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Big Boss

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the part of the tribute in VERY BIG size (BIG SIZE FOR A BIG BOSS XDXDXD)

(c) copyright for the character Big Boss from hideo kojima
and for Metal gear solid from Hideo kojima and the kojima co.
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hoverdose's avatar
Stunning. Love the colours on this.
Returns salute.
PerfectZer0's avatar
Great work, love the shading in his uniform.
MrDirector786's avatar
I really love the way you colored this in.
GreySidewinder's avatar
Big Boss' salute is powerful enough to power up a third world country.
alessandelpho's avatar
snaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaake XD
metalgearsolid's avatar
AWESOME!!! A big image for BIG BOSS!!

twilight34's avatar!!!!!!!!!
you sir (or ma'am....witchever one) are a wonderful artist!!!
SolidSake's avatar
great coloring job.
dskemmanuel's avatar
I gotta say, the size of this picture is too big. I personally like it better smaller. Not too small, but enough to capture the details. Very nice!
Shininou's avatar
Sweet, I always wanted a version of this in color instead of shinkawas' style. Its cool too, but now that its colored it feels complete.
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LaughingDude's avatar
something tells me you Beat MGS4?
alessandelpho's avatar
and i'm triing to have the big boss emblem...
LaughingDude's avatar
dont know what that means XD
alessandelpho's avatar
clear the extreme difficulty in 5 hours, with no alarm, no kills and no healt item...
LaughingDude's avatar
HOLY SHIT!!!!!!!
Kaiju-Borru-Zetto's avatar
Wow, amazing work on the salute :clap:
M-authentic's avatar
srry, but had to small the size, else I couldnt see a damn thing. WAY to big, but Way to cool!!!
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