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King Vegack

the "potara fusion" of King vegeta and Bardack...
King Vegack.
(terrible name XDXD)

(tenkaichi 3 fake)
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Vegedock is the number one name for this.
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lol father of vegito
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Oh yeah! How about " Bageta " or maybe " Vegardock "? Anyway, this pic is awesome, i wish this in the show!
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you did this?? soo cool!! in 3d or vector?
alessandelpho's avatar
that's only a mod of original Tenkaichi Fake! :D
Zebrahummel's avatar
he remainds me a littelt bit to snake from metalgear solid X3
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how about King Burgeta because Bardock is pun on Burdock so thats a idea!
bardock and king vegeta. AMAZING!!
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the original artwork was of bardock?? if it does, can u send me the original please??^^
Jessethejester's avatar
have yo seen his?:iconrukunetsu:? I requested it!:)
alessandelpho's avatar
no.... i'm seeing... WHAT!!! WTF!!! it's the same!!! XDXDXD really!! incredible!!!
Jessethejester's avatar
It is .that guys amazing...though both fusion don't have the cape...a cape makes the king!hehehe...
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I think it's cool nonetheless! :D
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terrible name but it came really good
kjstyles2x-treme's avatar
better name for him

king Vegedock

hows that?
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nice man!!!! rlly nice work, like the combination too
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CASSIO PEA!come hai detto tu il nome fa pena,ma il resto è bello,come al solito ^^
compliments to you XD
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