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Escape Into A Wolf's Grasp
Mushroom Kingdom; Evening
The sun was starting to settle as the citizens and guards of the castle were getting things ready to barricade for the night. They say that dangerous creature appear during the night and hunt for something or someone to feast upon.
It was especially dangerous for their young, 7 year old princess, Peach, to be caught in a creature's grasp and managed to lock every door and window up.
Well... ALMOST all of them. Princess Peach was in her room while getting ready to sneak out of the castle as she was putting on a red hood and cloak.
The princess smiled and quietly wobbled out towards her room's balcony in her classic, pink gown and felt the wind against her small body. "Here I go!" Peach giggles as she heads outside and jumps off the balcony.
Her gown poofed up like a parachute with the wind blowing against it and sending her flying up and far away. Peach smiles as she flies from the castle and heads towards the edge of town.
In fact, it was
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 6 8
Circus Winning
Home of Amy Rose
Inside her home, clad in her robe, Amy Rose was on the couch watching some TV. "It seems that the weather will be nice today." Amy said with a smile as she was watching the news channel at the moment.
Suddenly, mail fell in through the open mail slot on her door, it wasn't much, but one envelope did stick out from the rest. "Hm?" Amy goes to check her mail as she notices the certain envelope and picks it up.
She looked at it before seeing that it had the symbol for the world famous Tringaling Inc. Circus. Amy's eyes widen a bit as she instantly opens up the envelope and looks at it's contents which were a letter and a pass.
"Dear Miss Amy Rose."
"We thank for your submission to our Tringaling Inc. Circus "Become A Part Of The Act" Contest."
"We are pleased to inform you that you have won the contest and will be given free access to the circus and a chosen act, the famous Blimp-O Clowns."
"We look forward to arriving at the location shown behind your pass."
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 9 8
Tikal's Tummy Trap
It was a clear starry night on the floating land mass known as Angel Island. Only a faint green glow was shown on the island, the glow of the famous Master Emerald.
It is a gem of incredible power and many have sought to claim it for their selfish purposes. But all were foiled by the emerald's current guardian, Knuckles the Echidna, to varying degrees.
Speaking of which, Knuckles was asleep by it, snoozing peacefully. However, it was not a good time for him to be sleeping on the job, as a winged figure was flying towards it.
This was a recurring intruder to the island as it was none other than Rouge the Bat herself, the self proclaimed jewel thief. Rouge smirks as she flew silently towards the glowing green rock.
She hopes to grab the emerald and fly away with it from here while the guardian is resting, however she wasn't prepared for one certain defense. "Mmmm... hehe..there it is... the biggest gem ever." Rouge flies down and lands by the emerald as she looks and sees Knuckles snoozi
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 11 16
Lilo's Large Lunch
Pelekai Household
Inside the household, the sounds of things cooking occurred, followed along with hums of the French National Anthem. In the kitchen was Experiment 062, aka Frenchfry, as he was making up a late lunch.
Frenchfryhums as he cooks up some burgers with fries. Suddenly the front door bell rang as it seems that a certain someone has come home today.
"Hm?" Frenchfry peeks through the kitchen door, seeing Lilo had returned from hula practice. "Ahhh Bonjour!" Lilo waves to the experiment, but she looks a little upset as she slowly enters the house before sitting down at the table.
"Hm?" Frenchfry took notice before offering her a plate of a burger and fries. "Thanks Frenchfry...I just wish I could eat all my problems away..." Lilo sighs as she eats the food that given to her at a normal pace.
Frenchfry wonders what's wrong with Lilo. "Mertle and her friends gave me a hard time today and I can't stand it." Lilo said as she was looking a little frustrated while she eats with her
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 18 0
Pie Beauregarde
Early Morning; Downtown
The sun was still rising up one day as walking through the almost empty city was a young, brown haired girl clad in a blue pantsuit and a red belt across her waist. This one was in fact a known gum chewing celebrity by the name of Violet Beauregarde.
"Hm...I wonder I should have for breakfast today." Violet wonders as she places her hands on her grumbling stomach. The girl ventured down all by herself as she looked for at least a nice place to get something to eat.
"Hold on...I smell something...sweet.." Violet detects a sweet aroma and smiles as she then sniffs the air for a moment. It smelt like freshly baked pies, of various flavors, and they seem to be coming from close by.
"Oh, there must be a bakery near by!" Violet soon turns her head as she then saw a bakery just a few steps away from her position. The girl heads over to the bakery, not seeing anyone inside, but she did see some pies on the counter.
"It says that it's open here, so I guess I'll head insi
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 24 11
Mask Of Dark Girth
Something suspicious is going on from Down Under as a certain inspector from Interpol was on the case. There have been reports of many citizens, either tourists or workers, have been acting rather strangely when they enter a certain area, and Inspector Carmelita Fox was assigned to see why.
"I can't believe, I'm coming back to Australia of all places." Carmelita thought along the way as she recalls a certain incident from this continent. The fox looked around for any abnormal signs, keeping her weapon on hand just in case.
"Hmm..." Carmelita views the area until she spots something peculiar up ahead.Iit was a faint, purple-ish glow coming from within a cave.
Carmelita enters the cave in a cautious manner as she gets her shock pistol ready for any shooting that she might have to do inside. The vixen traversed further inside the cave, the glow becoming brighter by the minute, allowing more of the cave to be shown.
"I don't like the looks of this.." Carmelita thought as she heads deeper i
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 9 0
Sleepover Snacking
It was a peaceful night in the Sol Dimension as a certain fiery cat princess was getting into her pajamas for the evening. For this occasion, they were a pink one piece pair with goldfish prints over it all.
"There we go, that should do it." The cat, known as Blaze, said as she buttons herself up into her pajamas. She was preparing for a certain event this evening as a certain sound was heard.
"Oh, she's here!" Blaze smiles as she makes her way down to the front door. She goes and opens the door, revealing her bunny friend, Cream, who giggles and says, "Hi Blazie!"
"Hello Cream, glad that you could make it." Blaze said as she giggles back at her friend. "Thanks!" Cream giggles as she enters in, side by side with Blaze, clad in a blue one piece with light blue polka dots.
"So what would you like to do first, Cream?" Blaze asks as she smiles as the bunny girl. "Well, how about we have some fun!" Cream said as she smiles at the cat.
"Alright, but what kind of fun should we
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 8 0
Rain Brings On The Berries
Forest On the Outskirts of Knothole Village
Rain poured down from the dark clouds, and it was coming down hard. Even the thick, large forest wasn't able to cover it all up, and it was especially bad news for one pink hedgehog.
"Ugh...why is this happening to me?" The girl asks herself with dismay as she was getting soaked in the rain. The hedgehog, one Amy Rose by name, had only come out to get some fresh air, but the rain put a damper on things for her.
"I got to seek shelter until the rain has stopped." Amy thought as she looks around for a place to stay for the time being. She stumbled about, the rain impairing her vision, as she was going all over the woods trying to find some place to wait it all out.
Amy groans with dismay during this search until she suddenly spots something close by. It appeared to be a large cottage that connecting to it was an indoor green house, equally as large as the house, and it looked like someone was home indicated by the light in the window.
Amy rushe
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 10 0
My BIG Baby Girl
It was a busy day in an averagely large modern city. In one apartment complex, a mother vixen was busy getting everything cleaned up.
"And there!" The mother hums as she was cleaning the living room up. This vixen goes by the name of Ginger and judging by her appearance, she was quite the looker for a mother.
Ginger smiles as she put the stuff away and the garbage in the can before she turns to a play pen. "Now all clean! Hehe, right my little girl!" The vixen's child was playing with some toys in the pen as the sunlight shines through the window and reveals her properly.
The mother was a lovely silver vixen with big amber eyes and flowing, long blond hair, clad in the garb of a witch, while her daughter was a red fox, merely a genetic trait from her side of the family, but with the same big amber eyes and flowing long hair as her mother, clad in a frilly blue damsel dress and white diaper. The daughter turns around and looks at her mother with a smile.
"Hehe, hey there Cinnie! Havin s
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 15 2
Midnightly Encountering
Royal Palace; Late Night
The door leading outside quietly crept open on one, starry night, as quietly sneaking out was a young girl of 16 with big blue eyes and long, cherry red hair, clad in a beautiful, pink and white gown with silver barrettes attached to her hair. Tthe girl, Ariel by name, was no ordinary girl, as she quietly wobbled outside, seeing the starry, night filled surroundings.
She used to be a mermaid, but she gave away her voice to become a human as part of a deal with a sea witch named Ursula. Ariel miles as she looks about the area in awe, wobbling slightly.
She then waddled towards the steps to the beach and went off to do a little late night exploring. However her deal had a condition that she had to meet within 3 days or else something bad will happen to her.
Ariel had her arms spread out as she wobbled on the sand while smiling and looking around the area before seeing the ocean gleaming in the moonlight. It looked so beautiful to her since she was looking at it f
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 4 0
It was a sunny afternoon at the beach as a tall, busty grey skunk with white long hair and a matching back stripe, wearing a red one-piece swimsuit, was walking back to her lookout after a long day of lifeguard duty. The many patrons she saw all played, swam, and even barbequed outside, enjoying the nice day at the beach.
"Boy, being a lifeguard is pretty tough sometimes." The skunk, named Kelly, sighs as she enters her lookout while feeling a bit tired. She slumped back into her lounge chair to relax a bit with a cooler beside it.
"While it is nice to do mouth to mouth with cute boys, this work does make super hungry." Kelly said as she places a hand on her growling stomach and boy was it a growl, nearly shaking her whole seat. "I'm so hungry right now...enough to go and eat a whole person.." The skunk said as she needed to eat something soon.
The skunk looked out at the crowd, seeing all of them and getting a thought into her head. "Hm...maybe I should take this time to be like a hun
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 9 2
Witch's Adoption
Forest from the edge of the village
Down in the woods, having snuck away from the Mobian Orphanage, was a little baby pink hedgehog girl with big, green eyes and clad in a cute little dress and poofy white diaper. "Wow...this place is beautiful..." The girl looks with awe as she waddles her way through the woods.
The girl, one Amy Rose by name, had ventured off into the woods on a dare by a fellow member of the orphanage. It had taken some trial and error, but ultimately Amy had succeeded in going in.
"I knew I could do it." Amy giggles as she smiles with pride. She happily waddled all around while looking at the big forest.
Amy soon take a step on a slick spot as she then slips and falls over. She began to tumble and roll down a hill that next to her.
She soon landed, but it was headfirst in the mud. Amy slowly gets up after that as she was now dirty and soon began to cry like a baby such as her would.
Suddenly, footsteps could be heard coming towards her. "Hello? Is someone th
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 5 0
Royally Lost
Forest outside of the village; Evening
The sun was slowly creeping down as many of the more upper class denizens were on their way to a royal ball hosted by the king. On this evening, one young lady, clad in a beautiful pink ball gown had to walk herself since her step family left, on purpose, without her.
Her name was Cinderella and she was using a slightly different route to the ball in order to avoid detection. "Oh dear... I hope I make it in time..." Cinderella walks down a path through the woods, trying to keep her chin up, but she was becoming worried.
The path she took was in a dodgy area of the forest which can be quite misleading and dangerous. Cinderella continues to walk by her lonesome while keeping an eye out for any troublesome things along her way.
However...there was something keeping a careful on her from within the shadows. Cinderella continues to walk before hearing the sounds of water close by as she then looks around while carefully hearing the sound.
However she t
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 7 1
Treasure Bloating
It was a sunny day out on the open sea as a certain vessel was sailing across it. The crew present was keeping the boat stable, but these weren't ordinary crew, but those belonging to royalty.
Their captain was the fiery princess herself, Blaze the Cat as she was special outfit for this special occasion. The princess was clad in a french looking ensemble, decorated with violets, whites, and gold, a long skirt that covered the legs, a white coat over the violet top, and topped with a pirate hat but with a royal crown attached to it as well.
"Ahoy, mateys! Today we will arrive at the designated island shortly, so keep the boat on course!" Blaze said as she tries speaking like a pirate there. The crew laughs as they work all around the ship.
"Now I'll be talking to our lead guest in my cabin!" Blaze said as she heads into the captain's quarters to check up on a certain someone that is accompanying on this voyage. Inside all tied up and gagged was a pink hedgehog, one Amy Rose by name, cla
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 9 0
Inflatable Bananza
On a tour bus sitting in her seat excitedly was a very lucky pink hedgehog girl in her cherry red dress and white crinkly padding, and today she was extra excited. "Oooooohhhh! I can't believe I won! I actually won! I'm actually going to one of the most popular places on Earth!" Amy grins and giggles with her tail wagging rapidly as she holds up a ticket with two B's on it.
The hedgehog has won a visit to the famous Balloon Bananza Factory and was so super excited about it. "Maybe he can even show me the secrets to how he makes such great balloons!" Amy giggles as she hugs her ticket.
The factory is currently run by a young fox boy slightly older than Amy who has made a name for himself for the last few years. "Hehe, that owner is pretty cute too!" Amy snickers before she looks out the window and gasps happily. Soon the bus slowed down to a stop right across from the factory as the driver said, "Next stop! Balloon Bananza Factory!"
The pink hedgehog immediately zipped out the
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 7 0
Ginger Rose Witch
It was a peaceful day out in the forest as the sun was shining brightly in the clear blue sky. Traversing through the woods was a certain someone, a pink hedgehog, one Amy Rose by name, clad in her cherry red dress and white padding, on a clear destination.
"Mom's place shouldn't be too far from where I am now." Amy said as she smiling with eagerness. The hedgehog traveled further down the pathway, when something hit her nostrils, something sweet in the air.
"Mmm...I can smell Mom's house from here." Amy smiles as she soon follows the sweet scent. Amy soon turned off the trail and deep through the trees while following the scent happily.
Amy soon comes across the source of that sweet scent which in this case was a giant gingerbread house, topped with frosting and decorated with gumdrops of various colors and flavors. The hedgehog smiles as she heads on over to the front door.
The sounds of humming echoed inside the house, along with the sounds of things being baked. Amy giggles as she
:icontomsmanga:TOMSMANGA 5 0


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Guys this hacker is for real! This he/she will hack your account and post pornographic pictures, only if the he/she hackes your account.  If he/she finds that you've posted this to a journal or on your page, he'll/she'll know what's going on and won't hack you. Please copy this for your safety to prevent your account being hacked."

The hacker does vital region pictures around in the account page and writes in journals: "I hate you all, go die" And he will also remove all your watches. If this happens to me, then you know that it isn't me. I write this journal to warn everyone here. i suggest you copy this journal and warn your watchers as well. I think the hackers will not have more fun with hacking you if you and your watchers already know what could happen. You might get this message multiple times from multiple people of your watch list, but its better then not getting it. Spread the word! This hacker is going around and hacking into other people's accounts to block your friends so that your friends block you, get you in trouble, and could get you banned from DeviantART. If you get this warning, copy and paste this into your Journal and spread this to everyone.


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