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Uno de estos animales no es como los otros, es diferente de todos los demas(8)
Si adivinas cual es diferente de los otros(8)
un premio te llevaraaas(8)

Poor egg :'(

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Well said! After all, we all look the same in the frying pan. :D
the funny thing is that most people don't realize the the brown egg could be racist too..... >_>
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I feel like this picture perfectly fits this demotivational poster- [link]
Also: don't you want things like this to happen more often? [link]
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One of the links no longer exists. Sorry dude:(
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whats up with the top left corner one
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What I like about this is that you can have a different view on the meaning of the photo. This is my can look at this and think the brown egg is the victim of racism. But what is this based on...the fact that one egg is a different color to all the others and the others have aggressive emotions?

Maybe the brown egg was just racist by saying all white eggs are stupid... maybe it said The Twilight movie series deserves an Oscar. Not all the eggs seem to be directing their expressions towards the brown egg. So a couple could be being racist while others are not. Although this is titled racism I think it best demonstrates the political correctness involved with this subject matter in modern day society. Why does the egg that is the victim have to be brown? Why can it not be the other way round. All the white eggs be brown and the brown egg white? I think a lot of people fail to see or realize that racism is not a one way street.
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WELL SAlD! It's about time someone sees the facts and be a Voice Of Reason! Couldnt agree more! If everyone, everybody thought just like you, the world would easily be a better place.:D
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[link] Aww.. I feel bad for the egg, awesome job though!
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Anti-racist is code word for anti-white.
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No. Anti-racist means anti racial judgment, you black racist bastard.
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Sad but cute. :') It's funny 2 cuz brown eggs are actually healthier 4 u than white eggs XD I'm white and not racist but go lil' brown agg! XD
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very cleaver!!!!!!
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I see you support the cause, please join the group :)
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If I cooked all them racist eggs.
They'd taste bitter.
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