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"Princess Katia thought about the painting all day .... and all night."

Another page from my picture book (sorry to all those who just watch me for my portraits).

At long last I have finished the book, and in a couple of days, I'll be finished uni too! :faint:

This is actually a double-page spread, in three panels, which makes the transition from day to night much clearer. That didn't seem to work online, though, however sensible it may be in printed book form. So just imagine that it's in three panels, if you would. =)

This'll probably be the last page I upload, at least for quite a while, so I hope you like it! =D

Size: A3
Time Taken: About 40 hours, all up.
Materials: Bistol Board, Winsor & Newton watercolours, Prismacolour Pencils, sepia ink and dip pen, white pen.
Note the watermarks, and don't steal!

Enjoy! =D
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Awesome details! Congrats on your achievements!
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This is fantastic! I'm blown away by your work as always. :D
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Thanks so much! And thanks for the :+fav: too :hug:
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You're welcome. You're work is simply superb! :) :glomp:
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Ohhh, this is interesting. It's beautiful to begin with, but I love the way you faded into night. Brava!! :D

P.S. Have you really had a problem with people stealing your work? :-O
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Thankyou! Fading the image into night was always the plan, although the rest of the image changed a bit from go to woe. But I battled to keep my night-time! =P

And no, not yet, that I'm aware of. But I figure if I'm good enough to work commercially, I'm good enough for people to steal my work. ;) Every now and then there seem to be waves of it around, and I figure better to be safe(ish) than sorry. I'm not so bothered with most of my portraits, but I really don't want people stealing my illustrations. So I always watermark everything, so that its harder for a piece to be stolen and claimed as someone else's, or sold on merchandise. Such things have been known to happen!
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Night is so much harder to depict I think, and you've done a lovely job, especially with keeping the blueish cast of moonlight and all that. :D Well done!

Good point. And you're lucky not to have had your work stolen yet -- I've had numerous things pirated before. It's not at all fun, let me tell you. :P
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Well, I must admit, I used Photoshop to do the night-time light cast. I wanted an effect a bit like Edmund Dulac's nocturnes, since I was doing the Golden Age of Illustration style (and I love Edmund Dulac) but I'm not nearly a good enough watercolourist! ;) So I painted it all as if it was daytime, added coloured pencil to hide my lack of watercolour ability, and then used photoshop for all my colour casts in my paintings (all of which had to be slightly sepia tinted, anyway). Hooray for Photoshop! =D

I know! I did have a colouring-in stolen when I was six, which I did not enjoy. And when I was seven I entered a colouring-in competition, and was practically disqualified, because I had obviously got my big sister (which I don't even possess) to help me, because no seven year old could colour that neatly. (HA!) So to a certain extent I've been on both sides, though not yet on the internet, thank heavens. I suppose it's only a matter of time, though.... *sigh*
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Ahhh, well, there is nothing wrong with PS, or at least I don't think so. :-) It's become almost an art form in and of itself, really!

I had to look Dulac up, shamefully. I'm not familiar with is work but the style does look like something I remember seeing ages ago, so maybe I came across one of his somewhere without knowing it. I like John Atkinson Grimshaw's depictions of nighttime! :D

Oh gosh, that's funny!! Not at the time, of course, but in retrospect that makes you look very good, lol. ;-) I was always a neat-freak as a child when it came to coloring, too!
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That's not so shameful, he's not as well remembered as he should be. =(

And yes, in retrospect it is amusing, fortunately! And really, just because one can colour inside the lines does not mean you cheated! =P
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Most artists are not, I think. And then there are those who get rather more appreciation than their merits deserved IMNSHO....

I always tried to be a neat artist as a child, lol. ;-) And I always did prefer pencils to crayons! I can't stand the smell, lol.
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That's true. There are some amazing artists (and illustrators) who just don't have the reputation they deserve, which is such a pity.

And neat is good! =D I can't think in mess, so I try to keep where I work tidy, and what I work at neat! =P
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Thanks so much, and thanks for the :+fav: too! =) I'm glad you like it!
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