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Daily Deviation
March 31, 2013
Goofy's Anatomy by *AlessandroConti
Featured by Lyricanna
Suggested by RezaBisuto
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Goofy's Anatomy

"Inhuman anatomy" series (2012 art by Alessandro Conti©)
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© 2013 - 2021 AlessandroConti
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lbock317's avatar
this is brilliant!
MissKingdomVII's avatar
This shows you how innocently I looked at this. I didn't even notice he had a penis until I read the comments. Then when I looked at it I went "it's so small!" LMAO!
ctmayer's avatar
With how big his feet are in most cartoons (albeit with shoes on) I sort of figured he'd be... bigger... ya know? :P
archive-th's avatar
LOL. I see what you did there
Darrok's avatar
This is so stupid and funny! :lol:
Angie-Pictures's avatar
Crazy work! :rofl:

Congratulations on the DD! :iconflowerheartplz:
SpongeMuffin's avatar
Well, now I know Goofy's penis size.
AskTHEFionnaTheHuman's avatar
thatgirl123456's avatar
good way 2 get kids to learn
RyuuseiSoul's avatar
It's not THAT accurate. It's more artsy thatn educational.
thatgirl123456's avatar
dude it was a joke about how kids wont pay attention to stuff unless it funny
RyuuseiSoul's avatar
Not a very good joke.
thatgirl123456's avatar
4 some one so surious all the time
RyuuseiSoul's avatar
Just because I use proper sentences and punctuation does not mean I am being serious. :)
thatgirl123456's avatar
your serious cause you cant take a joke and using proper sentences doesnt matter on the internet
RyuuseiSoul's avatar
Oh, but how can you tell that I'm being serious when I am, indeed, on the internet? How can you tell my intonation? How do you know I'm not joking around with you right now, and it's actually you that cannot take the joke? :)

By the way, the reason I pointed out the proper sentences thing is because most people take it to mean that someone is serious.
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LeVeuveNoire's avatar
WOAH Whut now? O_O
queenfade's avatar
Amblerrone's avatar
LOL! I like it.
bohobella's avatar
This is genius. I think it's not my favorite in your series though, it would have been interesting to see Goofy's ridiculous facial structure like you did in other pieces.
KrashingK's avatar
.... what the......? :O
UltimateCreature5757's avatar
Gorsh! I knew there was somethin' wrong with me AHYUK!
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