Program Crash*

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You know that strange feeling? looking at your empty desktop asking yourself where is the work you were doing for 9 hours, and then looking that little words saying "We're sorry, but your program closed for an unexpected error".. you start searching the previous version of the file and you found your work, nine hours before... and you ask yourself "Why i'm not breaking everything in this room?"

Trust me... when these thing happened to me, just twenty minutes before now....
i can't describe how angry and frustrated i was... really...
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RisahByful's avatar
*patpat* hai tutta la mia solidarietà Ale >___<
alessandelpho's avatar
*asciugandosi le lacrime* grazie T^T
Dark-Gabriel's avatar
This has happened to me, I understand your pain... is horrible!
daisyofthenight's avatar
I feel your pain, my computer's done that to me where I've worked forever on the piece, and then I'm back at square one. It once it happened three times on the same project after working 5 hours on each redo. Finally I just gave up on the thing.
Kouhei-Son's avatar
wait u lost ur programs?
alessandelpho's avatar
nope :P the program made me lost hours of work, for an unexpected crash XD
Kouhei-Son's avatar
oh ok sorry to hear about it
Maphisto86's avatar
Oh no. :sad: That is just terrible!
alessandelpho's avatar
yeah.. it's my worst nightmare came truth...
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