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Android and Windows vs Apple

hehe yeah I hate apple and all the products form this company (iPhone, iPad, Mac, etc.) so here is a battle I have with them but in my mind xD
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Just a small question... why do you hate Apple ? ^^"
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mmm because their products are quite expensive and their price is only because of the logo, their specifications are comparable with other products of other companies with half of the price and because their products are so expensive a lot of people (I don't say all of them) think their are better than others and they thinks that they are like in the top of the world when other smartphones like a Samsung Galaxy SIII can easily beat an iPhone 5 and it's same with their computers
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I agree with you, it's expensive.
Apple looks to be a luxe, however it's true in someways.
Peoples says that Apple is the best for fiability (I agree with them, my iPad actually never met any problems since almost 2 months... yes 2 months, let's see in some years).
But even if my iPad is good, I still prefer my Windows 7 PC, mainly because of the habitude.
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Yeah actually because is simple is stable that's something good but people don't undestand that are for diferent things and they compare and say it's better, my problem is that they are a lot expensive and the comparison people make with android and windows 
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Yes I agree with you.