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manu font

By alenq
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manu font

my first font - i always wanted to do fonts, and i have some few ideas in my mind... so there'll probably be more to come.

any help and suggestions would be very appriciated.
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Love it! But... it just needs a BOLD ILATIC UNDERLINE
and SEMIBOLD! I can barely see my text.
very nice. It's not groundbreaking, but excellent, especially for a first effort.
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Great font! I hope, I can use it for my works? ^_^
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Great Font! Very awesome
silvaberry's avatar
Stylish. love it! hope I can get it to work *~*
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chiccaherbana's avatar
very beautiful font!!
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manu is my name. AWESOME font.
Looks like with an idea behind, a good one
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I like this font, will try and give you any suggestions after i get a chance to test it out.
If you like designing fonts this is a good start, I'm always surprised my the talent on DA, as a designer . Many times is cant find what i want on font sites so i turn to DA.
Keep this modern contemporary fonts coming
AngelicCupcake's avatar
Love it! Thanks for sharing!
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Really awesome font, love it!
Do you mind if i use it for commercial purposes? (:

I used this font for a T-Shirt design for a club I'm in :D Thanks so much it's awesome :)
thanks it
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thanks for sharing, minimalis font .... great work!
doodle-moose's avatar
Awesome font!!!!!
i've just sent you a message about permissions to use on my website.
i so wish i had that graphic design mind ^___^
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this is beautiful...
hooo perfect 4 me
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Nice font, really clean and minimalistic.
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That's cool! Nice job! ;)
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Awesome font man. I have just recently found this and use it on my pictures. People are always asking me where I got it from!
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