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Mega Missingno

I know what you're thinking: "What the hell is that? and... I don't think missingno looks like that, at all!" 
That's what i would probably think as well two days ago, but then i saw this artwork:…
I read what he thinks about MissingNo and he really convinced me with this idea:

Missingno is a "Normal/flying" pokemon, because that's what the game said about him.
He's probably extinct because after the first generation it disappeared at all, probably the glitch we could encounter was the last pokemon of that kin.
We know that he's somehow connected to the fossil Pokemon (somehow he has that form) and that make a mess every time we catch him.

So this is what :iconwarupua: thinks: He's an ancient Dodo and it has some strange powers that can modify the other's perceptions of reality!

It really works! i love the idea of this little and scared pokemon behind probably the biggest glitch of the whole videogame history, he's just a harmless creature that change our mind or memories, probably with a powerful psychic attack (He could be somehow related to the ancient psyducks, they are both birds that cannot fly but that can perform powerful psychic attack, even though they don't have that type).

He already did his very own version of Mega Missingno but i wanted to try playing with this character, especially for making you know about him (and its creator) because most people don't know about this story and the really good artist that had this Idea!

I think Nintendo should really think about this, it would really works and it would be great! using their own errors of the past for make something new that would work both as a correction and a strong connection to the past.
What do you think about this Idea? What was your experience with Missingno if you had one? 
Let's share some ideas and opinion about this! And don't forget to take a look at Warupua's profile: :iconwarupua:
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hello. Can we use this in PokemonPets game with full permission to you?
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It's Bird not Flying, but the closest in recent games would be flying. Also you flipped the order of the typings, it's flying-normal, not normal-flying.
I think it would keep sky attack if it became an official pokemon, but instead of having two water guns it could get a new move called double water gun, which attacks twice with water gun. Or they could just give it one water gun. And then it would get its own signature move, Glitch attack, and the animation would look like a glitch, sort of. And then its mega form becomes flying-ghost and gains another glitch-related move.
I think it would have an ability that changes its form to:
Hidden form: looks kind of like the old missingno. All pokeballs except the master ball have a 25% chance of missing entirely, and the accuracy of all attacks used on it goes down.
Ghost form: looks kind of like the ghost from fire red and leaf green. Signature move is replaced with a move called Bone Metronome, which is a move that is like metronome but you can only get ghost type moves and Scary Face.
Flying fossil form: looks like a fossil of Aerodactyl, but with that orange and purple mist stuff around it. Speed and Attack go up. (I'm picturing Missingno being able to learn moves that make it a mixed attacker, but having better Sp. Attack than Attack.)
Ocean fossil form: looks like a fossil of Kabutops, but with that orange and purple mist stuff around it. HP and Defense go up.
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you can't be serious 
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'I'm fBULOUS!' hEh awesome wORK HeRE.
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This probably the coolest mega evo I've ever seen
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HOLY GLITCHED CRAP this is too awesome for my eyes.
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Holy wow this is incredible!
He looks dangerous and beautiful at the same time! You have great design ideas in your version of the Mega. I really appreciate the work you put into this.

Thank you for checking out my gallery and reading about my experience with Missingno. Everyone has their opinions and thoughts about this glitch: some are scared about save corruption and they stay away, some like it for the infinite items... When I was young, I treated Missingno. as a "Pokegod" hahaha... 
I wanted to believe it was a real Pokemon and so I spent a long time making it fit in.

I like DA because everyone has an interpretation. :)
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this isn't the mega missingno this IS the missingno

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It is the mega. And it's awesome.
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This is great XD love the story behind it, and im glad you explained your thought process :)
Very well done.
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