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Robert Redford

Another of the star-portraits-commissions-I-can't-avoid. =P But that's good news for all of you who like my portraits. =)

So here we have Robert Redford, from a promotional shot taken sometime in the 60s, from the look of it. I was asked to portray him in his 20s. He's pretty hard to find a good photo of.

Size: 24x30cm
Time Taken: ~26 hours
Materials: 0.5 mechanical pencil with #B lead, #8B solid graphite pencil, plastic, kneadable and electric erasers, cotton buds, tissues and blending stumps. For more on my materials please visit my tutorial: Pencil Portraiture- Materials
Reference: from the RedDriverAutographs blog. I in no way claim copyright of the original image.

Enjoy! =D
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Thank you! =)
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omg thought it was a photo at first so i clicked on it , and wow...
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=) Thank you!
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Excellent portrait!
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Oh oh oh! I just adore Robert Redford! :D I can't stop staring at this, it's gorgeous!
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Oh, thankyou! =D And gosh, thanks for all those :+fav:s, I'm so glad you liked them!
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Oh you're welcome! I was thrilled to find such an awesome artist! And I'm a huge fan of all those old, (some dead) amazing actors too! :D
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Oh my goodness, if I was the type I'd be swooning right now...but thank goodness I haven't a soft spot for Robert Redford. :giggle:

I can't believe the HAIR! And eyebrows! You're soooo good at that. I really need to practice lol, but if I could get even remotely close to where you are with depicting hair, I'd be happy. :)

Brava, yet again! :clap: :clap: :clap:
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=P I'm not actually a big fan of him either, so you're not alone!

And let me tell you, I did not enjoy that hair! It was really tedious to do, with all its blond-ness and brilliantine. Arrg! =P So I'm extra glad you think I did just a good job, because it took just ages! The eyebrows, however, were not nearly so bad. =D Hair really takes a lot of patience and a lot of attention to detail - and it helps to start with dark hair, because it's so much easier than blond hair with brilliantine. ^.^

Thanks so much! :hug:
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LOL! Though I did rather enjoy "Spy Game"...

Hahahaha! Forgive me for seemingly laughing at your distress, but it makes me feel better to hear someone as talented as you lament over an aspect of a drawing. :floating: I don't think I've ever tried doing blonde hair in black and it sounds scary! ;P
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Oh yes, I lament over all sorts of things, believe me! Lighting, shadows, perspective, fabric folds... but I persevere! =D
I think blonde hair without brilliantine is okay - it's just when it gets stuck into clumps of shine above areas of deep shadow and everything that it gets so distressingly fiddly. =P
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Hahaha, don't I know it. I don't have as much difficulty with things that are less "unvarying" (i.e., hair is easier than hands!), though...
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I suppose if everything was completely easy to draw, we wouldn't find it so interesting ... the challenge is good (usually =P) =)
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P.S. I'm still waiting for Molly Gibson!! :floating:
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Another problem that I've run into trying to use and find references that isn't overwhelmingly used by other you have that problem too?
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Yes, that can be a bit of a problem, although I do like to draw some of the more esoteric stars, which helps there, or else I have a very definite idea of what I want to portray, and just won't do the portrait until I find exactly what I'm looking for (or I work from a screenshot =)) Quite often I choose a reference based on the costume or background as well as the face - it just makes it more interesting, and I can jump from bit to bit as I get bored. This portrait was quite boring to do! =P
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Whoah!!! true likeness and great detailing!!!
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Thankyou, and thanks for the :+fav: too! =) I'm so glad you like it!
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You're insane :XD: I don't know how you do it.
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I'm not sure either, actually, and have come to the conclusion that I am insane. =P I actually prefer illustration work to this type of portraiture, but it's not like I'm in a position to refuse work, and it can be good fun, even if it is a tad tedious sometimes. =D
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Another AMAZING artwork! Great Hair~!
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