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Lately I've been missing a searchable website to write personal musings and notes about inspirational stuff... it seems a good time to reboot my blog:

The blog is market NSFW now. I haven't deleted the old posts but for the most part they were just WIPs with technical notes and everything is tagged consistently so I'll let them be. I've already made a few new posts in the past weeks and I plan on updating at least once a weel. From now on the main topic is going to be erotic art, especially animals and animal symbols in erotic art, but also other furry related topics, ispirations, books, and anything else relevant to my art. I hope you will find it relevant to your interests too. :-)

Here's a reminder of other places I'm active at:
- - updated infrequently, I post some WIPs there
- - updated infrequently for now
- - online portfolio
- - online portfolio in Italian
So I finally moved my fluffy butt and started a new blog I have been planning for a while:

It contains detailed work in progress on my paintings, and also notes and studies on drawing animals and anthro animals. My main inspiration for this is James Gurney's blog ( ), which is very synthetic but at the same time shares a lot of useful information. Of course I'm not nearly as skilled as him, but I hope sharing more of my notes can lead to interesting dialogue.