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he yees my haw

mosey on down by aleskay, visual art

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monday | 22 | he/it

hi there! my name is monday, and i'm an amateur artist and aspiring veterinarian! i draw cats, but i also draw a variety of other subjects as well.

☀ commissions: closed

☀ trades: mutuals only

☀ requests: closed

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ahh i've found your profile again, your art was an inspiration to the 10yr old version of me :squee:

Ooh ur a vet? I always wanted to be a vet. Especially since I started watching animal surgical theater when I was 2- *me still in school and crying with the others who get homework*

I saw that you will be opening customs, can I maybe get pinged to in the journal? <3

ur art is such a comfort for me <33 will you ever open offbase customs for points? if you do pings for commission openings id love one!!

Aww, thank you so much! I've never been told anything like that before, that's so sweet!

I'm actually going to be opening for a small number of off base customs tomorrow. I'll ping you in the journal!

oh that would be greatly appreciated!! tysm <3 i cant wait!

I love your art-

I would totally sell my soul to satan for your skill