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2 Hours More - Released by Alex-GTS-Artist

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Royal Edition Regular Edition

He gets a visit from his step-sister just when his girlfriend grew 8 feet tall. How will he handle this situation?

In this story there will be present growth sequences including height growth, legs growth, breast expansion, ass growth and a little bit of shrinking.

2 Hours More - The Mountains of Perdition by Alex-GTS-Artist

Particular care was made for clothes: they will get smaller as the girls grow to new sizes.

2 Hours More - Some Peaceful Rest by Alex-GTS-Artist

It’s also the first story I make that will have some action (if you understand what I mean) with a nice animation and growth sequence. You can go forth and back in such sequences to create an endless animation.

Giantess Incoming! - 2Hours More Preview by Alex-GTS-Artist

The Royal Edition contains a copy of all the story images where girls will be always without clothes. It also contains an Height Comparison Chart image and two extra images.

2hrs more - Royal Edition extra by Alex-GTS-Artist

It’s a rich story with over 4.200 words!

Regular Edition

120 HD Images (1920x1080)

73 MB

Royal Edition

243 HD Images (1920x1080)

141 MB

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I've paid for Royal Edition but I don't know how to download it.I need help
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Alex-GTS-ArtistProfessional Digital Artist
you should have received an email, check the spam folder, anyway I'll send you a Note here on deviantart to ask your email and transaction id so I can see if there is something wrong.
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Very nice.
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Alex-GTS-ArtistProfessional Digital Artist