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Mickey's anatomy

"inhuman anatomy" series (2012 art by Alessandro Conti©)
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© 2013 - 2021 AlessandroConti
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This is a masterpiece.
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Kill it, burn it.
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Found you here! :)
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well, it wasn't a mystery that mickey didn't have balls [link]
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how do i get one of these and a goofy one too!!!
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......i'll never look at him the same way...
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Michael Jackson ?
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I'm fucking terrified.
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The silly mouse looks better this way :3
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:giggle: I love how he's still wearing shoes!
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They should make a movie outta this. :D
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Lol, your works are hilarious! Great job!
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"Hey... wanna see my head come off?"
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//Hides in corner

A reference to Abandoned by Disney, correct?
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Abandoned by Diseny Referance right?
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Did you read that, or hear it from MCP?
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Sounds like a quote from the "Abandoned By Disney" Creepy-Pasta.
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Uh-huh. That's what it's in reference too. MCP is Mr. Creepypasta, who very recently read this one aloud, so I was wondering if they read it, or heard it.
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