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Pikachu's Anatomy

"inhuman anatomy" series (art by Alessandro Conti©)
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© 2013 - 2021 AlessandroConti
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firewolf175's avatar
Nooo i love pikachu >: ( i hate you SOOOO much
duke-of-terror's avatar
Damn... that's cool XD
cattledogcass28's avatar
What? ;n; No!! Why would you do that?! ;;n;;
Birishimi's avatar
OMFG MY EYES ARE BLEEDING finally someone took care of that pikachu bullshit
M-A-T-M-A-N's avatar

Where is the battery at?

oceanstar932's avatar
well this is.... cool i guess? it's definitely new and it's creative, but the look on his face is just so sad
NetanelBrony's avatar
kooky112's avatar
As a request, I wanna see the anatomy of Youko Kurama from YYH!!!! :D
Chewy-Meowth's avatar
Where's nurse joy? >:3
fmoscuro's avatar
Gran trabajo!!
foxflaim's avatar
the origins look oddly real
l2lMrFox's avatar
you made my day.
NerdyAndIKnowIt's avatar
it looks so.... deflated
ask-waluigi-time's avatar
*chuckles* It's more fun when they're awake.
Carnie-Vorex's avatar
This seems to be just a photo of some animal's intestine pasted on a mediocre, flat-looking picture of a pokemon. The poor fellow must've been flattened by a car XD
luminousBrink's avatar
This is crazy...I LOVE it
Princessofdark0's avatar
omg *Lucy scurries back to the Pokemon Center to save her dead Pikachu XD*

dude this is funny in a sickish cruel way
Nono-Rock's avatar
Can I go to the Pokemon Center?
Nono-Rock's avatar
Iron tail pikachu!
Damanyel's avatar
aaaaawwww poor pikachu.. we gotta learn how to harness his power somehow right? XD
Princessofdark0's avatar
One of the evil teams in Pokemon will find a way. And then we'll exploit it :meow:
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