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I have begun selling prints of some of my artwork at:

Stop on by and buy...
I used to be a big television watcher, not more than six months ago.  I used to sit there, veg out, stare, drool a bit (when the purty girls sauntered on screen), and figured I could not miss this show.  It was sort of a... this is a quasi important thing to do... watching the TV.

But anyways, nowadays I rarely watch the boob tube.  I'm not sure why.  I still like the TV and I still on occasion watch it, but seeing as a television set sits not more than four feet from where my computer is (small room, what can I say?) I find that it doesn't hold the appeal it once did.

I'm going to compare my previous adoration of the television to that of a girl.  Once I was all into it and up in there, but that faded, I moved on, found something better... Web comicking.  Its not that I don't miss my days with the TV and its not that I don't enjoy it a few times a week, it just... it just doesn't have that same draw as it once did.

I suppose it's a good thing. The drawing and not the watching.

Art and the Drawing has always been a sort of a stress reliever for me.  Draw and sketch when you're mind is full or your emotions are a wee bit high, allows your focus to either wander or disperse, as your fingers and that back part of your noggin' does the thinking.  

So what I'm getting at is:  Draw and your stresses will flutter away like dead leaves in the wind.  Draw and you'll feel better and look at your works and be content.  Or watch TV and live vicariously through some fast talking, quick witted clever folk who look too pretty.


I command thee.  

Yeah, this blog is completely no sense making.
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I dunno about all you folks and what you do when you're acreating stuff, drawings and the like. but I personally do enjoy watching a good movie while doing the art stuff. its works out well as I've still got my old mac mini on my computer desk, butting right up next to my new iMac.  So there ain't all that much of a stretch of the neck or a turning of muscles to stare at something going on on the screen.

I think a bit of distraction, background noise, whatever, helps in the process of doing things. Maybe its just me. But I do believe I can concentrate better when there's something else going on, in the background, on the very right of my main computer, or swaying back and forth in an undulating fashion on a stage before me in ten inch Lucite stripper heels... mmm..

Its a bit of the same when I'm writing. I can't watch television or a movie, but I can blast up everything int he volume department of my ipod or computer and cause a massive rush of music tearing down my ear canals and pound away at keyboard until my fingers bleed. or i get bored.  More the latter than the former... actually never the former.

Currently, updating the webcomic, late as usual, I was watching Leon the Professional. Never has there been a more romantic, compelling story about a killer for hire who's in love with a twelve year old girl.  i misplaced my copy of the Fifth Element which is why I watched this instead.
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It's a bloody bloody mess, it is.  

Y'know when you make some art and look at it and grin and then store it away in the foldery contents of the computer system, you don't really take the necessary seconds to label, mark, and categorize it before tossing it into glorious storage (computer wise)

That's been a bit of a problem as of late, curse my laziness and unorganized way of living!

But it goes give me the opportunity to look back on old art and shake my head in disgust at what I had considered to be good and awesome at the time.

As the years progress, the drawing ability gets better and the love for the old stuff slowly vanishes like a fart in the wind.

So... yeah... keep drawing, make sure things are well, etc. etc.
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I'm a lazy person, that's a proven fact. I'm a person who types badly, that's also a proven fact.  Then why is it that I've chosen to a try my hand at a profession that is at odds when what I am?  I can't say, but I'm guessing it has to do with something along the lines of being a glutton for pain and misery.

Hi. My name is Alex and I like pie.  Its tasty, its crumbly,  its got that smell of home, and warm soft innards that slide down easy.  I also do titlecards for this series I had a hand in creating, called the The Series (, featuring wacked out adventures by a bunch of emotionally immature depraved fiends in search of a Valhalla of booze and hot women.  

I also do a webcomic called All Manner of Bad (, which is about a group of co workers forced by a zombie apocalypse to band together and fend off their place of work from zombies, crazies, and all manner of other bad things.  

I also write many a short story (sorry, no url at present), the Series episode, and whatever crawls before me and dies a slow and miserable death. I like writing. I want to be a writer when I grow up. With books. With fans. With women throwing underwear at me while being overwhelmed by lustful thoughts of me doing lustful naughty things to them.  Yeah, rockstar writer. That's the dream.

But for now... for now I'm doing the best I can with the circumstances that are presented to me.  

Draw, write, draw, write, draw, write, watch a bit of internet porn, draw, and then write. That's my post day job life, and I'm liking it.

So lets all settle in, gather around, smoke 'me if you got 'em, and sit back and enjoy this flaming train ride to hell and beyond.
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  • Drinking: Diet Coke. Its fucking up my innards, but I lub it