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Keira Knightley as Anna Karenina

Can't wait to see Joe Wright's Anna Karenina.
Although I don't think Keira Knightley is a great actress, I'm really excited for this upcoming film; I loved Tolstoy's novel and the wonderful adaptation by Clarence Brown starring Greta Garbo, Basil Rathbone and Frederic March. I know, it's a pretty old film, but I just adored Garbo's performance as Anna.
I hoped to watch Wright's version of Anna Karenina at the 69th Venice Film Festival, next September, but unfortunately its debut will be at the Toronto International Film Festival...
However, this is my first tribute to this longed-for film.

:bulletgreen: 4B Staedtler mechanical pencil on smooth paper
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Okay. To start, I think overall the piece is very well done. I love the mix of simple and very complex lines that you used. And the texture of the fur on the collar and especially the hat is stunning. I also like that you chose to render an open mouth rather than a more poised, closed mouth. Both because this is more difficult, but also because it adds a breathless quality to the piece. As if you've frozen her mid-sentence.

As for critiques, my one major one is that I do not see Keira Knightly in this piece. Which normally would not be a problem because the woman you have rendered is beautiful. But since you named the piece with the actresses name, people will expect it to be perfectly accurate. I think the "problem" is the eyes. The only other area of the oiece that I do not like is the way you've shaded the lower half of her left cheek. I understand exactly what you were trying to do, but it looks a little like a thumbsmear after you'd already finished shading.

But overall, I repeat; beautiful.
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You're totally right. It's so easy to make a mistake if there is no external eyes to judge your work. I made ​​changes to the drawing after reading your critique, I hope I have done justice to Miss Knightley this time!
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I'm glad. I'd love to see the new version as well. But hey, the original was great too!
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I just posted the new version... there are some differences with the first one, but I'm still not totally satisfied...
However, I thank you once again for your careful analysis!
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I really like your style in this piece and the way you've chosen to shade - it gives you style. She looks gorgeous.
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Thank you very much! I'm happy you like it! :hug:
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excellent! I love the movie ♥
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Thank you very much! Can't wait to watch this movie!
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Oh you haven't seen it yet? I hope you get to! It's so beautiful =v= + I love your icon! lovely watson ♥
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Nice work. I like your rendering of the fur.
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Thank you so much! :heart:
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I love this! You are so good!
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Thank you so much, you're too kind :heart:
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Thank you very much! :heart:
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Uno stile particolare, ma efficace. L'insieme è molto gradevole :D
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Come sempre, i tuoi commenti mi riempiono di gioia e soddisfazione più di tutti! Grazie! :la:
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To be honest I didn't recognize her at first, only when I read the title I noticed that it's Keira. ;) I don't really know why, maybe I have a different picture of her in my head.

Somehow I really can imagine her as Anna, maybe because of her looks? Or just because she looks very good in fur and these clothes! :love: She's so often in these kind of movies & in these dresses, it gets harder and harder to imagine her in a movie that is set in our times, I think. ;)
She looks very good here, I love how you shaded her face and how you drew her expression!<3 That's beautiful! (:
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Thank you very much, you're always so kind! :hug:
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You're welcome, you're always so talented. ;)
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I think it looks amazing now! Really great job! ;)
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Thank to you all! :hug:
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I really like how you did the details and shading, especially on the face. Fantastic piece!
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