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2 Hours More - Some Peaceful Rest

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If you hug her like this, you would never let her go, stay there and enjoy every moment, forever.

Third preview of my latest work: 2 Hours More. It's going to be released soon.

If you're interested in my works you can visit my shop for other comics

Also Comments and Favs of this post will be added to the total count for a new entry of the "Growth Diary" ;)
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So soft scene. I could feel her soft skin in my hands and her perfume 
Alex-GTS-Artist's avatar
Nice, thank you! Heart 
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So warm and wonderful.
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Where I want to be.
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I want to hug these legs too :D
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FAVORITES: 500 :check: 
COMMENTS: 136 :check: 
THE DIARY IS COMING!!! Clap La la la la Celebrate 
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Yes it will be done! Clap 
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The diary cometh!
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As of now:
474 FAVES (only 26 more needed!) Exclamation :omgomg:  
131 COMMENTS :check: 
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Count mine in! Time to continue the diary!
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love it....
Did she try heels ?
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How long is the comic?
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She looks wonderful.
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Such a cute hug~
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Sweat one Alex!
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dream come true 
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and as of right now:
364 total favorites Exclamation 
117 comments :check: 
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I would hug from behind
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Cant wait to read this story
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