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X-Men Project, Logan Concept

Some rumors say that i'm going to do a Digital Comics based on the X-men Series.

I'm not going to upload nothing more than little concepts like this because i don't like to give you any kind of spoilers on the main story.
But i like to give little previews of what you'll see in the next year.

I want upload the first chapter here on deviantart, in the first months of 2013, This is why i won't be up for any kind of requests in this period.

I'm re-studying the characters from zero, re-creating them and giving them a new looks (only when it's needed or possible).

As you can see, in this little concept of Logan, i liked to give him a true "Feral" looks, giving him long hairs behind and short hairs on top, this could be probably because he, during his very-VERY long life in the wild, thought that having long hairs behind could be a good way to create something like a fur, or a mane.

He's claws don't came out from his knuckles, but from his wrist, this because, in my humble opinion, having long claws that came out from the first could be a big problem, because, if you'll try to cut something really hard, like a Motorcycle, you must do all the power with your hand, and not just with your harm.
And if the claws will be attached to the forearm, passing through his fists he cannot move his hands during the fight, or whenever his claws are out.

these are the only changes that i did on the wolverine's looks. but trust me, his mind will be really different from the Logan you all know.

But hey! why his skeleton is made of adamantium? and why he's so furious, what side he will choose and what sides we are talking about?

New very little spoilers coming soon...
(as you can see my english is terrible as always, but don't worry, the final result will be translated in english by a native language friend of mine :P )

[This is a work-in-progress work, so the final result could be different from this sketch]

Photoshop Cs5
© for character wolverine from the Marvel's co.
The final result (if Marvel won't write me something about that) will be a non-profit work.
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bring it on, Bub!!
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I'm working on the first chapter right now ;)
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Ale :D ribadisco un disegno fantastico e secondo me stai veramente migliorando in questo periodo ;) da un anno all'altro sei migliorato tanto :) grande tesssoro XD
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Gvazie cavissima!!! :D :D
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yeeeeeeeeeeeee! e non è quello ritoccata!
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