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DW: Distress signal

The Ninth Doctor and... well... gallifreyan e-mail, I suppose.

Doctor Who (c) BBC
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😿 But I'm right here!!! I survived!!!
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omg the feels!!! i love it though
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This is beautiful.
And it also makes me sad because for some reason I imagine it's a distress signal he sent out a while ago that just came back to him because there isn't anyone left to receive it.
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God. I can just imagine him sending out distress signal after distress signal, just hoping against hope that there's still another Time Lord out there to receive it. Then finally accepting that he's the only one left. From the look on his face, I'd say this was his last attempt.
[btw, I appear to have favorited this a while ago. Don't know why I never commented.]
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God, this is just beautiful! There aren't even words... :faint:

Very much the war-torn hero we met in "Rose"...
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This is lovely and also sort of sad. I picture this as Nine sending out a call after the Time War was over. "Hello? Is...Is anyone out there? If there's anyone left alive...."
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You have caught my idea so right!))) Thanks for that.)
Yeah, Nine's not receiving this 'e-mail', he's about to send it, but, like, hesitating. (If I put it right... I beg a pardon for my English if I didn't.)
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Usually Time Lords don't need devices to know whether there's anyone else - remember the end of the 'Dalek' episode. He could have sent his will or something like that before the destruction (and expected self-destruction) though.
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Yeah, Time Lords can feel each other, but there is always a possibility that there's someone left in the Universe or even outside. And if the Doctor really did something like this (sent the 'box') he wasn't too wrong anyway: the Master was still alive.
But, yeah... The Master is the Master.
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Hugely complicated situation, this. Depending on how one interprets the early history of Nine, everything's possible - from him sending a message to _avoid_ any contact to desperately seeking one. Getting a reply and not getting can both be a source of elation or a source of horror.
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Sorry, stating the obvious again. Gah.
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I was thinking since that Gaiman's episode: while Gallifrey was still intact, such contrivances would had been redundant. Maybe it would be clearer, and still fit their purpose in the story, if they were dedicated 'black boxes' (and just like the actual 'black boxes' they're not black).

Anyway, it's an interesting concept, and great to see it with the Ninth Doctor. Very poignant image.

(And depending on one's personal canon, Nine could be _sending_ the box.)
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Oh, 'black boxes'! I must admit, that's a rather good idea, considering Time Lords have likely used much more practical methods of communication.

I am, actually, very grateful for your comment on this.

(p.s. the idea was just like that)
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F.ex. telepathy.

Evocative image asks for comments!

(Although I went with 'before' in the other post, it also totally makes sense if it's 'after' and he uses this way to send a message on a whim - like one would send bottle post.)
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I love how he's just chilling on the doorstep. In space. Because Nine is awesome like that, even when is email fails to impress him. ;)
Ales-Sirius-Russell's avatar
Nine is awesome in any way possible. :D
Glad you like it anyway, thanks a lot.)
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I have mail!!!!!! i loves eleven's face there!!! sooo extremely kyooooot!!!
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Yeah.) Those funny boxy things... Funny but upsetting.
Why can't we get e-mails that way too?
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the would be amazing!
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