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Almost Lover: Chapter 8
I worked hard in class that day, doodling. For some reason, I couldn't really focus on my schoolwork. My mind was on John and meeting him at the park. Thinking about it, he really looked more amazing than he did back then.  His skin was really tan and his hair seemed to fall in the right place when he turned his head. John's looks didn't change that much though, I always thought he had the looks, ever since the day I met him when I was fifteen.  I remember throughout high school every guy I dated seemed to have the same spark, but never the same magic like I had with John.  Actually, every time I kissed them, all I could see was his face. That's why I had to breakup with them, because my heart simply wasn't ready to give up John. Then I ask myself,  "Was meeting him at the coffee shop just coincidence or was fate telling me something?" I desperately wanted to know.
After college, I met up with John at the park like he asked.  We strolle
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Almost Lover: Chapter 7
A familiar voice called out, "Black coffee please!" to the man behind the counter.
"Gotcha." He said and started making the coffee.
I watched the guy waiting for his coffee. He looked and sounded eerily familiar. Where do I know him from? His voice sounded just like….
"JOHN!" I exclaimed. I covered my mouth with my hands and looked down embarrassed.
The guy looked back at me. "Who called for me? Was it you?" he asked. He came walking towards me with his black coffee.
I was so shocked. It was John. After so many years, it was John.
"Yes, that would be me." I replied. I sipped some of my coffee and looked at him as he sat down at my table.
"No way." His eyes widened  and his pupils dilated. His mouth gaped open. "Kate?"
"Yes, It's me, John. It's Kate." I watched as his expression still was an awe and full of curiosity. "I didn't expect you here either."
John took a sip of his coffee and looked straight into my eyes. "You're the girl who fell asleep on that rock years ago a
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Almost Lover: Chapter 6
Behind the mountains afar, the bright sun rose. Its yellowish rays hit the ocean water, the light bouncing off every object in each direction. I was looking out my window, my pink curtains flying about around me. The salty air hit against my face and my black hair kept getting in the way of my eyes.  It was nice to live close to the beach. I looked down all around the beach, people walking to and fro with their faces beaming of joy.  I sighed as I saw a college couple holding hands and laughing together. I wanted that experience. I wanted it so bad. And I only wanted it with John. Summer romances seemed only like a fantasy seen in many popular chick flicks movies. So, my hopes and dreams wore thin and doubtful. A deep familiar voice caught my attention and I looked around to see who was calling. It was John. He was shirtless with his white swim shorts on. A bunch of girls ran towards him; it looked like they were going to play beach volleyball together. I rolled my
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Almost Lover: Chapter 5
"You came to work late, Kate." Natalie said looking over at me the next morning.
"Sorry. A certain asshole likes to keep me up at night." I said angrily. I gritted my teeth and pulled my hair back into a ponytail.
"I'll let you get by again. But, next time, come to work on time. You know how many customers come here." She ordered.
I nodded and went to work right away. I didn't feel like really talking. More like thinking about the incident from last night. John is amazing but he's just a complete player, whore, whatever  you wanna call it. I still have a crush on him despite all of that.
Natalie just stared at me as I repeated scooping up ice cream and giving them to the customers.
"You wanna talk about it?" she asked.
"What do you mean?" I asked back.
"I'm not that stupid, Kate. You're quiet today. You're not usually this quiet. What's on your mind?"
"Welll.." I hesitated, "I had a little incident last night with…John."
Natalie widened her eyes. "Did you have your first
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Almost Lover: Chapter 4
"Take out the dog, Kate!" Mom yelled.
I hurried to my tiny brown dog, Pretzel, who we adopted years ago from my old next door neighbor. All I know is that they said they found him astray at a pretzel store.  So, we kept his name.  I hooked his leash onto his collar and being the hyper, energetic  dog Pretzel is, he ran outside  pulling me along with him. He took me to the beach and that's when I yelled.
"STOP!" I yelled, tugging onto Pretzel's leash, putting him into a halt. I smiled and gave him a treat. "Good boy." I praised, petting his head lightly. I watched him as he ate his treat. A voice from a few feet away caught my attention and I looked around the beach to see no one. "Jeez, it's so dark out here I can barely see a thing. This is kind of scary." I said to myself.  I tied Pretzel's leash onto a nearby wooden pole. "Hello?" I asked loudly, "Who the hell is out here? I know I'm not the only one!" I looked straight ahead, only t
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Almost Lover: Chapter 3
It was the morning of June 25th and I just turned fifteen.  I lived in a normal 2-story house that was painted green which I really loved. It reminded me of the spring time, when all the flowers sprouted from the dead grass that winter killed from months before. My mom and dad worked all the time, so I was always home alone reading, rather than hanging with my friends. Not that I didn't want to do that, just my parents would never allow me out and I was a good girl. I went to school every day like the rest of the kids in my neighborhood.  I got average grades, although, I wasn't a nerd but I wasn't stupid either.  I had long black hair, was tan, and was really short. Shorter than most of my friends. But, that didn't bother me much. I was told guys like shorter girls. That made me like it.
Mostly because I had a huge crush on John. He was absolutely stunning yet everyone liked him.  So, I tried to back off on liking him. Even though I always did t
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Almost Lover: Chapter 2
The place was already filled with people when I arrived at the center of town. Couples dancing, dogs chasing cats, music playing, children laughing, and an old empty chair. I slowly walked toward the empty chair and sat down, raising my head and closing my eyes, listening to the music being played. It was happy. So beautiful. I haven't felt happy in a long time. Suddenly, a bouncy ball came flying towards me, and in a blink of an eye, I caught it with my bare hands. A group of children frowned and looked at me, walking towards me. "Can we have that ball bwack, pwease?" a shy girl about six asked. I nodded, "Yes. If you hear my story first. Invite as many people as you can over here and you will get it back." The girl smiled, "A story?! Okie dokie!"  She skipped around asking her friends, adults and several teenagers. Even Jim Bob.  They all accepted to come and gathered around me. I gave the ball back to the girl. "There you go, sweetie." I said. She smiled and sat
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Almost Lover: Chapter 1
"This feeling. I don't know what I'm feeling right now. It's unreal. He's everything to me. Everything I could ever ask for. It's breathtaking.  I close my eyes and look out the window. I can see the bright white-colored, crescent sphere above the trees. It's half; like my heart.  Missing the other side. There was no way it could become a full moon because it knows my feelings. If I could feel what it felt, I bet I could feel its feelings too. It's funny though- - how it can revolve around something so big, so massive. Almost like it HAS to be there with it. It's what's making the world work. Like the earth is all its got. The force pulls them together. They are never apart. But, if they weren't, it would cause a huge catastrophe. The moon wouldn't be like it once was. I wonder if these objects had feelings, would it miss one another?"  I sighed and closed my thoughts that night.
The bright rays of the sun shot through the window glass and landed on my wri
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So, I recently just started last Saturday to start exercising and dieting. I've been exercising everyday (except for sunday, all my muscles hurt) at the Gym. So far, it's been good. But I feel like I'm gaining more weight rather than losing it! But, people tell me I need to wait longer to notice any changes..I guess I can say I am a bit impatient. Being 4'10 1/2 and and 123.8 lbs is bad in my opinion. Other people say I don't even need to exercise or diet. Regardless, I am doing it for my own benefits and to attract the men. ;) hehe. Besides, everyone else in my family is doing it and I have no life other than that because I lost my job months ago and I'm still trying to get that. And while i'm waiting, I thought I'd do something. I decided also to not join my school's track team this year, which was a hard decision for me earlier. I mean, whether I should go or not. Honestly, I promised my dad to get a job and now I finally do want money in my debit card because I've such a spender. I can't help it! xP I'm single and I don't have a family-- so why not?

Anyways, as I get closer to the end of my Senior year many thoughts are going through my head. I mean, I have an idea of what the real world is like. I've had 3 part time jobs. I have 2 at the same time and the other one separate. I've been driving with my license for about 4-5 months now. I also got accepted to College in January which I'll be scheduling classes May 2nd. It's a confusing time for me as well as many other seniors.. which I'm sure is normal. As I'm nearing the end, I'm also starting to see who my real friends are and what new friends I'm going to make this upcoming Fall.

Honestly, all I want is the Summer. 80 degrees is good enough for me. I love to swim and to travel. Vacation is great. That's all I want and a thinner stomach and I'm all set. Also, if along the way I find a lover, that'd be great too. Since it's been a year and a half since I've even been romantic with a guy. I do miss that. Well, I guess that's a journal entry for another time.

Gonna help on Furcadia, tata~


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