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Published: July 26, 2018
Unbalanced Kidnapping by Alenonimo Shinamic Duo by Alenonimo Lilim and Imp by Alenonimo Lilian at the Beach by Alenonimo Lillian's Pillow Fight by Alenonimo

I'm thinking of revisiting their backstories, both to help some people who want to create images of them and to make it easier for me to make cool stories about them. But I do want some input from my friends in the community so please feel free to comment and suggest on it.

Idea: Mistress and Servant


Secret identity: Lillian Pennywise
Age: 20 years old
Personality Traits: Energetic, Extrovert, Curious, Funny, Impulsive, Disinhibited, Prankster
Into: Domination, Bondage, Body Control, Tickling, Pranks, Girls, Bunny Girls, Pony Girls, School Girls, Latex Fashion, Jesters
Powers: Rubbermancy, Pocket Dimension, Teleport, Invisibility, Money Toss, ADHD

Lillian Pennywise was born in a very rich and traditional family of bankers, she has access to everything that she could ever want… in theory. In practice, she's forced to keep a good image for her family.

Out of boredom, she decided to become a villainess, adopting the guise of Lilim, the jester devil. She commits a lot of annoying little crimes, like breaking into places and pulling pranks.

One time she got access to some unknown alien technology that gave her magic-like powers and allows her to crank her pranks to 11.


Secret identity: Impi Maida
Age: 19 years old
Personality Traits: Calm, Low Self-Esteem, Introvert, Greedy, Composed, Explosive Anger, Low Stature
Into: Submission, Bondage, Mind Control, Torture Devices, Living Furniture, Gas Masks, Voyeurism, Girls, French Maids, My Little Pony, Lilim
Powers: None, Only have powers if Lilim gives her

Daughter of one of the maids living in the Pennywise mansion, she had an strange unofficial and probably illegal arrangement to work as a personal servant for Lillian ever since they both were little. Despite the arrangement, they actually were more like friends and would just spend their time playing and having fun when not in front of the adults. While a victim of Lillian's pranks herself quite often, she would usually help her mistress into making elaborated pranks with other people.

When Lillian decided to become a villainess, she decided to be her sidekick to help her stay out of trouble, since she's basically the only person in the world Lillian would ever listen to.

After Lilim gets upgraded with the alien mcguffin, Imp is often forced to wear her uniform and aid her in her evil endeavors.

The Pennyhouse

They're at the same college and cursing the same classes and living in a nearby mansion. The mansion looks a bit creepy because the only people living there is Lillian and Impi, therefore it's quite negleted. It's very spacious and has a dungeon hidden in the basement.

Used mostly between when Lillian decided to became a villainess and the alien mcguffin event, since she can create pocket dimensions to have unescapable dungeons by then.


After finding the alien mcguffing that gives her a bunch of weird powers, Lilim decided to make an evil corporation called LilimWare to both produce weird magical products and house a bunch of the slave girls they captured. Most of the products uses shiny synthetic alien symbiotes for long term enslavement.


If I make this idea cannon, there will be more images of Lillian and Impi with Impi dressed as a french maid and possible in bondage

I also plan to change two of the biggest grievances people have with them. Like, drawing them without the costume or put Lilim in bondage. That would be allowed and stuff. It's more important to me now that people feel more comfortable making art with the characters, so have fun!
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EldLynch-TristanHobbyist Writer
I had always assumed Lilim and Imp vere literal devils or something.
But learning that they are human and they do have a backstory, just makes them twice as interesting and cool as they already were. XD
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So, are her slave girls her prisoners, or are they willing?
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I like the changes to Lilim's character. Allowing her to be depicted in bondage and not being stuck in the suit 24/7 makes her seem like less of a "creator's pet" type character, and more like a three-dimensional fleshed out toon loon. Also her being Impi's mistress ever since they were kids is naughty, I like it.

That said, I'll miss the implication that she's completely nude beneath the bodysuit. ;) With this new backstory, she'll probably transform while being a clothed Lillian, most of the time.

Isn't the Pennywise surname risky if you want to sell stuff with her in it, in the future?

Also, this effectively completely retcons everything depicted in the 2 Lilim comic issues you did 2 years ago, yes? I know you only officially finished and published issue number 1, but it's still a bit sad to have all of the work that went into that go to waste.

Not to be even more of a nitpicky douche, but it's canon*, not "cannon". A cannon is a weapon.

Sorry for my late reply by the way, I was away on vacation. The place I was at had Internet access, but it was hard to find time to browse DA. :) Now I have 48 notifications to go through in my message box, so my comments on your newest work will be a bit late. ;)
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AlenonimoHobbyist Digital Artist
I was considering changing her family name to something more unique, like "Tonpenny" or something. I'm looking for a fancy rich-sounding name though.

And if the previous work is scrapped, so be it. I'll just do it again until it sounds better. With the new backstories, it should be much easier now.
sunshineandlolipops's avatar
I see. Maybe "O'cashnpenny" or "Cashpennington" could work?

Very well. If you're cool with it, I respect that.
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AlenonimoHobbyist Digital Artist
What about "Pennyworth"?
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Same problem as with Pennywise, potential copyright issues. Pennyworth is the surname of Batman's butler Alfred.
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AlenonimoHobbyist Digital Artist
What about "Pierrot"? Or "Dellart"? Or "Arlekin"? Or "Auguste"?

She'll become an harlequin or sorts. Makes sense to use related terms, right?
sunshineandlolipops's avatar
It does make sense, yes. And while I'm unsure about "Pierrot", since there's a Cowboy Bebop episode featuring a character with such a codename, the other 3 you suggest seem safe to use and 100% fine. Personally, I like "Dellart" the most.
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AlenonimoHobbyist Digital Artist
Doesn't sounds fancy enough. You know what? It's Pennywise and that's that.
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AlenonimoHobbyist Digital Artist
Dang it.
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I really do like this concept. It's pretty neat!

I liked the old version but this is also very great X3 Imp is pretty wonderful too!
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author92Hobbyist Digital Artist
I like the idea, it gives you leeway for both mundane and out-there scenario's. I'd would be kind of cool to see you juxtapose her 'normal' life and her super villain life. I can picture it now "Sleeping through class by day, nabbing girls by night, the rubberized jester of your discontent: LILIAM!"
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the awful artist... approves
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ChaoticTempleKnightHobbyist General Artist
You know, I like the alien technology angle a lot. It feels more realistic (keeping in mind that "realistic" is just a preference thing. Any story, concept, or character can be "realistic"). Rubbermancy sounds interesting and I have a basic idea of what you are going for. I was going to make a comment about Impi, but I just needed a second to mull it over in my mind.

I've been on a Alien rubber technology kick as of late, so this potential character update sits very with me. Also this makes this drawing of Lilim I've been sitting on more feasible. On a side note, it's nothing too special. It's just a casual scenario that popped into my head and I started working on it.

On a somewhat unrelated sidenote, I am planning on bringing back one of my old characters who also happens to do stuff with rubber-based/related technology. The freaking timing I tells ya.
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Rather than "realistic" I'd use the words engaging, engrossing, or convincing. The word "realistic" shouldn't really be used for stories or characters involving magic or alien technology. Realistic as a word often gets misused nowadays. Realism is the depiction of something that is likely to happen or plausible in real life.
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ChaoticTempleKnightHobbyist General Artist
A bit of caution: I did get typing a little, so I apologize in advance for the length.

You can use "realistic" for stories and fiction. The definition of realistic is 1. Interested in, concerned with, or based on what is real or pratical. 2. Pertaining to, characterized by or given to the representation in literature or art of things as they really are. 3. Resembling or simulating real life. There are "realistic" stories and stories with "realistic" concepts. Really we can use any of the words here to describe something as long as it fits the definition of the word being used. A ficitional story about a man fixing railroad tracks is a realistic story. A fictional story about a wizard fixing railroad tracks and fighting dragons usually falls under unrealistic by society's standards.

And really any concept in story telling is plausible, it's just that authors and writers don't often go into the mechanics of how something works. Magic can easily be the transmutation of matter (yes, I am aware that can also be alchemey). Nanobots are just super advanced machines. Artificially intelligent robots are AI programs that have had enough time to advance their code. Dragons are potentially gigantic alien lizards who live on planets that require them to be the way they are and come to our planet for whatever reason. Alien technology is just technology created by a civilization on another earth-like planet (of to which planets in about our position in their respective solar systems have been found).

When I said Al's alien technology deal was realistic, I said that because it feels more realistic than something like magic and demon powers. I enjoy it when a story feels more feasible. It also feels convincing and is more interesting in this instance. I realize this is subjectifying things a bit, but that is okay. Words we often use to describe stories are very flexible.

And not trying to be rude or anything, but I recomend taking a step back and asking yourself if "realistic" is really oversued. I have seen words used time and time again (like aesthetic for example), but I am not going to say it is overused when looking at the big picture. And usually the word is being used correctly, it just doesn't have proper context or explanations to back it up.
sunshineandlolipops's avatar
I know all of the three definitions you cite and they're obviously correct. My point is that none of those definitions apply to alien technology as depicted in Lilim's world. Alenonimo uses alien technology just like he used magic previously as simple plot devices to depict kinky and comedic prank scenes. He doesn't go into enough detail with any of these concepts to make them seem scientifically plausible in real life, nor should he, because the focus is on titilating comedy. If you try to stay objective none of the 3 correct definitions of realism you cite, even remotely apply to Alenonimo's works, and that's fine because I don't check out Alenonimo's stuff to get my fix of realism.

No, not every concept can be plausible. A talking flying horse controlling the Sun's movement will never be plausible no matter how much detail you put into explaining it. Go to any NASA scientist and they'll tell you that even highly advanced alien technology, should it exist, will have certain limitations because there are certain scientific rules that just can't be broken. Yes, sci-fi novels can be realistic, I come from the same country as the great Stanisław Lem, so I should know they can be. That said, my problem is that you seem to imply that as long as there's a detailed explanation anything can be considered realistic, even if the concept it depicts is at its core unrealistic. If so, I disagree. A fictional depiction of Nanotechnology is only realistic if it sticks to the law of conservation of mass. An alien civilization is not realistic if it has ships travelling faster than light, terraforming Mars isn't realistic if it happens within just a few decades etc. Halfassing some explanation that doesn't stick to scientific principles doesn't make it realistic. Implying any concept can be realistic insults the type of writer who goes and does research to actually try and keep things realistic.

See I can totally agree that alien technology is definitely more feasible than demonic powers. No issues here. But then you wrote "I realize this is subjectifying things a bit, but that is okay". I don't know if you're an American, but that's such an American line to type. We need some degree of objective criteria to agree upon when it comes to words. Otherwise everyone will just make up their own subjective definition as they go along. We already have insane nonsense like people calling creationism a "scientific theory", we don't need more of that.

You may not try to be rude, but as a 32 year old Eastern European with a bachelor's degree in linguistics, who speaks four languages fluently (including the, to me foreign, English)  I can't help but feel insulted when a 23 year old (likely monolingual) guy patronizingly tells me to "take a step back" and to reflect upon the true meaning of a word, while mistyping two words in the same sentence (yes, we all make typos, but at least don't do them while you try to preach to me). It's not even funny. Yes, the word "realistic" gets overused and misused. I've seen people write stuff like "TDK is the most realistic film ever, more realistic than The Godfather" which is a line so insane that I cringe while typing it.
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RopeandfeetHobbyist General Artist
A pleasure make another lilimware theme  drawings :)  Adagio Dazzle EqG (laugh) plz 
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Agonyblade11Student Writer
You think the way they got those suits, it would have to deal with some kind of spell.
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LimpurtiklesHobbyist Traditional Artist
This was an interesting read. If I remember correctly, the old backstory was that she was cursed with that bodysuit or something, correct?
Whatever the case, I kinda dig the new backstories. Makes them both a bit more relatable, so to speak.

Although if you ask me, personally, I think you should keep the "No bondage for Lilim"-rule. I kinda like that little quirk. Maybe when she's "Lillian", but not when she's "Lilim" (if that makes sense).
Then again she's your character, you do whatever you feel is right and I'll support it ;)
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AlenonimoHobbyist Digital Artist
I don't plan to draw her in bondage, but I won't get mad if other people do. It's meant more like that.

I like when people draw Lilim, so if they only would draw her in bondage, so be it. =|
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JosephineLithiusHobbyist Writer
I'm always interested in learning more about your precocious prankster, so this journal entry was just what I was hoping for!  I'm interested in learning about Impi, as well!  I really like the ideas and everything sounds super-plausible!  Plus, we've already seen Lil in "normal" clothes (she looks so cute 'n lovely!), so it's not a stretch, at all!  Plus, the drawing ideas sound like a lot of fun, too! (I'm always down for cute, semi-naughty stuff you draw!  :heart:)

Thank you, for sharing this!  Looking forward to the future!
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so Lilim's rubber jester costume is no longer a part of her?
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