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Pioneer Voldemort

By Alethiar
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Well, first Deviation here, do not expect many of them, but if you have a request for some photo manipulations, do ask, I'll consider it at least.

After reading "Harry Potter and the Methods of Rationality", a fanfic by Less Wrong of, I saw he wanted this kind of fanart, and hey, presto, here it is.

Basically, Harry's aunt married a scientist instead of Vernon, thus raising Harry as a very rational boy. This begins to crush with a letter delivered by owl...

I suggest giving it at least a read, even if you don't like the genre. Personally? I love it.

Hope he likes the fanart.

Original image of the Pioneer Plaque taken from NASA, and released under the public domain, as by NASA copyright policy.
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this is hilarious ahahahahahaha
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The only confusion that sprang to my mind is how would Voldemort get back to earth? Since he reappears were the horcrux is....

But since this voldemort probably has a plan to get back it is the perfect horcrux :D
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You apparate, silly.
keinve1's avatar
Presumably; this would be 'final stage', absolute prevention of death over power.
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just so you all understand how ridiculously epic this story is: I found it about half an hour ago...three DAYS ago...and just finished ch. 70 something.
you need more proof? slight spoiler: after 1st Potions class, Snape gives a public apology for his behavior. But you have to read it to find out how the hell Potter got him to do it!
and that is why you all must read this. because it is just that awesome.
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60+ chapters in and its still only first year???

keinve1's avatar
Author plans to solve the plot (of all books) by the end of first year.

Author also plans to be utterly evil by only updating once every fifteen years.
iamnuff's avatar
updating every 15 years?

you better be joking.
keinve1's avatar
/me whispers "exageration for comedic effect"
iamnuff's avatar
thank god,

on a side note, new chapter out recently.
keinve1's avatar
Yep. Now, I gotta re-read the entire thing to know what goes on.
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Mind blown...
Gil-Hushpond's avatar
It begets the question "How far away can a Horcrux be from the one who made it and still carry that person's soul fragment?"

Being a Bright who also happens to like the Harry Potter series is a real test of my suspension of disbelief. XD
Chys's avatar
HOW would Harry track that one down? lol!
blackbreeze13's avatar
Oh man. I love this concept. Thanks!
tharal2814's avatar
That is just great...

...and scary when you think about it.
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Horcrux!Pioneer Plague?

Very interesting.

I've been following the story for quite a while and I must say, there no fanfic quite like it.

And the design of the revamped plague, while it doesn't look like something Voldemort would come up with, looks pretty darn awesome.
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The story is among the best written ones Ive read! I hope we get to see a 7-book completion. It is rare but it will be epic and very rewarding! ^^
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