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Giantess Incoming! - 2Hours More Preview

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She is impressive! Can she scratch the ceiling with her head?

I would like to apologize because I can't attend my scheduled release time. Main reason is because I got flu that first slowed me down and later knocked me down. Now I feel better but I've still a lot of things to do that I can't complete in one day. I need a few more, 2 or 3. So I'd say release could be 12th and 13th of December. 
For those that are disappointed by this delay and that have pre-purchased it they can ask me for a full refund, just send me a mail or PM me here.
Anyway, now I feel better, I'll work hard to deliver it as fast as I can.
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So lovely scene.
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do you send the comic per email, when it will released for us who have pre-purchased it?
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I'll send you a notice it will be released, you need to go on the shop and use the code, it's just a matter of a couples of hours now
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She's fabulous. People get sick. Things happen. Patience everyone. Hope you feel better.
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Thank you so much for everything!
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So hot! Great size =)

Thank you!

PS. Hope you are feeling better
Alex-GTS-Artist's avatar
Yes I did, thanks!
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Don’t worry about it man! Your health is the number one priority! 
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Oh okay that's fine, I can wait till then. I just wasn't sure what happened.
Glad you're feeling better!
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In short 2018: not the best year for my health.
Let's hope for a better 2019 :D
TimotheousTheGreat's avatar
Yes! I hope so too! :D
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You should also probably mention that we met the diary threshold :)

EDIT: Apologies for being impulsive. Take care of your health!
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She truly is impressive!
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