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Aisling attack

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I love this movie! I saw it and made whole family watch, she's such a great character
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Wow. I love how expressive you've made the background. It really draws out the obvious upset she feels as she prepares to spring forward.
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she's gonna eat choo...
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I knew! She's Ban Sidhe.
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Hee-hee, actually Aisling is an "aes sidhe", a nature spirit that can be beautiful or hideous in appearance. They can be fiercely protective of their home turf, as Aisling and her wolves are when Brendan and Pangur Ban first enter the forest.

This Wikipedia entry explains more:[link]
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Thank you. But I does not need Wikipedia, I read "The Banshee" by Patricia Lysaght.
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Oh I didn't know. You're welcome! :D
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Her face HER FACE and everything else, I love about this.
But did I mention the face?
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Very expressive in not just the face, but the pose, atmosphere and hair movement. Love what you did with the background.
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wow Aisling you so pissoff today okok i never go your Forest at i just runaway back next time calm ihope. fantistic artwork done very good angry Aisling
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