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Holy crap guys there is 100 of you watching me?!!!
Thank you very much kids and I am sorry for the lack of new Works but I have been working on a big, time consuming projects lately. But I should have something sone soon ;) Take care
Postapocalyptic comic
Hey there my fun people. First of all, thank you to all who wished me happy birthday :) Second, since I have no new Works finished and I was diging through my pictures folder I have found a little piece of nostalgia. One of my first attempts at making a comic. This one is from ten years ago and it is my only comic that has been featured in my first exhibition, thus why it is just a crappy photo from behind the glass. Unfortunatelly I don't know where the original comic is but if I find it, I will submit it ;) It is just a bit of my own past and a bit of retrospective on my older work. I mean look at it, it has barely any shading and the anatomy is all sorts of wrong :D Still I have a soft spot for it, since it has been my first attempt at making a complex story and portraying it through a comic. I hope you will enjoy it and once again sorry for the poor quality but this is the only Picture I have.
Soylent Green Production
Hi there my delicious people ;) :D So this time I have no giant complex painting, drawing or anything. This time, I have my old drawing from ten years ago that I made during class when I was bored :D I just added few touches in the computer, the Soylent corporation logo and I have changed the written pointers to english. So for those who are not aware, this Picture is my own idea of a soylent green production machine, from the movie of the same name from 1973, starring amazing Charlton Heston. In this movie a world of the future year of 2022 (not so distant now) is ravaged by overpopulation and greenhouse effect. The only source of affordable food is a food concentrate called soylent, produced by the Soylent corporation in two popular colors, ed and yellow. But their most popular product is Soylent green, supposedly produced from plankton, harvested from the World's oceans. By the end of this little postapocalyptic detective drama, we find out that Soylent green is made out of people!!! ...Oh right...spoilers..I guess...shit.
Oh well, enjoy the Picture, more Works coming soon, and go watch the movie, it is pretty good.  
Brnensky Ziletkar (Razor blade Man of Brno)

At last we have the final addition to the quartette of Czechoslovak urban legends. This time we have the picture of an elusive Razor blade man – Žiletkář in Czech. This was less of a monster and more of a simple maniac or deviant ( Deviantart user ;) :D Just kidding) who was cutting people with a razor blade hidden in his sleeve. In most versions of his story he was also as the Spring man using the darkened streets of Protectorate during the war and occupation. From these dark alleys he would attack his hopeless victims, sometimes slashing their throat, sometimes just their clothing. With him attacking mostly women, there are many versions of him raping or molesting his victims or masturbating in front of them. This would put him into category of sadists who take sexual gratification from the harm they cause to the person or just even their clothing, thus it is very plausible that he is based on a real person, or group of people with this kink. His legend also went to live on after the war, when he was a common scare in late night public transportation. My most favorite account comes from the city of Brno,( thus why I decided to name him as such) and describes him as a man in long coat, sleazy smile, with his hands in his pockets. When he took them out, his fingers were equipped with razor blades taped to them as he attacked and slashed, sometimes outright in the bus and sometimes he just slashed women’s clothing without them noticing and their clothing fell apart after they got off at their stop. Some of his sightings from the time of the occupation also describe him dressed in black with springs on his legs, but that is just a mixture or confusion of the Pérák/Spring man legend and the Razor man. This frightening maniac also has his American “cousin” who appeared in the 40s in Baltimore and has become known as The Halifax Slasher. Even though there is no supernatural element to this legend, it has survived the trial of time and till this day it is a very popular “told by friend of a friend” type of story being told across Czech and Slovak Republic. For those who are wondering, except for the black pen and marker parts and bit of a shading done by charcoal, all the coloring has been done with coffee, and for those who know me, yes I have managed to mistake my normal coffee cup for the ones that I have been painting with so I probably drank from it as well, but it is better than drinking paint :D

Anyhow, thank you very much for taking a glance at these legends that I again feel like deserve more attention and not being forgotten in the past. Every feedback is as always very appreciated.

SCP-186 To end all wars Part 4.
Hey there guys, well who amongs you like the SCP Foundation? Well I do for once and this is one of my favourite SCPs, and its files contain a transcript of a letter from a russian soldier, who has been a whitness to this battle using anomalous weaponry from dubious sources that has lingered at the site till today. It is a really good SCP, Great story and contains fascinating amount of subttle hints at what might have happened. So I have decided to illustrate it with ruddle, black ink and even my own blood ;) But since it is too long I have decided to split it into four parts of the same letter, that our soldier Pyotr has send in hopes of it escaping the hell he has found himself trapped in. Because the scanner here sucks, some edges are cut, but if you want to read the full SCP and the contents of the letter that inspired these Works, go check it out at this link: The letter is in the Transcripts of selected documents. The only changes that I have done in the computer are some corrections and change of the color contrast a bit so it looks more like an old letter.

So guys, another journal so soon, I know. But I have promised some shout outs and some shout outs shall be delivered. But first of all. I wish a happy new year to all my dear watchers, readers, viewers, friends. Yep, it is already here. Wow, it seemed to go by really fast, did anyone else had that feeling? I feel like just yesterday I was going to my cabin in the woods to spend another new year party after which I had to go to work, hung-over, tired and just all and all frustrated but thankfully I was working with amazing, crazy, fun bunch of people. One of them being an absolute goofball of a girl with short hair and big eyes, filled with fun, weirdness and awesomeness. And now, almost a year later, we are together and she is my world, my happiness and my love. Besides that I have managed to overcomplicate and then resolve and then again overcomplicate my life to a ridiculous degree, this is not even funny anymore, but it is not surprising if you know me :D
But enough personal nonsense that I know none of you want to read and we shall get to the shout outs for the amazing artists that I want to recommend to you. Some of them I know, with some of them I talk some of them just watch me, or I watch them and such. But all of them bring an amazing contribution to this site and I personally love their work ;)

so without further staling.

This girl has an amazing imagination for all sorts of creepy, surreal and wonderfully disturbing art. I love her use of pencils and inks, the color combinations and black tears. If you like creepy art, you should definitely go check her out.

Great ink drawings, with wonderful shading, play with light, shapes and all sorts of details that make his art truly unique and interesting to look at. He creates one of those contrasting pictures that make your head play catch with your imagination.

Digital portrait artist, just the type of digital art, that is quick but slick and pleasing the look at ;) I might even be a bit jealous since my digital art skills are very veeery poor :D Anyway, she makes some wonderfull works.

Ah Ami, a young aspiring Slovak (Yeah I know I am a bit biased :D) artist and writer. Huge fan of FNAF and creepypasta, translator and overall a great girl that bit by bit is getting better at her craft and has good spirit and joy to spare. Keep it up kiddo; I will always be your fan ;)…

Faith, the first person that I have made a commission for ;) She is more of a writer than an artist but she plays wonderfully with stories and concepts with topics from creepypasta to just simple life stories. She has been sadly silent for a long time, but I keep my hopes up that I will able to read all her stories finished.


I can’t do proper justice for Arielle and her art with mere words. She is such a strong in tuned with her imagination, spirit of life in the world and fantasy above all. She creates worlds, characters, stories and lives that feel very much alive to a viewer with heart and eye in the right place. She is one of the first people that I had talked to her, she is one of my greatest supporters, she inspired me to write, and to create so so many wonderful pieces. I miss our long talks that we used to have, sharing so much and helping each other. Always a pleasure to hear from you Arielle, I hope you are doing ok and that smile does not leave your face. Go check her out and immerse yourselves in her world of fantasy.

Stiak, that is how I come to know her, even though t first she was just a Little Bad Princess, a princess of creepypasta, great writer, artist, dreamer and a girl who has walked a thousand mile journey since I have come to know her. She has opened my eyes to a much bigger world and for that I am always grateful to her. She is a talented person that always works on improving her works and it really shows. I can’t wait to see where she will go next with her art and stories of various types and topics. ;)  Mostly creepypasta but also a thousand more fandoms and various fantasy and adventurous works.

Tami, presented with her amazing, surreal, all American art. So many beautiful pieces made out of literally everything and anything that you can think of. Drawings, paintings, collages, sculptures, helmets, skulls, skulls, SKUUUUULLS…and more. I can’t really describe it, you just have to see it. It is every weirdo’s, artistic dream ;)

Once again an artist who paints and draws creepy, out worldly, dreamy and serene pictures, full of spirit, beautifully made and always something new to look for.  Plus she makes ton of animal pictures and amazing landscapes, what more could you wish for. Go check her out ;)

I can’t really explain it with words, but once again, just my cup of tea, black and white, strong contrasts. Old school comic book style but with true and original sci-fi nature. Sadly I did not have enough time to follow this artist more closely but he definitely deserves more recognition ;)

Once again we have an artist here, who is not the best, most Professional artist with tons of Works of the highest quality, but she is speaking to me through her art on an existential level. I love how she creates whatever she wants, mixes different styles and ideas, i tis vivid and full of potential, and just like me, she seems to dedicate as much time as possible to her art, even though that time is scarce.

A German illustrator who truly captures the fantasy, mood and awe of fairy tales and fantasy stories. Her art is fluid, pleasing to the eyes, tingling in the heart and let’s your imagination run wild. Once again, the words just can’t really express it, you just have to go check it out for yourself ;)

Ahh Clocky, my first real stalker. How can you not love this girl and her devotion and true amazement at so many various fandoms and things. Even though she might not have the most professional and crisp technique I love all her works just for the sheer amount of heart she puts into them. I am a bit sad, that I have not heard from her in a while, but I hope she is doing fine and enjoying all her various fandoms.

Now this is an artist with a varied taste ;) And also a big range of works, mostly done amazingly in watercolors. Her Red and Green comic will surely intrigue you with the huge complex world it is set in and also its story, there are also plenty other various comics she does, nice little macabre medieval torture pictures, pictures of cute animals, different one shot works, oh and she is also a huge fan of cryptids, more specifically the Mothman so if you also like these, go check her out and throw some pictures and favs her way ;)…

 Hmm, this is so hard to explain but basically if you love intricate, complex, deep and beautifully drawn pencil art, this guy, is your man. He puts an insane amount of work and time into his art, and that is coming from a detail freak like myself, so you know it must be serious :D

Another amazing artist that has seemed to have left Deviantart but as far as I know he is still adding and selling his work through FB. He creates all forms of fan art work raging from movies, books, comic , series, etc.. All done in his own very specific line pen drawings with line shading and added contrasting colors. If you ever wanted a cool piece of fan art from your favorite whatever on your wall, check him out, he might have just what you are looking for. Plus your package will arrive with a personalized drawing on it ;)…

What can I say about Jackie? This girl is amazing!! Through so many hardships she had managed to work on her talent in art and especially writing. She wrote many wonderful creepy stories and as far as I know, one of them is getting published. She has a nose for the fascinating dark depths of our reality and human mind that she approaches with the mind of a true researcher. Plus she is a wonderful and compassionate, fun human being that I had the pleasure to meet in real life. I am looking forward to maybe meeting you again Jackie. Take care. Go take a look at her works. (She has moved to a new account here:…)

Once again a talented artist with her pen and illustrations. You can probably see, where my personal taste is with people I watch on DA ;) She also does cute little crafts, necklaces and such and a very important thing, she is a fellow SCP and creepypasta fan ;) Which on its own earns her, plus five points in my book :D

Hmm, how to really summarize this person and his work? Well it is just the type of black and white pen shading, very contrasted, that I like to see and…Hmm, Have you ever heard that saying that if you look into the abyss long enough the abyss will look back at you? Yeah, in a very good way, this is his art.


His surreal works will surely intrigue you, either the colorful fast shaded, broad brush works or his more detailed pencil works. I honestly have not had enough time to fully analyze and delve into this artist’s work but it captivated me on a first viewing and I honestly think that more people should see his works.

I am going to sound like an absolute jerk again, but I am so incredibly jealous of how she paints. Her watercolors and more importantly oil paintings are simply stellar, with more melancholic themes yet full of emotions perfectly conveyed on canvas. Every work of hers is a true masterpiece which would be fitting for any art gallery.

My crazy steampunk watcher and art pal as well. Besides also being a fan of strange and macabre, which he depicts brilliantly with an amount of personal touch and originality that truly follows all of his work, he also is a student like myself and like myself he is in the over 500 club here on DA :D :D If you like subtle political and social satire wrapped in awesome creepy and weird art and stories, Holder here is your guy ;)…

Holy crap, now this is a deviant with a lot of potential. So, so many great ideas, wonderful expressive drawings, simple but grim, deep, teeming with personality and untold back stories. And he should definitely get more recognition, and more feedback just so his skill can flourish and improve, I know it because I was like that and still am, looking for more critique and feedback to better myself and expand beyond my own boundaries.

By now you are probably realizing that I am a huge horror fan, which goes again for the works and artists I like and watch. And here we have another great horror artist that understands the way scary pictures should be made, how to add tension into it and form true dread with just paint and brush. She has not been active for a while, but I hope she will come back with more amazing works.

It is creepy, dreadfull, lovecraftian, nostalgic, bulbous, bloody, depraved, strange, intriguing and beyond wonderfully twilight zone like…plus a bit apocalyptic and desolate. Just a perfect amalgamation of everything. If I have peaked your interested, go see his gallery.


Once again an artist that has not been active for a while, but I do miss her drawings, maybe not perfect but still I like her own specific style with huge eyes yet still improving on her work ;) Also she is a much better writer with her own creepypastas being one of the most interesting for me. She can just write a pretty good compeling creepy story ;) She is also a cosplayer and another person I have met in real life and she is an awesome girl.

Damn it, I hate sounding so jealous, but this girl has just the perfect skill with her pen, paint and pencils. Her lines, colors and shading is so crisp, clean and so well done that you just can’t wait to see more ;)

Soo so so surreal, so interesting, so twitchy and bizarre….and also Canadian ;) No way to explain it more, go see him ;)

Amazing writer, storyteller and also a skilled comic book artist, even though his drawing style might not be so traditional or crazy detailed, it conveys every scene perfectly, captivates the reader and gives just what works for the story that he is trying to convey. ;)

Watercolor artist, who shows me, just how much I still have to work on my watercolor skills ;) :D I love her comic fan paintings, with ton of Joker and Harley Quinn, (Always nice) and ton of other works, including photography, drawings, paintings, short comic pages and more.

Talented traditional and digital artist, with amazing pen and watercolor skills. Creative fantastic pictures, filled with honestly magic coming at you from the picture. Although she also paints a lot of animals and people, too many great pictures to cover here, so take my words for it.

Crazy teen, gamer, metalhead girl with lot of imagination and a talent to turn it into reality. She has soo so so many characters that are opening a much larger world for a viewer with interesting back stories, attributes and idiosyncrasies.She is another one of those artist I have great respect for working on themselves because they remind of myself years ago. Ah the good times. I have only my great respect for her as an artist and a person and I hope she will have more and more works in the future.

Russian artist who creates one of the most intricate and detailed landscapes, architecture, creepy, interesting, surreal pictures with pen, carbon and pencil. You can actually see the unbelievable amount of work and time, that he puts into his art.


An artist with maybe not many works shown in her gallery but that just means that she puts that much more time into each and every one and it shows. Traditional artist with varied taste, mostly black and white or other colorless pictures, she really deserves more people to see her art.

One of my most favorite artists here, with his digital art skills being unbelievable. His works are varied but he mostly dabbles in sci-fi scenery, weapons, people and such. And yes I know, he is also Slovak like myself and blab la, Al you are being a biased asshole, well screw you, I can like whoever I like. Plus he always puts some innuendo jokes in comments on my works and I just love innuendos. :D :D

Pardon my French but this is one fucking awesome gallery, not to mentions various techniques, all being very professional her works range from comic, strips, post apocalyptic, fantasy, cryptids, dream work and hundreds more. It is just amazing, you should give it a look ;)

I know I know, I put here most artist that do something connected to superheroes, horror, sci-fi and fantasy, what can I say, I am a nerd :D And she is no different and also a skilled artist with pencil, pen and watercolors that deserves few views and a bit of love ;)

Such a caring compassionate person. Always looking out for her friends on DA, showing them warmth of her good heart. Writing stories, creating wonderful pictures and always having a nice word to say or a lengthy comment to give. J

Another talented girl, this time in the department of mostly MLP which is also one of the things I love, with her ponies being so detailed, colorfull and creative that you just want to have them all. But besides that she is also a skilled artist and a cool gal ;)

A professional comic book artist working with traditional style works as well as manga, which she self-taught herself?!! That is amazing, plus I am again a bit jealous because although I can draw Manga style, it always SUUUCKS!! But to go back to her, you should most definitely check her out and her works, if you like Manga, Anime, Steampunk, sort of a Wild West sci-fi, good stories and visual delights.

Oh my gods, what can I say, she creates traditional art with just the amount of dark contrast I love, she does amazing digital art, tons of things connected to music. She also has wonderfull cosplays, pictures, various works of art and why are you, yes you reading this, still here and not in her gallery? :D

Maybe not the best or most active, or most original artist here. Just a simple girl, with time to spend drawing but she does, and for some reason her pictures resonate with me. I can’t really tell why, or how I just know that they do so I am going to follow will of the force and keep watching her, maybe you can give it a try and see if she and her work resonates with you as well ;)

Ah Aussie, with her amazing talent, look on the world through her eyes and fantasy. With so much potential, so much fun and such coolness ;) :D No, I honestly can’t do justice with few lame words to her how much I care for her and how grateful I am for her as a friend to me. I hope more people will get the pleasure of her company and visual pleasure from her art.

One of my first watchers and people I like to call friends on this site. An aspiring manga and comic book artist, she has given me so much great feedback and I respect her works for how honest they are and how you can see her progress which shows through hard work she puts into bettering herself. A true artist indeed.

( Jesus Christ, this is one fucking long journal, kudos to all who got to the end :D )

If I have forgotten anyone I am very sorry and please let me know, this should be all the artists that I watch or watch me that I feel like deserve much more attention, even though not that many people watch me so this will most probably be pointless but I still wanted to do these shout outs so sue me (please don’t sue me, I have a cat and aquarium full of goldfish, who will take care of them if I am sued? !! :D :D )

So, thanks guys for another wonderful year, I am looking forward to see all the works from you that I will manage to make time for, and even though I sometimes don’t have time to fav or comment, I do still watch each and every one of you ;)

Take care



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