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Pinkie loves this game I suppose.
Or maybe she just makes random moves?
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It's PINKIE PIE ! don't analyse or question it! laws of physics does not apply to her. I just have to say that!
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Has anybody noticed the pony language look like backwards russian?
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Poor Twilight! Clap 
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Pinkie: *moves*
Twilight: *spends next ten minutes psyching herself out*
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Those are cool statues!
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Twilight is likely losing because she memorized only the Sicilian Defense, and it's variations, and no other opening. Also, knowing Twilight, she would be frustrated by Pinkie Pie making moves that aren't considered the best, and either focus too much on one thing or over thinking it.

Based on what I see, it appears that Pinkie Pie has four pawns, two rooks, and one knight. Twilight has two pawns and one knight. Given what I see, unless Pinkie makes blunder after blunder, Pinkie Pie will win. The reason is that in two turns, Pinkie will be able to move her pawn across the board and make it a Queen (I guess it's actually a Prince in this game, but I'm using the chess term Queen in this case). After Twilight moves her Princess up to attack the Knight, Pinkie could just attack Twilight's Knight with her pawn, and let Twilight take her Knight. After that, Pinkie will be able to move her pawn to the end of the board. Twilight's Princess is too far away to help, so there is nothing that Twilight can do to stop it.
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Or... You know...

Pinkie is just being Pinkie and logic can't win against insanity...
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No... That's Sanity...

I'm talking about logic...

Two entirely different things...
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Twilight should call Gary Kasparov ...
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Would I arrive somewhere if I analyzed the chessboard?
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this...has to be an episode. It just has to...
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computer ai vs human ui , love it.....
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Only Pinkie Pie could win a board game simply by randomly moving pieces. Lol
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Twilight: "How are you winning!?"
Pinkie: "I told you, I'm just good at board games!"
^ ^
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Great concept
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All that matters is that you take down the king.
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lol this is funny^^
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No wonder I keep loosing at chess on my computer, Pinkie is the AI. makes sense
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lol the books mite not help you this time! XD
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There has to be something to explain it Twilight, don't give up!
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Not sure if it applies to chess, but a practiced strategy can fall apart if your opponent doesn't respond as you expect.

Very interesting book called "How to Lose A Battle", which details military actions where one side seemed to have all the advantages, and lost. One phenomenom it details is the "Dance of Defeat". One side has a strategy that requires an opponent respond in a specific manner. But opponents don't always do what you want them to. And staying committed to a plan, even a good plan, when circumstances have passed it by is not likely to win anything.

If Twilight is too much "By the Book", then a loopy bizarre playstyle may put whatever clever gambit she had arranged in the toilet. Aaaand, there's Pinkie Pie.
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