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Princess And The Pea

A portfolio illustration for The Princess And The Pea. It's intended to be part of a small series; not the whole story, but a few key scenes.

Size:37 x 17.5cm
Materials: Winsor & Newton Watercolours on Arches medium watercolour paper 300gsm, tiny touches of Prismacolour pencil and a white gel pen. Text added in Photoshop.
References: My own, plus a Google SketchUp model to help with the bed.

Enjoy! =D

Edit: Made some minor changes to the text.
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This is so awesome...
That is exactly what I look like every morning. XD *is not a morning person*
Alene's avatar
Haha, fabulous! (I am not a morning person either)
I'm glad you like it! :)
NormalEndsHere's avatar
Who needs mornings when we have evenings. XD
Oh, it's wonderful!
Alene's avatar
Indeed! Although I am trying to keep more regular hours.... =P
Thank you =)
NormalEndsHere's avatar
Trying? I see. I see. I wouldn't be able to for my life. XD
Lyra-Elante's avatar
How does she avoid being crushed to a powder by the weight of the blanket if she is sensitive enough to feel a tiny pea through all those mattresses?
Alene's avatar
I daresay the sheets are finest silk. =)
JoannaBromley's avatar
Love this humorous and teh layout is great too! :-D
Alene's avatar
Oh, thank you so much! I always like to get some humour into my illustrations, and I don't think a princess would be all that happy after a night on a lumpy mattress! =P Thanks for the :+fav: too, I'm so glad you liked it!
JoannaBromley's avatar
Most's lovely work! :nod:
Malacandrax's avatar
Handwriting it in a similar font might make it blend more :). It takes some doing though ¬_¬. If theres any space above the bed (can't quite tell if it carries on upwards) the 'urgh' comment might fit nicely there. But I did just click comment to say how much I loved the teensy crown on the pillow ;).
Alene's avatar
I have handwritten text before – tedious, but I don't find it a problem. However, since this is supposed to be a mockup for a children's book, handwritten text is less of an option; it's not unheard of in picture books, but it's much more common for the text to be typeset. And no, the image doesn't carry on upwards, this is a double-page spread and what you see is what I painted. =P
Oh, thank you! =)
Fawa1's avatar
Even though I love the illustration, the text doesnt do the image any justice :/ Probs the font needs changing? or the placement of the text. :)
Alene's avatar
Good to know, thanks. I wasn't entirely happy with the text myself, but thought I'd post it and see if anyone brought it up. What sort of font do you think I should be using? Any suggestions? =)
Fawa1's avatar
Its not a problem, maybe if you were to put the image on a bigger page, and have the text on one side? or where the princess is.
Well to start off try using gill sans? You can normally get away with gill sans with any image especially with children books. Hope that helps?
Alene's avatar
No, the whole image (and the others in the set) were designed to this specific size, so I can't change it now (and adding extra to one side would put the princess in the gutter). And I don't want to use a sans serif font for a fairytale (I am a trained graphic designer, serif is the way to go here, the picture isn't 'modern' enough =P)
But I'm going to try moving the alignment a little, so the text lines up better with the bed. =) Thanks for your help!
Fawa1's avatar
Ah i see. :/ I was wondering that. Ok, have you tried century schoolbook? Or Baskerville. Their normally good :)
Ah am sorry I always use san serif :/
Yeah you could try the text being straight as to being at angle? That could be another way? Or experiment with the different text sizes? what size is it at now?
Alene's avatar
I'm curious, what is it exactly that you don't like about the font? (It's Packard Patrician, by the way). I used it for another storybook project, and went through quite a bit of research to settle on it, so I'm always interested in why things work for some people and not for others (as a graphic design student yourself I'm sure you understand that =))
I'm not quite sure what size the text is (I put it in in Photoshop, never the best guide =P), but it's at about 25-30pt at full size, I think.
Fawa1's avatar
Hmm. I have never heard of that font :/ I dont know if its the font or the placement of the text. The font is not bad I guess. I think it might be the angle of the text or the size of the text - normally in children books the text is no bigger then 18pt. Hope that helps?
Alene's avatar
It's a commercial font, but not one that you get with graphics software or operating systems. I got it from, but I can't remember the foundry off the top of my head.
I'm going to have a fiddle around with my text placement and see what I can come up with. =)
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