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Darth Vader, Kingdom Hearts

As you surely know the Disney co. bought "Star Wars" 's saga from the Lucasart.
I know, this is quite an old news, but as i saw the last "kingdom Hearts 3" trailer i couldn't stop myself to do this.

Kingdom heartsy Darth Vader!
Let's think about a possible storyline with this character.

I'm not sure it could be a "Star Wars" world inside Kingdom hearts, let's face it, Star wars is a whole universe, could it be a universe inside another universe? Maybe yes, but i think it could be easier to find him in another way, maybe Sora could fine the "Black Star" that the heartless want to use to destroy the princess' worlds for vengeance, and as we all know Vader's true desire is power (enough power to bring Padme back to life). Ansem could have that power, maybe just bringing Vader in another universe where Padme is still alive!

I'd like to see something like that! we could play with the young Anakin on Tatooine while a super power Darth Vader would search for us, maybe kidnapping Padme while Qui Gon and Obi wan where looking at the pod race.

Six movies in just one big show ladies and gentlemen!

Sora: "Vader release Padme, We don't want to hurt you!"
Vader: "You can't even imagine my power, the heartless gave me what i wanted! Padme is again with me, and you won't have her now!"
Sora: "Well, Padme is our friend! we will fight for her freedom!"
Vader: "Then, may the force be!"


Do you have any idea? Do you like this work? have you seen any grammar error or you just want to share your opinion about Star Wars and Kingdom Hearts 3? Comment! :D
I wish you liked this version.


I did this in 30 hours with Photoshop Cs5.
© : I don't own "Kingdom Hearts" & "Darth Vader"
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Nice take on the design; it's faithful but also is well adjusted to fit into Kingdom Hearts. Like the saber design too.
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I absolutely adore this design! 
TheRightWriter's avatar
Amazing picture! He so needs to appear and be a boss for Sora to fight! :D
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Ever see the figures Square made themselves? Maybe they could use those designs. I was thinking of a lot of stuff from Revenge of the Sith happening around the same time as Birth By Sleep (they have to sneak in the whole series somewhere) to Vader actually wanting to destroy the heartless after fighting them for so long as Anakin.

"The galaxy will never be in order as long as they continue to live."

It's really hard to tell just what will happen. I guess we'll have to wait.
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I would rather have him as a secret boss before putting stars wars characters in kingdom hearts
Smittynick870's avatar
F*&%^ng Cool MAN!
RedWingsDragon's avatar
Deathstar + Heartshaped moon + death ray= boom
TheShadowRush1992's avatar
This is the most badass version of Darth Vader, I've ever seen. 
AjTheArtist91's avatar
Dude, You should work for Square-Enix! This design is AMAZING!!!
Keyhero18's avatar
You just blew my mind right now. Nice work.Vader shakes cookie 
Sokartis's avatar
Your lines are so crisp, did you do them in Illustrator or are you using a graphic tablet? Has a nice vector effect going on
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I think might wanna check into this and consider playing it. If it's for xbox one of course.
Keytee-chan's avatar
Xbox ONE is awful... why don't you buy a good japanese PS4?
SerpentSabatour97's avatar
Because I already have the Xbox one which was given to me on Christmas. Besides none of the next gen consoles have backwards compatibility which sucks, my 360 cant read the disks anymore so i was hoping the ONE would be like my shining ray of hope but no. My BBCSE game is just collecting dust on my shelf. :(
Keytee-chan's avatar
Still, PS4 is better, because it's japanese. 
SerpentSabatour97's avatar
Just becasuse its Japanese doesnt mean it's the best. Thats like saying a because a guy is black means he's criminal. lol
Keytee-chan's avatar
No, i just mean that Japanese make better videogames. 
SerpentSabatour97's avatar
Games from North America are good to you know. Dead Space, Dragon Age, The Sims, Star Wars The force Uleashed are just a few.
Keytee-chan's avatar
Dead Space is not good. Go play Resident Evil.
Dragon Age is not as good as Final Fantasy or Dragon Quest.
The Sims is not as fun as Harvest Moon.
Star Wars the Force Unleashed... are you damn serious? Even other American game is better than this shit! Go play Star Wars Jedi Knight II: Jedi Outcast! 
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darth vader opens up fun posibilitys as KH like to play with alter egos being seperated.... so you might have Darth Vader & Anakin (if he hadn't turned) int the same space.

i dunno all the ins and outs.    heartlesses & nobodys and all them other stuff
ElenaMegan's avatar
And... then he went out to take on Xemnas for copyright infringement with light sabers. XD
ProtronRazoron's avatar
Cool concept of darth vader but honestly he along with star wars world should not fit into the next kingdom hearts game i rather have another space themed world that it wasn't made by lucasfilm.
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