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Ironman, Kingdom hearts



"I AM Ironman!" YEah! I finally finished the Kingdom Hearts's Ironman version.

I know what are you think now.. Why the Heartless symbols? it's Ironman! It's Good and badass! Why the enemy's symbol?

Ok friends, calm down... we all know that Ironman thinks to be the best superhero and the most powerful, the most intelligent...
So... Marvel's world in my idea is the last to Unlock in a possible KH3 (it's the cooler so.. :P ) and When Sora arrive the Heartless are already there since a long time..

Ironman want to save everyone in his world, so he asked to *The Lord of the Heartless* to have the power to save his world.
like... "Take me, but save all the others, expecially Blackwidow"

Heartless lord: "Ok man, you're cool! I give you the Keyblade for defeating my creatures but, since that moment, you will be under my control :) you will be my Hand or my Right Arm, and you will Defeat Sora!"
Ironman: "Defeat, but not kill, ok?"
Heatless lord: "no, really... you have to kill him..."
Ironman: "One live for everyone lives? Ok! :)"
Heartless lord: "I like your style man!"
Ironman: "let's have a beer togheter!"
High five!

ok my english is terrible... but wish you understand, and wish you like this :D (doing an armoursuit in Kingdom Hearts style is .. something ... destroying)

(c) for the Heartless logo, the character Ironman and the Kingdom Hearts saga. Free dominion of the image but you have to credit me if used! :D (as all my works)


PS: "I used to be a hero like you, but then I took a Keyblade in the knee."
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Oh dear god please, no. 0_0