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Wolverine, Weapon X

Weapon X.
Logan, The Wolverine.
I don't have really much to say about this.
I was drawing my own version of wolverine, when i decided to draw him in a more normal version (Just for catching a little more of interest from people here ^^ )
I'm trying to improve my Coloring and drawing Techniques with photoshop, and I'm quite proud of this final result (But as every artist know, probably i'll think that this job is just crap, the next week XD).

I had some problems trying to create the "On fire" effect with the snow... that's really bright, and flames over a bright source looks quite weak, by the way i did my best for creating a good contrast effect ^^

Wish you'll like this! :D

(As always, super HD download! ;)

PS: try the download button! ;) XD )
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You made a brilliant picture of Wolverine! I love it!
Keep it up cause I can't wait to see more!
Do you draw on paper first then scan it or do you draw with tablet?
Very nice :P I wish I could draw like that! I always give up lol.
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Don't give up! :D I'm not as good as i looks at drawing, I always need to go cheking the anatomy or searching some photos for creating a good background ^^
The only way to learn how to draw, is drawing! :D
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*insert 80's x men theme here*
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PPS: Seems that the subject is more important than the actual drawing... here i received 66 Favs in two days, and Elric (I worked even more on that drawing) just 29 in one month... and the technique is quite the same... I don't know more if you really like my works or just the characters i drew on them.
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Amazing , simply amazing. I love the color contrast of this drawing and the pose. You've done a great job
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E grande Wolvie!
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Grazie millemila!! :D
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Thank you as always my friend! ^^
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Wow absolutly love this :love:
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complimentissimi, un gran lavorone!
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Grazie ^^ mi sto dando alla colorazione ultimamente XD
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Wicked:clap:. The coloring just blows my mind.
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Thank you really much! :D
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