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*Soy tan maligno(a)!
Tú me ablandas <3


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I had reached the end of the line I took my chances with this now I make all the calls just picture the possibilities
Own Your Own Business
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That's me to my crush roughly I only see him one time a week :-(
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this is so perfect! this totally describes me and my bf. do u mind if i use this on his bday card? keep up the awesome :)
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:33< story of my lif3~
gr3qat job!! now i gotta go show this to mah boyfurrri3d eWe
k33p up th3 FABULOUS work!! ;P
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could i make this my background?
this is cute and true to life. yay! :D
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I just fell in love :iconblushplz:
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I swear, i could imagine one of my characters saying this! :heart: this !
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Son of bitch, I know this feeling all to well.
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too perfect. I love everything you do!
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this is what i need to say to my friends
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You've been featured! [link] :hug:
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