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Cxema 3. by Alerazz501 Cxema 3. :iconalerazz501:Alerazz501 8 2 Cxema 2. by Alerazz501 Cxema 2. :iconalerazz501:Alerazz501 14 9
CXEMA (Part 1.)
CXEMA (Part 1.)
    I will tell you what happened. What exactly happened, or at least what I did, what I saw and found there. Even though I would rather forget about it, God knows I would rather forget about it, but maybe by telling someone about it would ease my conscience. And hopefully stop the nightmares. I doubt it will, but I have to… I need to do it, to tell my story. I don’t blame you if you won’t believe me. I would not have believed it either if I have not seen it with my own eyes. It all happened many years ago.
   I lived in a small town in the south-eastern part of the country that was surrounded by a beautiful deep forest, where I used to go as a kid with my father to hike, pick mushrooms, herbs and all that it offered us. I loved these trips, I loved the forest. The freedom of nature, the smell of the trees after a storm and the cool shade it offered during the hot summers. Near my town was a huge lake which was perfect for swimming
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Hey there my dear watchers. Yes I had been on a loooong hiatus, which I am very sorry for. I will explain all soon in a journal entry. But for now I would like to present you my Cxema story. Since DA is a bit unsuitable for literature posts, you can also read it on my Wordpress account:
I hope you will enjoy it. The entire story is written and I will split it into three parts. Huge thank you to all who stuck with me.
Take care guys.
Cxema 3.
And here is the third and last illustration for the first part of the Cxema story. More is on the way. If you would like to read this story with all the illustrations added in between the text like a proper book, you can check it out at my wordpress account:
I hop you will enjoy it.
Cxema 2.
 And here is a second illustration for the CXEMA story, part 1. which I have published also at my wordpress account:
There it is all with Illustrations. Hope you will like it. Part 2. coming soon.
CXEMA (Part 1.)

    I will tell you what happened. What exactly happened, or at least what I did, what I saw and found there. Even though I would rather forget about it, God knows I would rather forget about it, but maybe by telling someone about it would ease my conscience. And hopefully stop the nightmares. I doubt it will, but I have to… I need to do it, to tell my story. I don’t blame you if you won’t believe me. I would not have believed it either if I have not seen it with my own eyes. It all happened many years ago.
   I lived in a small town in the south-eastern part of the country that was surrounded by a beautiful deep forest, where I used to go as a kid with my father to hike, pick mushrooms, herbs and all that it offered us. I loved these trips, I loved the forest. The freedom of nature, the smell of the trees after a storm and the cool shade it offered during the hot summers. Near my town was a huge lake which was perfect for swimming and fishing. On it was a dam and one of the most important hydroelectric power plants in the whole country. As a kid, my father took me there a few times and I saw the huge machinery. So precise and powerful, grasping the might of the water in the lake, running it through the turbines that then generated electricity for the entire region. The concept of machines working together with nature to provide heat and light for the people had fascinated me so much, that I went on to study electrical engineering. I was always handy with the tools and machines. During my studies I used to help out my colleagues and university maintenance with small repairs, checkups on wiring and various simple electrical devices. I also have not forgotten about my other passion and spend most of my free time hiking or on long trips to the nearby forest and mountains, never missed a school hiking trip and always felt much better outdoors on fresh air, rather than in the loud, damp, smoky student dorms.  
  I graduated two years after the first free parliamentary elections when everybody has still been ecstatic about the newly found freedom and all the possibilities that came with it. Fresh out of school, I was already a skilled electrician, no attachments, nor family of my own besides my old folks. When all my colleagues and friends wanted to seek opportunity and fortune abroad I have not had any real incentive to leave. Although my professors have also advised me to seek work west, I decided to go back home and got a job at the hydroelectric power plant my father used to take me to. But the work inside the plant was not exactly what I had in mind and so I applied for the position of field electrician. To be honest, the job was a bit harder, with all the walking to my errands in every kind of weather, no matter how unforgiving it was. I was coming back from work in late hours and the salary was nothing spectacular, but I did not mind it, as I have spent my entire childhood running around these parts, I knew how to navigate and safely traverse the terrain. My higher ups were glad to have someone experienced in outdoor work to send for repair and checkups on relays, transformer stations and high voltage towers that were deep in the forests of the surrounding area. And I was glad to be out on fresh air, working on my own time, stress – free, far from the noise and cramped corridors of the plant, enjoying the peace and quiet of nature. But then the day had come, when everything changed.
    It started like any other day. I got to work in the morning and right away, I had been told to go do a quick check up on the power distribution station in the part of the forest near the lake. I knew that this station was part of a newly build system of distributors, that relayed power into the high voltage grid, supplying the entire region. I thought that it was probably just some hiccup due to a recent storm. Some of the new machinery was a bit too sensitive to the local weather and it needed constant maintenance to keep it from failing. I filled out all the necessary paperwork, took my thick green waterproof coat that has not failed me yet, put all my gear and tools in a backpack, took a thermos with hot tea and rum to keep me warm out there, some food and compass with map where I have marked my destination. I took a service car to drive up to the forest and left it parked at the edge of it. I could have gotten closer with it, but the check up was not that urgent and the station was not far. Although the terrain was a bit unstable after the storm, the forest air was too good not to enjoy a nice walk. So I continued on foot, the silence all around me, broken only by the raindrops dripping from the trees and occasional bird chirping. After some time, I have arrived to a clearing where the grey metal cube connected to transformers was standing, with cables running towards the high voltage tower. I used my service key to open the padlock on the outer fence that was around it and got to work. The check up was simple, some of the breakers were off but no wires were damaged and everything else was running smoothly. I managed to finish my work in less than an hour so I decided to go check on the farther station just for good measures. I could have followed the cables, running above my head, but I decided to take a detour through the forest to enjoy prettier scenery, than just clearing with high voltage cables connected to wooden poles. I checked my map to plan the route accordingly and went on; I even thought that maybe I would find some mushrooms for dinner, but what I have found instead was something completely different. I should have taken the safe clearing route…
     I was walking through the forest for a while now, when I have noticed a tree on the side of the trail that had been lying on the ground with its roots out and something long and dark hanging from them. I came closer to investigate and saw that it was a thick electric cable, encased in black rubber insulation, that got unearthed probably when the tree fell and pulled it out along with its roots. This was strange since there should not have been any underground cables in this area and what was even stranger is that this was not even the type of high voltage cable we use, so it made no sense for it to be here. I tried to follow it on one side where it was poking through the ground, probably thanks to the storm, which washed away the earth around it. It led me deeper into the forest and even after it disappeared back under ground, I continued on in the direction it went. I thought that I was obligated to check what it was all about, because if the grid would fail here, the entire region might lose power which could have had catastrophic consequences. Also, the placement of the cable, was bizarre, to say the least. It was apparently leading away from any of the working power stations, which made no sense. I have already sensed that something was not right then, but I continued on deeper into the forest. As I walked in the direction of the cable, I came upon a small ridge. After I got down to where its base was I saw something unbelievable. Standing there, poking out of the side of the ridge was a concrete structure, overgrown with vegetation and covered with moss. The concrete was cracked and crumbling, darkened by water erosion and mold. It looked like an old maintenance entrance. In the middle of it was a door made of solid steel, which even though covered in rust and with old paint peeling off in large flakes was still bulky and thick. It was obviously build to withstand heavy amounts of stress and damage. The entire structure seemed to be years or even decades old, and abandoned for about as much time. I thought it must have been something, build by the military during the past regime, but as far as I knew there were not supposed to be any bunkers or bases here. Another thing, which was quite strange, was the lack of signs. No warning signs, numbers, text, or insignia of any kind. It was just this plain, steel bulkhead door with a wheel lock on its side. Almost like if somebody buried a submarine here. I was walking around it for a while, looking for any clues that might reveal its purpose or origin, when I heard a faint hum. It lasted for only a short time and it was gone. I have waited a bit and heard it again, coming from the door. It was a short, mechanical hum, that was repeating every few minutes or so. I stepped closer and pressed my ear against the door to hear it more clearly, when I noticed that the door was not sealed shut, but only closed with a small gap, which was letting out noticeably warmer air. Mechanical hum and warm air could mean only one thing: someone or something was still working inside. For the next few moments I have pondered my options and I have decided that if there is still some unknown machinery running in there on its own, it could be a risk to the entire area. I was too deep in the forest already and to get back and report on it would take too long. In case it was some unknown person or group of people, I had to find out more about who they are and what their intentions are. It was my obligation…nay my duty.
You have probably figured out by now that the true reason was my own curiosity and I was just trying to justify it in my own head. Oh, how stupid I was…
    Getting inside was not as easy as it had seemed at first and the rusted heavy door was a piece of work to pull open. Nonetheless, after some time and effort, the old hinges loudly creaked and the door slowly opened wide enough for me to squeeze into the dark opening. Once inside I took out my flashlight and turned it on to see that the door has led to plain concrete stairs, descending deep down. The hum was now bit more audible, but still it seemed too far, so I have continued on. While walking, I have noticed, that there were no other footprints besides the ones I was leaving in the thick layer of dust covering the stairs. On the sides were bundles of wires stretching down into the darkness. Above my head were unlit lamps, some of them with their light bulbs broken and all covered in a veil of cobwebs. At the end of the stairs I had reached a wide gate. This one was also made of thick steel, but not as thick as the entrance, and it was a sliding door instead. Once again though, it was left ajar, with a metal chair left in the racks to block the door from closing all the way, leaving a dark gap. When I shined my light on it I noticed a small metal box on the adjacent wall. It was the locking mechanism, with the key left in the keyhole. The mystery of this place has started to give me chills. Apparently someone has tried to lock this place down, but was unsuccessful. Was it because of some secret or danger, which was better to be left sealed underground? Was it something they brought here? Stored here? Or created here…
     The hum started again and took me out of my thoughts. It was now much clearer and it even sounded like the intervals between hums were getting shorter. It could have been the machinery stopping, or worse getting jammed, so I ventured on through the gap. Cold sweat broke over me as I entered. My flashlight could not reach the end of this long, wide hallway that was now before me. There were dozens of sliding, steel doors on each side; some were branded with a designation and some with a number. The walls had huge cracks, where the olive green paint was peeling off in large chunks adding to the layer of dust on the linoleum floor. I turned around and saw a dusty red star with hammer and a sickle in the middle of the upper frame of the gate I just stepped through. Same star was on the concrete frame of the intersection farther down the hallway. That immediately answered my question as to who might have build this place, but the writing in Russian on the door closest to my right has confirmed it. It said: “decontamination”. Whatever it was that this facility was dealing with; it terrified me. The door would not binge and there were no windows or holes, through which I could see what was inside, nor any sign, which could suggest the nature of the contaminant. I hastily rolled up my sleeve, to check my skin for the signs of reddening. I did not feel any burning, or metallic taste of blood in my mouth so I was fairly certain that it was not radiation. I sighed in relief and was about to try some other door when I realized that the air inside was dry and warm. Even for an abandoned underground building the lack of moisture was very strange. I knelled next to an air duct and felt a faint draft. The air was not fresh, and it smelled like an air in hospitals, disinfected and recycled. So I figured that it must have been an air filtration system, which was running on its own. While down on my knees, I have noticed another bizarre thing. The floor all around me was covered with papers, shards of broken glass and other debris, yet it also had footprints. Some of them were shoe prints, but others were dried, bloody human footprints. I have counted at least ten different trails, some of them covered with the new layer of dust but others seemed much more recent. Someone must have been down here not too long ago, or they are still here. Frightened by that thought, I looked around and grabbed a short steel pipe that has been lying in the corner. I have never been much of a fighter, but my new improvised weapon was at least giving me the illusion of being able to defend myself if it had come to it. Shivering and unsure of what awaits me I have ventured on. I have checked a few of the first rooms, which were unlocked. Some of them were just storage rooms, filled with supply crates covered in dust and cobwebs. Other rooms had various electronic equipment and control panels with bulky television screens. Huge bundles of cables were spread across the floors and walls like snakes, sleeping in pile.                                             Even as eroded relics of the past, some of the equipment seemed almost too sophisticated by what I could tell at that time. Several of the rooms had huge tape reels, connected to computers of various types, which were now all quiet with their screens dead and dark. Whatever was being done here, these machines were the cutting edge technology, which must have had an astonishing computing power for that time. While investigating, I have stumbled upon something even more incredible. One of the rooms, labeled as “Engineering” had its doors opened so I steeped in to look around. Inside, it had several workbenches set around with shelves of assorted tools and machine parts. There were cork boards with different sketches, blueprints and calculations on the walls all over the room and in its center was a mechanical arm hanging from the ceiling. The arm was metallic but not as corroded or neglected as the rest of the place. It had been separated by joints into three parts, while the lower end was further divided into extending segments. It was covered with wires and complex hydraulics and had a series of manipulating tools and sharp claws, which made it, look even more alien and menacing. I had cautiously approached it and touched it with my pipe. It did not move and I could sigh in relief. After taking a closer look I saw that it was suspended from a ceiling rail that spread across the room and out into the hallway. As I followed it I noticed that it was crisscrossing the hallway ceiling, all the way to the outside access gate I came through. And that was not all. The rail has been entering through small gaps above the doors into every room and possibly into every corner of this facility. I was astonished by the amazing possibilities this kind of automated railing system had. And as I was focusing my attention, and light, more upwards, I saw that corners of the rooms had mounted close circuit television cameras, although these were much smaller than even those that we have at the plant. If I said cutting edge technology before, then I should correct myself and say that this was decades ahead of the technology it should have had available. All the writing in Russian and communist insignias suggested that this was some kind of a soviet research base, which had been operated in secret due to the remoteness and unmarked armored entrance. It must have been deserted for at least a decade, but judging by the technological level of equipment here, its significance would have been groundbreaking. Yet it was rotting down here, forgotten by the world. Two questions have been running around in my mind. If this was a research facility, why would they abandon it like this and what exactly were they researching down here? I wanted to continue my search for the mechanical hum echoing through the dark hallway, but I have been down there for quite some time now and I needed to rest for at least a bit. Fortunately, the writing above the next set of doors said: “Mess hall”. I figured that it might be as good place as any to take a break. The doors were unlocked so I just slid them apart and walked into a spacious room, with rows of tables and chairs. Just your typical employee mess hall: with those awful checkered tablecloths and plastic flower centerpieces, boxes of silverware, plates and glasses on racks. On the left it had a door into what I presumed, was the kitchen, and a small closed off window, for dispensing meals. The only unusual thing was the presence of ceiling rails, with three more arms, stiffly hanging from them. I sat down as far from them as I could. Even though they were not moving, their skeletal appearance still frightened me. I poured myself a cup of tea, from the thermos I had with me. The warm liquid helped calm my nerves a bit and so I decided to walk around the mess hall, while sipping from my cup. I was reading some of the papers, which were left on the bulletin boards, mostly just daily food choices, names of the men were on the clean up duty, work and patrol schedules. The wall on the other end of the mess hall was covered with a colossal mural, depicting a crowd of soldiers, proudly holding a waving red flag with the oversized heads of Lenin and Stalin, gazing into the distance. I could not help but shudder even more upon seeing the rotting images of the past regime, in this godforsaken place. Suddenly I kicked something, flinging it away, with loud clinging noise, which echoed even louder in the empty space. That startled me beyond words, as I flinched, did a quick turnaround and checked my surroundings, but everything was still and quiet, except for the ever-present hum. I pointed my flashlight down and picked one of the objects, which were littered around me.
It was a bullet casing.
Judging by the number of them, there must have been a firefight. I stepped closer to the wall and found the bullet holes and scorch marks .The pattern of the shots seemed all over the place and random, almost like the shooter was frantically firing all around him. On the floor, the walls and even on some of the tables were splatters of dried blood. One of the mechanical arms must have been caught in crossfire, since it had been also damaged with bullets. What in God’s name happened here? Was this facility attacked? If so, then who or what attacked it? I had so many questions, to which I had no answers, and my empty speculations were only freaking me out more. And the hum, which was now repeating with almost no pauses, was keeping me from thinking straight. I could not wait any longer so I packed my things and walked even further down the main hallway. On my way I stopped by what I presumed was the living quarters, judging by the empty bunk beds and lockers. There was olive green military clothing, photos of smiling soldiers, packs of cigarettes and even leather boots thrown around. It looked like they left in a hurry and had no chance to take any of their possession. Judging by the number of beds there must have been an entire regiment stationed here, yet they all seemed to vanish since even though I did not wanted to, I have not found a single body. Other doors were either locked or had more strange machinery in them that I could not even imagine the purpose for. At the end of the hallway was another staircase, leading further down. It had a sign that said “Level 1.” and another two with a downward arrow labeled as levels two and three. The hum was now clearly coming from there, so I took a deep breath and started another descend further under ground. This staircase has been much longer than the entrance one and has also been equipped with the seemingly omnipresent ceiling rail, creeping above me like a metal vine. The second level of the facility was as deserted as the first one, but the central hallway was divided into a true labyrinth of corridors and rooms. I did not wanted to get lost in there, so I followed the sound, straight down the hallway. The green walls and linoleum flooring has also switched to white tiled walls and grate steel floor. Equipment around has also changed into medical cabinets full of bottles and vials. There were gurneys with stained mattresses and dried out drip stands scattered around. It looked like some sort of a hospital or medical facility. The first room that I found open was an operating theatre with several x-ray images on one of those illuminated light boxes. They showed images of human skull, ribcage and other parts of the body, with circles and notes written over them. Next to it was a blood stained operating table, with leather restrains for arms and legs. Hunched over table from the ceiling was another arm, but this one had at its end instead of claws a set of medical tools, like syringes, scalpels and a circular saw. The implications of a surgeon with the precision of a machine would have amazed me, if the amount of blood around did not point out more to a slaughter, than a surgery. I cautiously left the room, while keeping the beam of my flashlight pointed at the immobile machine and reached the end of the hallway. I looked at the staircase leading to the lowest level and hesitated at first, not being keen on going even further down. But I already went this far, so turning back without any answers would now be pointless. The lowest level was a maze of pipes and cables, twisting and turning into various corridors, with maintenance rooms in between them. It was the engineering floor, which meant that if there was any place that the source of the mysterious hum was coming from, it was here. Slight hum has now turned into a loud rumble of mechanical parts working in unison. The air here was much warmer and more humid, with several pipes around me being hot and hissing occasionally with hot steam. The dial indicators were showing alternating pressure, so the machinery down here was working, although at a very slow pace, like a slumbering animal. I knew I was getting close to my objective, when I finally reached a double wing steel door at the end of the hallway. The door was labeled as “mainframe access port”. I have used the pipe, that I have been carrying with me, to pry open the door and stepped inside. Inside was an enormous room with steel pillars supporting it, covered in various machines, dials and wires. In between the pillars were angular control panels with rows of buttons, control keys and darkened screens. The sides of the room were packed from top to bottom with grey boxes housing the data tape reels, randomly jerking into motion and stopping while giving of a familiar mechanical rumbling. That was the hum that led me here - the continuous reeling of the data tapes. But there was another sound in this mechanical cacophony. A faint beeping sound that was coming from a single control panel, in the middle of the room. I sat down in the dusty chair in front of the panel and wiped the dust off the screen. There was a luminescent blue writing shinning at me from the corner of it. The text was in Russian and it said: “SYSTEM INITIATING – STANDBY”
All the rumbling and scratching of the tape reels have abruptly stopped. I held my breath in this deafening silence, which was then interrupted by a single beep from the console. The text on the screen has changed to: “SYSTEM READY”
Another beep.

CXEMA (Part 1.)
  Hey there guys. After a looong hiatus I am back with my very first own scary story. Hopefully you will like it. It will be a three part story. The rest will be submitted soon and since I have no clue how to submit it with illustrations I will just add them as single Works. Hopefully you will enjoy it. I will be also submitting a journal entry explaining my absence and this story further. I thank all who had patience with me for these past few months and still check my gallery. Thank you for being here. I also had made a wordpress account, where the story will also be published. If you would like to check it out the link is here:
Enjoy guys and as allways every feedback is greatly appreciated.
Holy crap guys there is 100 of you watching me?!!!
Thank you very much kids and I am sorry for the lack of new Works but I have been working on a big, time consuming projects lately. But I should have something sone soon ;) Take care

So guys, another journal so soon, I know. But I have promised some shout outs and some shout outs shall be delivered. But first of all. I wish a happy new year to all my dear watchers, readers, viewers, friends. Yep, it is already here. Wow, it seemed to go by really fast, did anyone else had that feeling? I feel like just yesterday I was going to my cabin in the woods to spend another new year party after which I had to go to work, hung-over, tired and just all and all frustrated but thankfully I was working with amazing, crazy, fun bunch of people. One of them being an absolute goofball of a girl with short hair and big eyes, filled with fun, weirdness and awesomeness. And now, almost a year later, we are together and she is my world, my happiness and my love. Besides that I have managed to overcomplicate and then resolve and then again overcomplicate my life to a ridiculous degree, this is not even funny anymore, but it is not surprising if you know me :D
But enough personal nonsense that I know none of you want to read and we shall get to the shout outs for the amazing artists that I want to recommend to you. Some of them I know, with some of them I talk some of them just watch me, or I watch them and such. But all of them bring an amazing contribution to this site and I personally love their work ;)

so without further staling.

This girl has an amazing imagination for all sorts of creepy, surreal and wonderfully disturbing art. I love her use of pencils and inks, the color combinations and black tears. If you like creepy art, you should definitely go check her out.

Great ink drawings, with wonderful shading, play with light, shapes and all sorts of details that make his art truly unique and interesting to look at. He creates one of those contrasting pictures that make your head play catch with your imagination.

Digital portrait artist, just the type of digital art, that is quick but slick and pleasing the look at ;) I might even be a bit jealous since my digital art skills are very veeery poor :D Anyway, she makes some wonderfull works.

Ah Ami, a young aspiring Slovak (Yeah I know I am a bit biased :D) artist and writer. Huge fan of FNAF and creepypasta, translator and overall a great girl that bit by bit is getting better at her craft and has good spirit and joy to spare. Keep it up kiddo; I will always be your fan ;)…

Faith, the first person that I have made a commission for ;) She is more of a writer than an artist but she plays wonderfully with stories and concepts with topics from creepypasta to just simple life stories. She has been sadly silent for a long time, but I keep my hopes up that I will able to read all her stories finished.


I can’t do proper justice for Arielle and her art with mere words. She is such a strong in tuned with her imagination, spirit of life in the world and fantasy above all. She creates worlds, characters, stories and lives that feel very much alive to a viewer with heart and eye in the right place. She is one of the first people that I had talked to her, she is one of my greatest supporters, she inspired me to write, and to create so so many wonderful pieces. I miss our long talks that we used to have, sharing so much and helping each other. Always a pleasure to hear from you Arielle, I hope you are doing ok and that smile does not leave your face. Go check her out and immerse yourselves in her world of fantasy.

Stiak, that is how I come to know her, even though t first she was just a Little Bad Princess, a princess of creepypasta, great writer, artist, dreamer and a girl who has walked a thousand mile journey since I have come to know her. She has opened my eyes to a much bigger world and for that I am always grateful to her. She is a talented person that always works on improving her works and it really shows. I can’t wait to see where she will go next with her art and stories of various types and topics. ;)  Mostly creepypasta but also a thousand more fandoms and various fantasy and adventurous works.

Tami, presented with her amazing, surreal, all American art. So many beautiful pieces made out of literally everything and anything that you can think of. Drawings, paintings, collages, sculptures, helmets, skulls, skulls, SKUUUUULLS…and more. I can’t really describe it, you just have to see it. It is every weirdo’s, artistic dream ;)

Once again an artist who paints and draws creepy, out worldly, dreamy and serene pictures, full of spirit, beautifully made and always something new to look for.  Plus she makes ton of animal pictures and amazing landscapes, what more could you wish for. Go check her out ;)

I can’t really explain it with words, but once again, just my cup of tea, black and white, strong contrasts. Old school comic book style but with true and original sci-fi nature. Sadly I did not have enough time to follow this artist more closely but he definitely deserves more recognition ;)

Once again we have an artist here, who is not the best, most Professional artist with tons of Works of the highest quality, but she is speaking to me through her art on an existential level. I love how she creates whatever she wants, mixes different styles and ideas, i tis vivid and full of potential, and just like me, she seems to dedicate as much time as possible to her art, even though that time is scarce.

A German illustrator who truly captures the fantasy, mood and awe of fairy tales and fantasy stories. Her art is fluid, pleasing to the eyes, tingling in the heart and let’s your imagination run wild. Once again, the words just can’t really express it, you just have to go check it out for yourself ;)

Ahh Clocky, my first real stalker. How can you not love this girl and her devotion and true amazement at so many various fandoms and things. Even though she might not have the most professional and crisp technique I love all her works just for the sheer amount of heart she puts into them. I am a bit sad, that I have not heard from her in a while, but I hope she is doing fine and enjoying all her various fandoms.

Now this is an artist with a varied taste ;) And also a big range of works, mostly done amazingly in watercolors. Her Red and Green comic will surely intrigue you with the huge complex world it is set in and also its story, there are also plenty other various comics she does, nice little macabre medieval torture pictures, pictures of cute animals, different one shot works, oh and she is also a huge fan of cryptids, more specifically the Mothman so if you also like these, go check her out and throw some pictures and favs her way ;)…

 Hmm, this is so hard to explain but basically if you love intricate, complex, deep and beautifully drawn pencil art, this guy, is your man. He puts an insane amount of work and time into his art, and that is coming from a detail freak like myself, so you know it must be serious :D

Another amazing artist that has seemed to have left Deviantart but as far as I know he is still adding and selling his work through FB. He creates all forms of fan art work raging from movies, books, comic , series, etc.. All done in his own very specific line pen drawings with line shading and added contrasting colors. If you ever wanted a cool piece of fan art from your favorite whatever on your wall, check him out, he might have just what you are looking for. Plus your package will arrive with a personalized drawing on it ;)…

What can I say about Jackie? This girl is amazing!! Through so many hardships she had managed to work on her talent in art and especially writing. She wrote many wonderful creepy stories and as far as I know, one of them is getting published. She has a nose for the fascinating dark depths of our reality and human mind that she approaches with the mind of a true researcher. Plus she is a wonderful and compassionate, fun human being that I had the pleasure to meet in real life. I am looking forward to maybe meeting you again Jackie. Take care. Go take a look at her works. (She has moved to a new account here:…)

Once again a talented artist with her pen and illustrations. You can probably see, where my personal taste is with people I watch on DA ;) She also does cute little crafts, necklaces and such and a very important thing, she is a fellow SCP and creepypasta fan ;) Which on its own earns her, plus five points in my book :D

Hmm, how to really summarize this person and his work? Well it is just the type of black and white pen shading, very contrasted, that I like to see and…Hmm, Have you ever heard that saying that if you look into the abyss long enough the abyss will look back at you? Yeah, in a very good way, this is his art.


His surreal works will surely intrigue you, either the colorful fast shaded, broad brush works or his more detailed pencil works. I honestly have not had enough time to fully analyze and delve into this artist’s work but it captivated me on a first viewing and I honestly think that more people should see his works.

I am going to sound like an absolute jerk again, but I am so incredibly jealous of how she paints. Her watercolors and more importantly oil paintings are simply stellar, with more melancholic themes yet full of emotions perfectly conveyed on canvas. Every work of hers is a true masterpiece which would be fitting for any art gallery.

My crazy steampunk watcher and art pal as well. Besides also being a fan of strange and macabre, which he depicts brilliantly with an amount of personal touch and originality that truly follows all of his work, he also is a student like myself and like myself he is in the over 500 club here on DA :D :D If you like subtle political and social satire wrapped in awesome creepy and weird art and stories, Holder here is your guy ;)…

Holy crap, now this is a deviant with a lot of potential. So, so many great ideas, wonderful expressive drawings, simple but grim, deep, teeming with personality and untold back stories. And he should definitely get more recognition, and more feedback just so his skill can flourish and improve, I know it because I was like that and still am, looking for more critique and feedback to better myself and expand beyond my own boundaries.

By now you are probably realizing that I am a huge horror fan, which goes again for the works and artists I like and watch. And here we have another great horror artist that understands the way scary pictures should be made, how to add tension into it and form true dread with just paint and brush. She has not been active for a while, but I hope she will come back with more amazing works.

It is creepy, dreadfull, lovecraftian, nostalgic, bulbous, bloody, depraved, strange, intriguing and beyond wonderfully twilight zone like…plus a bit apocalyptic and desolate. Just a perfect amalgamation of everything. If I have peaked your interested, go see his gallery.


Once again an artist that has not been active for a while, but I do miss her drawings, maybe not perfect but still I like her own specific style with huge eyes yet still improving on her work ;) Also she is a much better writer with her own creepypastas being one of the most interesting for me. She can just write a pretty good compeling creepy story ;) She is also a cosplayer and another person I have met in real life and she is an awesome girl.

Damn it, I hate sounding so jealous, but this girl has just the perfect skill with her pen, paint and pencils. Her lines, colors and shading is so crisp, clean and so well done that you just can’t wait to see more ;)

Soo so so surreal, so interesting, so twitchy and bizarre….and also Canadian ;) No way to explain it more, go see him ;)

Amazing writer, storyteller and also a skilled comic book artist, even though his drawing style might not be so traditional or crazy detailed, it conveys every scene perfectly, captivates the reader and gives just what works for the story that he is trying to convey. ;)

Watercolor artist, who shows me, just how much I still have to work on my watercolor skills ;) :D I love her comic fan paintings, with ton of Joker and Harley Quinn, (Always nice) and ton of other works, including photography, drawings, paintings, short comic pages and more.

Talented traditional and digital artist, with amazing pen and watercolor skills. Creative fantastic pictures, filled with honestly magic coming at you from the picture. Although she also paints a lot of animals and people, too many great pictures to cover here, so take my words for it.

Crazy teen, gamer, metalhead girl with lot of imagination and a talent to turn it into reality. She has soo so so many characters that are opening a much larger world for a viewer with interesting back stories, attributes and idiosyncrasies.She is another one of those artist I have great respect for working on themselves because they remind of myself years ago. Ah the good times. I have only my great respect for her as an artist and a person and I hope she will have more and more works in the future.

Russian artist who creates one of the most intricate and detailed landscapes, architecture, creepy, interesting, surreal pictures with pen, carbon and pencil. You can actually see the unbelievable amount of work and time, that he puts into his art.


An artist with maybe not many works shown in her gallery but that just means that she puts that much more time into each and every one and it shows. Traditional artist with varied taste, mostly black and white or other colorless pictures, she really deserves more people to see her art.

One of my most favorite artists here, with his digital art skills being unbelievable. His works are varied but he mostly dabbles in sci-fi scenery, weapons, people and such. And yes I know, he is also Slovak like myself and blab la, Al you are being a biased asshole, well screw you, I can like whoever I like. Plus he always puts some innuendo jokes in comments on my works and I just love innuendos. :D :D

Pardon my French but this is one fucking awesome gallery, not to mentions various techniques, all being very professional her works range from comic, strips, post apocalyptic, fantasy, cryptids, dream work and hundreds more. It is just amazing, you should give it a look ;)

I know I know, I put here most artist that do something connected to superheroes, horror, sci-fi and fantasy, what can I say, I am a nerd :D And she is no different and also a skilled artist with pencil, pen and watercolors that deserves few views and a bit of love ;)

Such a caring compassionate person. Always looking out for her friends on DA, showing them warmth of her good heart. Writing stories, creating wonderful pictures and always having a nice word to say or a lengthy comment to give. J

Another talented girl, this time in the department of mostly MLP which is also one of the things I love, with her ponies being so detailed, colorfull and creative that you just want to have them all. But besides that she is also a skilled artist and a cool gal ;)

A professional comic book artist working with traditional style works as well as manga, which she self-taught herself?!! That is amazing, plus I am again a bit jealous because although I can draw Manga style, it always SUUUCKS!! But to go back to her, you should most definitely check her out and her works, if you like Manga, Anime, Steampunk, sort of a Wild West sci-fi, good stories and visual delights.

Oh my gods, what can I say, she creates traditional art with just the amount of dark contrast I love, she does amazing digital art, tons of things connected to music. She also has wonderfull cosplays, pictures, various works of art and why are you, yes you reading this, still here and not in her gallery? :D

Maybe not the best or most active, or most original artist here. Just a simple girl, with time to spend drawing but she does, and for some reason her pictures resonate with me. I can’t really tell why, or how I just know that they do so I am going to follow will of the force and keep watching her, maybe you can give it a try and see if she and her work resonates with you as well ;)

Ah Aussie, with her amazing talent, look on the world through her eyes and fantasy. With so much potential, so much fun and such coolness ;) :D No, I honestly can’t do justice with few lame words to her how much I care for her and how grateful I am for her as a friend to me. I hope more people will get the pleasure of her company and visual pleasure from her art.

One of my first watchers and people I like to call friends on this site. An aspiring manga and comic book artist, she has given me so much great feedback and I respect her works for how honest they are and how you can see her progress which shows through hard work she puts into bettering herself. A true artist indeed.

( Jesus Christ, this is one fucking long journal, kudos to all who got to the end :D )

If I have forgotten anyone I am very sorry and please let me know, this should be all the artists that I watch or watch me that I feel like deserve much more attention, even though not that many people watch me so this will most probably be pointless but I still wanted to do these shout outs so sue me (please don’t sue me, I have a cat and aquarium full of goldfish, who will take care of them if I am sued? !! :D :D )

So, thanks guys for another wonderful year, I am looking forward to see all the works from you that I will manage to make time for, and even though I sometimes don’t have time to fav or comment, I do still watch each and every one of you ;)

Take care



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