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Ra's al Ghul, Lineart sketch

I did this lineart some weeks ago, but i never finished the background and I don't like to return on my old works (I don't know why but when i do, i saw them like... something old and that i could do better from zero) so i don't think i'll ever finish him ^^

By the way i wish you will like this Ra's al Ghul's concept ^^

(Full HD download version ^^ 4500x6500cr)
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Like? How about love, Ra's has always been one of my favourite Batman characters, I apsolutly adore it when he's drawn by amazing artists which is exactly what this piece is. Really well done :)
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This is great!!!! It looks like a coloring book page but with a high level of artistry......did you use an app for this? also I couldnt help but notice the missing piece of where the cape is coming down by his hand on the right side lol but still one of my favorites!!
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Nnhaarg! you beat me! XD I saw that missing line just a second before reading your message and i was already going to correct that XD
By the way I use photoshop Cs5 for these works! :D (and a tablet) :P
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lol keep up the great work
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Like this? I love this! Ra's Al Ghul is the most handsome DC character, next to Superman, that I've ever seen. His eyes are the most dazzling blue. Please say you'll color it. Won't you?
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I'll see... XD I'm not sure about that, and now i'm quite busy with a sexy Catwoman :P Maybe i'll colour him after her ^^
JackalyenMystique's avatar
That's perfectly fine and all I can ask. Thank you. :)
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