 **REACHED!**
CPU - Intel i9 9900k CPU 

Third Donation Goal ~$2200 **REACHED!**
Motherboard (still choosing).

Fourth Donation Goal (any extra amount)
PSU, SSD, QHD Monitor

*NEW* Donation Ending Date:

Donation will end on 08/16/2019 11:59 PM CEST (16th of August, 23:59 Central Europe Summer Time).
As I've reached one of my goals, I'll keep the donation running 4 more weeks to see if I can reach the other ones too, however I don't want it to be too long so I can start preparing rewards for whoever donated.
After this date the ladder will be locked and no changes will be available. Final list will be made public the day after on Saturday.

[Change log]
* Update July 1st
What has been update:
- **NEW** Additional rewards for Top 10 Donations (read above)
- **NEW** Donation Goal (read above)

* Update July 6th
- Donation Total
- **NEW** Additional rewards for Top 15 Donations (read above)

* Update July 13th
- Donation Total updated
- Added visible dollars amounts to reach milestones
- Fixed 2 names on ladder (sorry, being far from home got me confused)

* Update July 20th
- Donation Total updated
- Donation List updated
- Milestone updated
- Minimum donation goal reached!
- More donation goals added
- Donation ending date set (read above)
- ***New rewards for top donations
- Discord links will be sent to your email in 24h, please check the email you donated with including its spam folder
[NOTE: When I started this donations pool I was expecting a lot of small donations, instead I got crazy huge donations that pushed me to add more and more rewards for the top ones.I thank you all so much because I see how much you like my stuff and how much you trust me]

* Update July 27th
- Donation Total update
- Milestone updated
- Removed last 2 milestone steps: I understood that I can't go faster than 6 issues per month because of creativity issues I could encounter by going so fast, I would like to maintain a certain quality and if possible to improve it
- Updated perks for 4th top donation.

* Update August 3rd
- Donation Total update
- Donation List updated
- Donation goals reached!

* Update August 14th
- Donation Total update
Donations Total (so far):  $ 2,328  It's a huge amount! Thank you so much, you're all very generous!Bunny Emoji-66 (Thank you arigatou) [V3] 

Milestones Reached:
2 Issues per month
3 Issues per month
4 Issues per month

5 Issues per month
--->6 Issues per month <--- (You reached this level!) Maximum level
7 Issues per month ($ 2000)
8 Issues per month ($ 2400)

Top donators (Ladder updated to August 3rd)
01 Gabbazz $400,00 
02 Wolf $300,00
03 George L $222,50
04 Gow34 $205,00
05 Jnewdeadman $135,00
06 Potnoodleisgood $100,00
FreshCrocodile $100,00
08 Anonymous 24 $60,00
09 Anonymous 39 $60,00
10 Tuggagott $55,00
11 Heromanbunny $50,00
12 Astyanax $40,00
13 Doctorissuedjh $35,00
14 Maniackevin $26,00
15 Anonymous 34 $25,00
Gorosch $25,00
17 Anonymous 60 $25,00
18 Nikochan $20,00
19 Anonymous 63 $20,00
20 Khahahaa $20,00
21 Anonymous 2 $18,00
22 Anonymous 23 $15,00
23 Anonymous 26 $15,00
24 Anonymous 46 $15,00
25 Anonymous 51 $15,00

Thank you so much! All the others who donated so far but that don't appear in the ladder are in top 100 and allowed to enter the discord channel that will grant them exclusive images of the growth diary.

If you want to appear in the ladder (instead of anonymous) send me a message with your email address and the alias of your choice. I added all the ones that publicly said they've donated or contacted me via PM. If you're here and you don't want to appear let me know I'll remove you as soon as possible.
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jnewdeadman's avatar

Can we continue donating after the deadline? I know there won't be any additional perks but it's more convenient for me than Patreon and I would like to continue supporting one of my favorite artists.

Alex-GTS-Artist's avatar
Alex-GTS-ArtistProfessional Digital Artist
Sure, thank you for your kindness Hug Heart
I need to stop them for a few days to avoid any confusion with the actual "prizes", tho.
Out of curiosity, why is it a problem for you to support me on Patreon? I was counting to open it again in the future so I'd be happy to know your point of view. 
jnewdeadman's avatar

As far as I'm aware Patreon is subscription only, so being able to give what I can when I can instead of a recurring monthly amount is better. My income varies somewhat from week to week so it's difficult to budget extra expenses on a monthly basis. Sorry for the late reply.

Alex-GTS-Artist's avatar
Alex-GTS-ArtistProfessional Digital Artist
I understand, thanks for letting me know and thanks for all the support along the years! Heart 
vincewallace's avatar

I only donate $10, but i am glad you back. So will you give the access or something else?or I just read the new one at this page

Alex-GTS-Artist's avatar
Alex-GTS-ArtistProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you a lot! Why do you say "only"? Every donation is a nice gesture for me, and it depends on a person possibilities.
I can give you access to my discord server where there are exclusive Growth Diary Images.
vincewallace's avatar

That will be great! so are you gonna send it to my email or somewhere else?

Alex-GTS-Artist's avatar
Alex-GTS-ArtistProfessional Digital Artist
Send me a note with your email address (the same you used for your donation)
khahahaa's avatar

I donated $20 and Thanks for all your previous work

Alex-GTS-Artist's avatar
Alex-GTS-ArtistProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you! it's very kind of you! Hug 
I appreciate your donation and I hope I'll be able to make you happy with my work
khahahaa's avatar

I think rebecca was too thiin even if she has impressive height and strength. I wish to watch her growing more thicker and muscular

Alex-GTS-Artist's avatar
Alex-GTS-ArtistProfessional Digital Artist
Rebecca is growing in many ways, will you trust me? :)
skylion's avatar
For the GPU, you want side cooled if you have a case with lots of space. If you have several GPUs really close to one another then you'll need blower style GPUs.
Alex-GTS-Artist's avatar
Alex-GTS-ArtistProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks a lot for your advice!Huggle! 
gow34's avatar
why are you having fourth place pick a name for the brother you already gave him a name it is Steve you can see that in the family edition pictures not mad just wondering why
Alex-GTS-Artist's avatar
Alex-GTS-ArtistProfessional Digital Artist
You're right,
I forget a few things and this is bad I know and then when I try to read if an info from another guy wrote in a comment was true, in my own story I missed this. I'm bad, I know, I'll fix it. Thanks for letting me know
gow34's avatar
it's ok everyone forgets from time to time your still one of the top five growing girl artists ever :D (Big Grin) 
Alex-GTS-Artist's avatar
Alex-GTS-ArtistProfessional Digital Artist
I'll work harder, I must reach at least your top 3 :D
timefinder4434's avatar
Hey, how do I know if I've made top 25 or top 100? Will you email?
Alex-GTS-Artist's avatar
Alex-GTS-ArtistProfessional Digital Artist
Thanks for your donation before anything else.Hug 
I'll update the ladder tomorrow, meanwhile you can send me a note here on dA telling me if I can use your nickname and what was the email you used for your donation.
gow34's avatar
here's another $11
Alex-GTS-Artist's avatar
Alex-GTS-ArtistProfessional Digital Artist
Thank you so much for your constant contribution!!! Hug Heart 
gow34's avatar
just sent you $71.00
Alex-GTS-Artist's avatar
Alex-GTS-ArtistProfessional Digital Artist
Wow! Heart La  Thank you so much, really appreciate your support and kindness! :hug:2 rvmp 
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