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Rapunzel, Kingdom Hearts

I know, after Darth Vader you were expecting something else but i really enjoyed this new "Disney Classic".

I think the "Tangled" world would surely be in the new Kingdom hearts, she could be one of the new princesses.
Do you think the heartless would try again to kidnap them?
But, let's face it, if they will try to touch Rapunzel with their shadow-like fingers, i bet they wil have to face... a pan.
Yes, a pan... in the face.

Let me know if you like this work!
As Always it's in Super HD :D

"Sora, What's that?"
"It's a Keyblade!"
"I think you should use this pan instead of that... key!"
"You're kidding right?"
Flynn: "Trust her! i tried that pan once and now i can't figure out why I always bring knifes and swords with me!"
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Could you do Hiro Hamada from Big Hero 6?
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Could you do flint lockwood from Cloudy with a chance of meatballs?
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Unfortunatly "Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs" is made by "Sony Pictures Animation" it's not from Disney, that surely mean that Flint Lockwood won't ever be on a Disney-SquareEnix Crossover game, and i'd like to make just characters that could really be in the next Kingdom Hearts chapter, i'm sorry.
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Then could you do Vanellope Von Schweetz
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Well, the key can unlock stuff, including Gates between worlds. Maybe if he were to somehow get a pan-themed Keyblade…
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Or maybe the story in that world could be: The two thieves stole Sora's keyblade and he has to use the Pan for a while! :D 
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That's technically impossible. He can always call it back whenever he wants. You should know that. Unless you only read the manga WITHOUT knowing about the game.
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First thing: Calm down.
I don't like this way to reply, maybe you actually know much more the me! is that so bad? I never said i'm a total expert about this game and i actually don't remember much, since the last time i played this game, i was not much more than a child.
Don't attack people in this way just because you know more then them or because they said something wrong.
Be polite and correct me, appearing more like a pro and less like a "look at Alessandelpho he's stupid!".

Second thing: Who knows?
We can't say how the next game will be, so we can't really say that something won't surely be there.
You're right about the Keyblade and now that you said me that i remember that feature. But we can't say the Heartless or the new enemies won't find a way to really stole Sora's Keyblade! It could be quite a shocking experience for him and for his team! :)

Sora: "They think to could really stole my Keyblade, They're so silly i just have to... Ehm, guys... something wrong in this place..."
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Okay, okay, sorry. I guess I can bee very insensitive over the internet. I probably should've stopped at "You should know that". Or earlier.
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Don't worry and sorry about my comment i shouldn't have to make you a lesson like that.
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AW! That would be amazing!! Rapunzel would fit so well in the KH universe. She got so ecstatic when she just got to leave her tower, imagine if she got to travel to other worlds! XD 
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Yeah! that's absolutely true! :D 
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I agree. SHE WOULD BE THE PERFECT TRAVEL COMPANION!!!!!! I love the pan-like keyblade!!!!!
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Ha! Awesome. I always pictured her as a summon that would heal your party during a battle
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You're right! i wasn't thinking about her in that view! she would be a great healer! 
I was just imagining her and Sora showing some heartless how powerful could be a big pan. 
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Aww yeah!  Also a Gargoyle world where you can get Goliath and the clan in your roster 
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OH YEAH! Must happen!
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It's quite possible after all! :D

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She'd be an epic partner. ;33
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How about you do Sofia the first 
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Actually i'm not really interested in that character, i don't even know her.... shame on me! but if you really want to see that, ask me a commission with a note! :D 
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I thought you will say how old are you.
Not bad, and it would make plenty of sense for Repuzel to show in the LONG OVER DUE Kingdom Hearts 3. Seriously no proper Kingdom Hearts game, (not counting all the side games) has been released on this gen of consoles, not counting the 1.5 and 2.5 remix games. Because their just the same as most if not all the currently existing KH games just remade for the PS3, so ya got to ask: What's kept the production of KH3 on hold for so long? It's missed the generation it was supposed to come out on, to Disney I say: not funny holding out like that. Anyway this is pretty good art man.
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