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I know, some of my fans (in particular those who liked Green Arrow or Wolverine) could say "What ?! Why you did so strange and weak colors?" My reply will be "I Don't know!"
This time i just wanted to try something "Unexpected", giving her a little more, dark and faded looks.

I Don't think you should ask me "Why" but just look at the picture ^^ I like to being criticized and this is your opportunity!

You know, as always I found the Lineart more magic than this version, but i wanted to experiment something different.
I'd also like to try something more "Painting" like in the next work.
By the way... I'm again open to commission ^^
COMMISSIONS ARE OPEN! If you want to ask me anything about them, just send me a note! :)

... Ok i'm done today!
Wish you'll like her (as always you can download her [or at least this work on her] in 6000x5000px resolution! ^^)
And as always, sorry about my terrible english ^^
See you!

PS: Guys... just three words, about what you're thinking... "THE CAT KNOWS".
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bellissimo ale :D ma come colorazione non mi piace, sto rosa smorza veramente troppo :/ avrei preferito colori sgargianti e in contrapposizione, tipo blu e giallo...
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PS: sono fierissimo della lampada però XD
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la lampada è figa XDDD sembra quella che ho a casa XD
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Lo so ^^ ma volevo provare qualcosa di alternativo ^^ ho anche colorato in maniera diversa dal solito, vedrò cosa verrà nel prossimo! :D
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Grazie, ma non sono propriamente soddisfatto del risultato finale... non so.... forse è uno stile di colorazione che non sento mio, nonostante sentissi il bisogno di provarlo XD
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I feel as though when Catwomen see's the Bat Signal she is thinking 'Time to flirt and get it on with the Bat Signal'.
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