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My violin ^^

Someone has made that violin for me <3
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Looks as if it has been dealt with 'violin-tly'.
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Very spooky-looking, is it functional as an electric violin? Sad that the fingerboard would block the view between the eyes, though maybe it could be made of a transparent material? Or included into the design, made to look like a part of a helmet or something...
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Wow, how does it sound?
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This is so metal lol
Amazing work. You strung it and it plays well? I've got to have one. My daughter will be up to a full size fiddle soon. Where can I get a custom piece like that?
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I LOVE THIS !!!! What a haunting song it must sing
Prettiest damn violin in the world!
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OMG I WANT IT!!!!!!!!!!!!
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that reminds me of the violin in a charles strosse book about bob howard, his girlfreind has a electric violin carved from the bones of eric zann " a fictional charecter created by hp lovecraft, i'd recomend reading [link] in the charles stross book the when she plays the violin it kills demons :iconblackbangplz:
man Lindsey Sterling would love that!
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That is epic man! I love it :horns:
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Does it play? Well its a cool violin.
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brooke? as a violin?
Pink Sake :')
One word comes to mind. Wicked! :P
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I guess it's an electric violin? A very interesting idea and even better to see actually see it.
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Very soothing :3
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