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Ironman, Kingdom hearts

"I AM Ironman!" YEah! I finally finished the Kingdom Hearts's Ironman version.

I know what are you think now.. Why the Heartless symbols? it's Ironman! It's Good and badass! Why the enemy's symbol?

Ok friends, calm down... we all know that Ironman thinks to be the best superhero and the most powerful, the most intelligent...
So... Marvel's world in my idea is the last to Unlock in a possible KH3 (it's the cooler so.. :P ) and When Sora arrive the Heartless are already there since a long time..

Ironman want to save everyone in his world, so he asked to *The Lord of the Heartless* to have the power to save his world.
like... "Take me, but save all the others, expecially Blackwidow"

Heartless lord: "Ok man, you're cool! I give you the Keyblade for defeating my creatures but, since that moment, you will be under my control :) you will be my Hand or my Right Arm, and you will Defeat Sora!"
Ironman: "Defeat, but not kill, ok?"
Heatless lord: "no, really... you have to kill him..."
Ironman: "One live for everyone lives? Ok! :)"
Heartless lord: "I like your style man!"
Ironman: "let's have a beer togheter!"
High five!

ok my english is terrible... but wish you understand, and wish you like this :D (doing an armoursuit in Kingdom Hearts style is .. something ... destroying)

(c) for the Heartless logo, the character Ironman and the Kingdom Hearts saga. Free dominion of the image but you have to credit me if used! :D (as all my works)


PS: "I used to be a hero like you, but then I took a Keyblade in the knee."
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Oh dear god please, no. 0_0
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I'd love to see Iron Man in Kingdom Hearts, but more as an ally. :)
So amazing! This makes me imagine how PERFECT Iron Man would be in KH3 lulz. Just imagine Tony getting all cocky about weilding a keyblade, or even making his own badass knock off
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Please Disney/Square Enix, make this happen!!

((Just Throw Loki in there as well and boom, perfect game!!))
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Well, this just made me love Iron Man and KH even more!
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Hahaha hilarious if Ironman would be in KH3 like that! xD But nice pic!^^
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cool, but what if the whole suit was the key blade (it wraps around like the suit case suit)   and then you have the tip mounted on 1 arm or the back?

seriously though loving all the work so far
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Looks dang excellent and i doubt he'll be in the next kh game.
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I can tell that he'll be the hardest boss since Sephiroth.
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My God...this is over awesomeness!!
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I just cannot get over the idea of this! It is fantastic~
I really want to make one of Captain America now xD
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Thank you very much! :D if you want to share any idea about how captain america would look in Kingdom hearts we can discuss about that, if you want to try making him! :D 
BeenAsleepFor70Years's avatar
I actually have started to try and design an idea. Just having a little trouble with deciding on outfit designs xD
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I can tell you a secret! :P
Choose an original Kingdom Hearts artwork that looks like your character (Maybe Cloud Strife or Squall could works well with Captain America) and then, try to search for a statue or a picture of your character and then mix them! :D 
Probably you won't belive me, but behind Tony Stark face here, there is Ansem! Look at the pose, it's quite similar, i took the base from it and i clothed him with the ironman suit! then i changed his face and the work is done! :D 
Trust me it's easier than it looks!
BeenAsleepFor70Years's avatar
Well body wise, as I started with the face shape I was looking at Leon's and then used a Kingdom hearts eye tutorial to draw the eyes, and then looked at the body shape of Leon and Terra to try and get an Idea. Now my issue is making a design that looks like his uniform, but contains KH elements. That is my process at the moment :P
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I see, well i guess you just have to improvise! don't think at all the details at the same time, just start thinking about the main things and slowly add some accessories.
Trust me, the creative process need to be slow and continuous, you don't have to force your hand. :)
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Thank you for the advice! It will really help. I'll send you a link when its done if you want to check it out ( ^ω^ )
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Ok! I Can't wait to see your work!
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Amazeballs I love it!~<3
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