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December 30, 2020
Polymer clay low poly tree (plastic bell) by eVolutionZ
Featured by pinkythepink
Suggested by barananduen
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Polymer clay low poly tree (plastic bell)


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Object  Tree 
Hand sculpted in polymer clay (Super Sculpey) and painted with acrylics.
I thought I was going to create an "easy" tree with this model but getting all the shapes and volume right took forever :o (Eek) 
I'm so glad with the final result anyway!
Globe dims : 85x65mm
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1280x1800px 1.37 MB
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Haha yeah, I guess it’s easy with realism to hide imperfections in the details – but then when you simplify everything down like this, there’s nowhere to hide and every surface has to be just right. And this really is fantastic!

The shapes are so wonderfully reminiscent of that video game look, and the way you’ve painted the texture on, and also highlighted the edges with naturally messy (rather than perfectly straight even tone) highlights just adds to the textures and also the feeling of nostalgia.

I love the detail of the tiny flower too!

The presentation as three images is also a nice touch – though I’d like to see it from a different angle in at least one of the photographs to show off everything this tiny tree has to offer. The hand for scale is also really helpful.

My main comment with this – and some of your other trees too actually – is that the focus on the photograph makes the tree seem blurry in the closest parts and sharp nearer its back. This one is only slightly blurred and it’s just a minor point, but it’s a bit of a shame not to be able to really see all those close up details you’ve worked so hard on.

Finally, a question. The roots of the tree seem to spell ‘AZ’ is that your initials? If so that’s a really awesome way to signing your work! :wow:

This critique brought to you by "Rudolf the Red" critiquing team. Merry Critmas!

Critmas 2020: HERE WE GO

Aless--Miniaturalia's avatar

Yes! Realism makes it easy to hide imperfections and I love that feature :D

I started to approach miniature making in clay about 10 years ago, just doing random things (minions, keyholders, mini books, mini food etc) then moved a bit to doing some characters, I have tried a bust but I could never get the "perfect" results I was expecting, I was impatient and frustrated, did not practice a lot (or enough).

Two years ago, after a long break not even touching clay, I started making realistic mini trees and bonsai and I loved that freedom of creating trees and nature because they both give room to mistakes and imperfections in the details. It's been such a relief for me :smile: and that gave me more time or energy to focus on other aspects of the miniatures.

Knowing my limitations at getting things perfect the way I want them, that "low poly" tree was quite a challenge... I knew I could not be as perfect as a 3D printer and I knew I could not paint it perfect and the more I would try the more I would "make a mess". I embraced those limitations and I'm glad I allowed myself not to make the perfect "3d tree".

I will definitely think about photographing at a more different angle too, thanks for the suggestion!

I would love to show more focused area but haven't figured out yet how to do it with my camera lens being so close :/ (the depth of field becomes so narrow...) I think I should try and get those photos from a further distance and see if I don't "lose" too many details.

The initials... ? Do you mind if I sign one of my next tree like that ? ^^;

The cuts are totally "random" and you have noticed a detail I did not see... and I think it's a good idea too :)

Thank you so much for your analysis and critique, I have learnt a lot!

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woah! This is awesome!

Aless--Miniaturalia's avatar

Thank you for your feedback!

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It looks so lovely!
Aless--Miniaturalia's avatar

Thank you very much for your feedback! =)

aspieprincess99's avatar

You are welcome, sir. I wish you a Happy New Year!

Aless--Miniaturalia's avatar
barananduen's avatar

Sorry, I hadn't had a chance to properly comment before. Your work is amazing! Each tree is so unique and so well done, with so much thought and creativity and skill going into each of them! You have beautiful, elegant, realistic ones; cute cartoony ones (even a dancing tree!); surrealistic ones... it just blows the mind, really!

I love the polygon approach to this one, and its size and shape is so cute! I love how you painted the edges like the paint has faded, as if it were an aged, wooden toy (and this is such a cool look put together with the video game-like visuals of the sculpt design), and the little flower and rock round the whole thing out for a very nice composition. :D

I got your thank you message and: you're welcome, my pleasure! Congratulations; you totally deserve the DD for your amazing work!! :clap: :clap: :clap:

Aless--Miniaturalia's avatar

Thank you VERY much for this in-depth feedback! That's so appreciated and so rewarding to read that my little trees are "understood" =)

I wish you a happy new year

barananduen's avatar

No problem! And happy new year to you as well! :D

Praecantetia's avatar

This looks really nice. Would be a great model for 3d printing too

Aless--Miniaturalia's avatar

Thank you... That would be great indeed! I have already asked a friend (more into 3D printing than I am) for more realistic tree printings but that would require a awful lot of time :/

This one should be "easier" though and indeed suitable

Praecantetia's avatar

True! just make sure to split the trunk and leaves if you're not using a resin printer. That would need so many support structures otherwise if you print it in one piece.

Aless--Miniaturalia's avatar

Thank you for the advice

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How cute!!!❤️❤️
Aless--Miniaturalia's avatar

Thank you so much Sarah for your feedback! :D

sarah4AMEN's avatar
You’re welcome!!
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Hot damn, that is fantastic. The colours give emphasis to the prismatic edges really well.

Aless--Miniaturalia's avatar

eaglebreath thank you very much for your feedback which I'm really happy to read! =)

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This fantastic work is already in my favs! :) !!! Congrats on your well earned DD!

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