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Okay, commissions and trades are closed as of right... now! Anyone who didn't sent a commission request to the moment of this journal will have to wait for a bit while I put everything over here in order.

Right now I have a few commissions, art trades and gift arts to make. Once I finish those, I'm gonna work on a nice image pack to sell, since I need some money to fix a broken teeth — don't worry, I broke it last year, just wanted to really get it fixed.

And when I'm back, there will be a price update. Sorry! =P
Unbalanced Kidnapping by Alenonimo Shinamic Duo by Alenonimo Lilim and Imp by Alenonimo Lilian at the Beach by Alenonimo Lillian's Pillow Fight by Alenonimo

I'm thinking of revisiting their backstories, both to help some people who want to create images of them and to make it easier for me to make cool stories about them. But I do want some input from my friends in the community so please feel free to comment and suggest on it.

Idea: Mistress and Servant


Secret identity: Lillian Pennywise
Age: 20 years old
Personality Traits: Energetic, Extrovert, Curious, Funny, Impulsive, Disinhibited, Prankster
Into: Domination, Bondage, Body Control, Tickling, Pranks, Girls, Bunny Girls, Pony Girls, School Girls, Latex Fashion, Jesters
Powers: Rubbermancy, Pocket Dimension, Teleport, Invisibility, Money Toss, ADHD

Lillian Pennywise was born in a very rich and traditional family of bankers, she has access to everything that she could ever want… in theory. In practice, she's forced to keep a good image for her family.

Out of boredom, she decided to become a villainess, adopting the guise of Lilim, the jester devil. She commits a lot of annoying little crimes, like breaking into places and pulling pranks.

One time she got access to some unknown alien technology that gave her magic-like powers and allows her to crank her pranks to 11.


Secret identity: Impi Maida
Age: 19 years old
Personality Traits: Calm, Low Self-Esteem, Introvert, Greedy, Composed, Explosive Anger, Low Stature
Into: Submission, Bondage, Mind Control, Torture Devices, Living Furniture, Gas Masks, Voyeurism, Girls, French Maids, My Little Pony, Lilim
Powers: None, Only have powers if Lilim gives her

Daughter of one of the maids living in the Pennywise mansion, she had an strange unofficial and probably illegal arrangement to work as a personal servant for Lillian ever since they both were little. Despite the arrangement, they actually were more like friends and would just spend their time playing and having fun when not in front of the adults. While a victim of Lillian's pranks herself quite often, she would usually help her mistress into making elaborated pranks with other people.

When Lillian decided to become a villainess, she decided to be her sidekick to help her stay out of trouble, since she's basically the only person in the world Lillian would ever listen to.

After Lilim gets upgraded with the alien mcguffin, Imp is often forced to wear her uniform and aid her in her evil endeavors.

The Pennyhouse

They're at the same college and cursing the same classes and living in a nearby mansion. The mansion looks a bit creepy because the only people living there is Lillian and Impi, therefore it's quite negleted. It's very spacious and has a dungeon hidden in the basement.

Used mostly between when Lillian decided to became a villainess and the alien mcguffin event, since she can create pocket dimensions to have unescapable dungeons by then.


After finding the alien mcguffing that gives her a bunch of weird powers, Lilim decided to make an evil corporation called LilimWare to both produce weird magical products and house a bunch of the slave girls they captured. Most of the products uses shiny synthetic alien symbiotes for long term enslavement.


If I make this idea cannon, there will be more images of Lillian and Impi with Impi dressed as a french maid and possible in bondage

I also plan to change two of the biggest grievances people have with them. Like, drawing them without the costume or put Lilim in bondage. That would be allowed and stuff. It's more important to me now that people feel more comfortable making art with the characters, so have fun!
Sorry for the delay. It was hard to switch out the Nintendo Switch. Not really my fault that Nintendo made a great Zelda game.

So, I have until the 16th free to fuck around at home. Let me put the Nintendo on the dock for a while and work some commissions.

If you are awaiting a commission, contact me again. The only things I can remember not doing are some of the shrines on BoTW, which is a bad sign.
Are you guys having a great time during these holidays? Me neither! But the food is good and that's what matters for now. :P

By the way, did you know that Christmas is celebrated worldwide for more than 7000 years? You would think it was less but it seems someone got pissed for not getting two presents at the date and took the holiday for himself. Even put his name on it, the bastard. Also messed up our calendar. The pine tree with apples and the flying reindeers should be a giveaway something was not right. But now you know.
It's the LilimWare Staff Meeting Jam! From November 1st to December 31th, you can draw several LilimWare employees and headhunting efforts. Draw your female original characters wearing the uniform or being hired by the great company, feedbacking the current products, pitching new products, meeting the bosses for some mentoring, benchmarking some brainstorm synergy, joint venturing with other super villainesses, etc.

Common example of employees:

Mature Content

LilimWare Slavex Suit by Alenonimo

Mature Content

Slavex Suit Installation by Alenonimo

Mature Content

Power Outlets by Alenonimo

Mature Content

Customer Support by Alenonimo

Mature Content

Slavex Meeting by Alenonimo

Mature Content

Jenny Model Slavex by Alenonimo

A few of the products:

Mature Content

Inconvenient Dresses by Alenonimo

Mature Content

Sketch: LilimWare Symbitex 2 by Alenonimo

Mature Content

Hell Floaters by Alenonimo

Mature Content

LilimWare BubbleJacket by Alenonimo
Nutcase Showcase by Alenonimo

  • LilimWare only contracts female woman of the girl kind.
  • You can draw or you can pay someone to draw for you, but it must be a new work for the purposes of this jam.
  • No limits on how many you can draw. Draw until you hand falls off if you want.
  • The employees suffer all kinds of abuses but the insurance doesn't cover gore and snuff, so avoid drawing these kind of stuff.
You might want to use the LilimWare Logo to perform some branding if you want, but it's not required.

Now let's get to work!
It seems that you guys are in luck. I got some programmed days off during this month… and my computer is fainting everytime it tries to do any kind of heavy processing. Probably overheating but no ammount of cleaning and thermal paste seems to solve it, so I ordered a new processor, which means also a new motherboard, which means also a new pair of memory sticks.

So, commissions are kinda open again, but I still have some of them from before to finish and I'll only be able to focus on them on a couple of days of this month. I'll have some day off right this week, on October 31 to November 5th. And later in the middle of the month, on November 15th to November 20th. It involves mixing a bunch of days off that I have with a bunch of holidays and the extension to them when they fall on a thursday or a wednesday, plus my birthday which gives me another day off.
Simple commission: $16.00
Additional characters: $8.00
New! Comics!
Each panel: $12.00 (for 1 character or complex scene)
Additional characters: $6.00
And since it was suggested, I was thinking about making a new Art Jam. I came up with the LilimWare Staff Meeting Jam, where we can draw several LilimWare employees and headhunting efforts. Draw your female original characters wearing the uniform or being hired by the great company, feedbacking the current products, pitching new products, meeting the bosses for some mentoring, benchmarking some brainstorm synergy, joint venturing with other super villainesses, etc. You might want to use the LilimWare Logo to perform some branding. I'll edit and update a journal with all of the entries and keep a folder with them on Pranks-of-Lilim for keepsake. There's no limit of how much you can send but don't get desperate and send half-assed images, as I'll try to put the better ones on top for more people to see them. There's no prize either though. =P
Sorry guys, I'll have to stop accepting commissions. I have a little bit of time and lots of stuff to do, so I'm a bit unsure if I can continue doing commissions like I'm doing right now. I'm not even sure I'll be able to finish the ones I got to do in time.

I also have to draw stuff for the Halloween I guess. Not sure I'll be able to do that too.

I'll try to do more commissions in the weekend, but for now let's just say the commissions are closed. =/

It was fun though. I would keep doing them for longer if I had the time. :)
I needed to make commissions to cover a hole made by a 10-days unpaid leave. In just 5 days, I've made twice as much as I needed, 4 times as much as I would make in my current job.

Which means two things: I'm terribly underpaid and you guys are awesome. You have no idea how grateful I feel right now. Thank you.

This sunday I won't do any streaming but I still have 4 more days to draw commissions and draw on Picarto, and I hope I can do a lot of commissions for you guys. If not, maybe we can just waste some time drawing sketches, why not?

I also set up a Patreon, but there isn't much to it yet. I'll probably make up something nice to gift the backers from time to time, like short comics. I keep wanting to make them, maybe now it's a good time.

Thanks again! (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧
Dammit! (;´༎ຶД༎ຶ`)

I can't enter in too much details, but I was bamboozled at work aaaaand I was suspended for 10 days. With no pay. I'm lawyering up and all those shebangs but that will take some time to solve. I also have some savings so I'm not sweating that much about the lost money, but then again, being here at home doing nothing when I know I'm losing money doesn't sit well with me.

Commissions are open for 10 days. I'm not sure I can actually work these 10 days, but I'll try to make up for all the lost money doing as much commissions as I can.

Simple commission: $16.00
Additional characters: $8.00

I'm bumping the price a little bit. Sorry.

In other news, you should check my Pixiv account that has some exclusive contents.…

I just thought it would be fun to have some exclusive content over there to increase it's importance, to incentive people to not be only on deviantART
I had to stop drawing for a while. Got that thing again where my hand would give shocks like when you hit your elbow, probably from drawing too much the other week. But then again, it might be something else…

I spent a week trying to catch up on my games anyways. =P

Vacation is gone now, so I have to work. Less time to draw or play games. It was fun and even quite lucrative to do all those commissions, but it was a big mess and I didn't really do anything that I wanted to do for myself. I didn't draw any comics, although I spent a bit of time getting to know more how to use the MotionBook tool to post comics on deviantART; nor I did a pack of images to sell, although I have some unposted images here that nobody can see — nyer-nyer-nyer-nyer!

Status, for now:
  • Commissions are closed, except for VIP (it's mostly the users that commissions me so often that I made folders for their work).
  • Art Trades are closed, except for friends maybe, since most of them draws really well.
  • Requests are closed, but I'm taking suggestions for images to draw.

I'll try to focus more on making comic books or other possible passive incomes, but I need more ideas. Patreon is not quite discarded yet but I don't feel confident to use it yet.

Stahp! by Alenonimo
I can't accept any more commissions. I don't even know if I'll be able to draw the ones I already accepted. It's waaaaaaaaaay too much, man!

It's actually quite flattering to see so many people elbowing each other in a hurry to get a commisssion with me, but I'm also starting to wonder if the price I'm asking is too low. You guys wouldn't take advantage of me just for some quick monetary advantage, would you?

Anyway, I have tons of commissions to actually draw and here I am doodling Imp holding the door. I'll see what I can do about performing more commissions once I finish these ones, alright?
Umm... it seems I've made a few miscalculations with my budget... crap...

I'll hold on the suggestion thing for a while and focus on doing as many commissions as I can. I need some serious cash right now. Good thing that I'm on vacation and have the time, at least.

And since I need these commissions more than I thought, I won't really restrict them to just stuff that I like. I will prioritize the commissions I had agreed to make before though.

Commissions! by Alenonimo

I'll try to stream as much as possible at so check it out, subscribe, and stuff.
Man, this time I got into a very catastrophic video-game/work induced hiatus and I let at least 6 or 7 commissioners behind. My bad. =(

This next tuesday, July 18th, I'll get some vacation. I'll see if I can get those commissions done (if they still want it I guess it's okay if they don't though just saying…).

And, frankly, I guess I'm gonna stop advertising commissions. Getting stuck on commissions seems to be one of the triggers of me having some anxiety attacks and making me get away from drawing. Which is weird, since I don't think I ever had a case of someone arguing with me about me getting stuck on a commission but go figure what the other parts of my head are thinking.

I was gonna stoping doing commissions altogether, but I think I got an idea of getting around those anxiety attacks that may end up making a hell lot of people even happier. I am gonna take requests now. Yup. Free art requests, of the zero dollar commission kind. But there's a catch. I'm only gonna draw requests that I feel like doing and I'm gonna do them in sketch form, unless I really really love the idea enough to do them on color myself. That way, if someone plans to do a commission, they just ask a request and, if I end up doing the sketch, they can bribe me with money to finish it if they want. That will ensure that I'll always draw what I like and what I'm able and people won't theoretically get mad if I don't do a request. Or if they do I won't feel bad because I don't own anything. Nyernyernyerner!

It's not the best option for people who just want to commission thing but I myself don't think I can be trusted to keep a healthy business relationship with all these hiatus going on. I should just accept that I'm an amateur artist and do it amateurly.

Yeah, that should quell the storms of my brain, even if I end up doing a bit more of work. My anxiety thinks it's gonna outsmart me? Ha! I'll show it who's smarter.

There were other triggers for hiatus too like Persona 5 having enough girls in skintight catsuits to make me buy a prohibitively expensive PS4 but let's face it, I love playing games and it seems I can't draw and play games at the same time. If these hiatus are going to happen anyway, I'll just have to work around them. Compromises have to go.

And if I spend all my time on games and Netflix and every time I'm not on hiatus I spend only doing commissions, I'll never really draw just what I want to draw or proceed with my comic book. Dang, I could even do a visual novel now that I think about it.

So… requests, right? I'll set up a forum on my profile to have a public space for people to ask me to draw stuff. A word of advice though, I'm gonna tone down the fetishey thing a lot. It's not even that I wouldn't draw them anymore, but more because I don't really have things to show my family and friends. I mean, they see this exquisite piece of drawing board and know that I have expensive drawing programs installed but I never show them anything. Besides, I always liked my art more funny and cute than sexy and porny.

Let's see how things will turn out. Any suggestions and stuff? (Don't send requests yet though.)


vader NOOOO by Blackmane50
There's this site that it's like a deviantART, but where everyone is at least as good as Artgerm, called ArtStation

If you wondered where the people who creates the Overwatch characters hang around with the people who creates Hearthstone illustrations, or where the art director of Rovio post his ideas for new games, or where the developers of The Final Destination hired a freelancer to make the promo art, or where a Pixar lead character designer may hang around, now you know. Heck, there's even a job page where you can only find top companies hiring these guys.

Not everyone there is a professional though, but they all could make Picasso run for it's money. Seriously, go see what this guy do just for fun.

I could ONLY find top art over there. They all must be PhD in Arts. They probably kill amateurs that try to upload stuff too, so don't even try. =P

Seeing all that good art makes me feel inadequated, but also remind me that there's a lot for me to improve.
…I don't really feel like it would be a good idea. I don't have the grasp over my free time and attention span to consistently draw every month or offer special work for high tier pledges. It would suck for people paying me per month when there are months I disappear.

Too bad. =(

Right now it's become hard to concentrate on drawings because I got a loaned PS3 from my brother-in-law. It's modded so I shoved Persona 5 in it. It will keep me busy until the PS4 I actually bought arrives in the mail. It sucks that my Persona 5 for PS4 was missing from my other order that somehow came sooner than the console, but at least I have FF15 and a bunch of games from THQ PlayStation Humble Bundle to play when it arrives.

The best time for me to draw is during my idle time at work (since I have 2 Wacom tablets and one is over there), but I can't draw what most people hires me to draw. I did draw Rey for the intergalactic holiday though.

May the Force be with MEEE!!! by Alenonimo
Let's see…
  • Got busy with personal stuff again. Took all of my vacation time. Bummer, but family comes first.
  • Managed to nab a second monitor, so now I can draw while looking at references.
  • Managed to start 4 or 5 different games. Didn't finish any of them.
  • Might have broken my toe trying to kick a cat last weekend. The entire situation with stray cats is getting ridiculous.
  • Stray cats managed to turn off the circuit breaker yesterday at night. Almost had to throw away the food I had on the fridge. I wonder how they did it without not one of them getting killed.
  • My depression is getting worse and I'm not finding joy drawing anymore. It'll probably pass though.
Holy shit, 2016 was a spetacularly bad year. And I'm not even talking about famous people dying or something. I lost a huge ammount of money with emergency home-improvement, a bit more with the political/economical crisis in Brazil and I have to deal with the healthcare and welfare of a close relative who lost everything. I'm still baffled by my ability to not have gone entirely broke and mad.

I'm not really in the mood to even think about artworks, but since I took some vacation and I could use the money, I'll start doing commissions again, right now. I won't even be picky about them, but I'll jack up the prices though. The only thing I'll ask is that since I have this horrible habit of going AWOL all the time, to not have too much work at once on my table, so no comic books or too many artworks at once.

I'll also make an image pack or two to sell. I still need some ideas though. And if you sell image packs, share some tips if it's not too much inconvenient.

And let's hope 2017 is a better year, because my sanity can only take so much. MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Crazy Insane Loony