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New Project

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My new project "The Clicker", dedicated to the theme of Alan Wake - the wonderful game from Remedy.

«His name is Alan Wake and he's a writer. A young, promising, prosperous. Every night, Alan sees a strange dreams, sometimes nightmares, which are then embodied in a paper in the form of new stories. His Muse - his wife, Alice. Once upon a time writer has finished another series of thrillers, and, as often happens with creative people, writer fall into melancholy.
To be inspired and to unwind, Alice and Alan went a vacation in a small city Bright Falls near Cauldron Lake . Their arrival becomes for a succession of mysterious events.
Alice mysteriously disappears, and Alan comes to life only after seven days in the car, hanging on the edge of a precipice. Wake surprised to learn that during this time he wrote his best novel. The story is coming true, Wake must survive surrounded by nightmares and save his Alice.»

The game includes 6 complete episodes and two additions - "Signal" and "Writer"
Not being able to play (the game exists only in the console X-box), I was inspired gameplay and the beginning of a comic story which, in general, has no relation to the overall story line and it is my imagination, but it demonstrates an original work, in which there is a new character, as well as returning some of the old ones.
I must say, comics will be especially interesting, and most importantly, understandable for fans of the game, but whenever possible I try to create something abstract to people who have never heard about A.Wake, also enjoyed the view.
So enjoy. Episode One, "The Clicker", first three pages.
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