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With Love

Dedicated to my boyfriend <3
he gave me a bunch of roses for my birthday, this is one :love:
(Te aseguro que ninguna de las rosas sufrio daños y perjuicios, el tallo sigue intacto :P)

Oh, hello everybody @u@

Thank you for the support!

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Oct 29, 2009, 1:13:01 PM
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I'd like to say that I instantly favorited this. The fact that red roses mean love and your boyfriend gave you this one combined with the music note background to me has a meaning. Love is like music. Beauty is like music. That's a powerful statement.

That being said, I also really adore the contrast. It's very striking and very beautiful. And I also really like the way the music notes go in in a circular pattern around the rose, it makes it more natural and aesthetically please, in my opinion. The crumpled bottom of the paper is also aesthetically pleasing. It almost makes the paper seem like a funnel that the rose is at the bottom of. I don't know, I like it, though.

One nitpick is that the violent contrast, while beautiful, also makes it seem like the rose was photoshopped on or something. It doesn't blend with the background at all, it just sort of sits on top. I think I'd like it a lot more if, there was more shadow towards the bottom, like on the left side. It just seems to blend better. It's mostly the bottom, I guess. Either way, it's still a wonderful photo.

You definately deserved the front page.
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This is a beautiful peace of art. i like how the music notes blend into the rose like it was all one peice. You photograghed it nicely with the light hiting the picture just right. It gives of an illusion that it will go on forever. You did very well on incorperating music and the rose together for your boyfriend it is very well done and i hope you do more like this. HAPPY BIRTHDAY BTW hope its a great one. The red of the rose is in great contrast to the white and black of the music sheet. Noone will ever know what music lies beyond the crumpled sheet of paper
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Sweet critique. Thank you soooo much! :tighthug:
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:star::star::star::star-half::star-empty: Overall
:star::star::star::star::star-empty: Vision
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What is great about this photograph is the contrast of the red on the black and white background. The way the paper is folded around the flower accents the edges of the rose. the way the paper crumbles at the end is neat for the fact you can interpret in more than one way. The paper is perfect up top but slowly crumbles could mean so many things two one person. It also is at the bottom of the rose in stead of thorns on the steam it is the crumbled paper. Also the unseen story that is beneath the notes on the paper with make the viewer wonder about the tone of the image. Over all i think this is a wonderful image. defiantly deserves the front page XD
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wow , indeed,:shocked:

we should celebrate for this awesome photo  :party: 

i’m happy i BUMPED into this :squee:

I can’t even :+devwatch: 
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love, passion, harmony ... Three in one! This suggests a rose. PECIFIC When its red!!!!!:love:
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What instrument does that sheet music go to?
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probably violin, and it looks like a piece by Biber, maybe Pascalagia 
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Gorgeous! Simplicity, beauty, music & roses, pure yet riveting ... This is one you always remember.
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May I paint this? c:

I am in love with this image~
Are you addicted to food?
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Ive decided no more diets! Try this
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This is amazing! I absolutely love this pic. :D
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This is extremely beautiful. <3
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man, i love this!!!!
What song is the sheet music?
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