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Dr Who- Elisabeth Sladen

I'm on a Dr Who kick. Don't knock it. I was brought up with Dr Who, I *like* Dr Who- even though most people I know have either never heard of it or think I am veery strange- becuase I like it =P

But, British actors are generally very interesting to draw, becuase they never look quite as "perfect" as American actors, and, having found a Dr Who image achive, I decided to draw the people I like best. So you can probably expect some more =D *evil smirk*

So, Dr Who #1- Elisabeth Sladen, who portrayed Sarah-Jane Smith with the fourth Doctor (Tom Baker).

I am quite disproportionatly pleased with this one, so please try not to rip it *quite* to shreds :please:- although, as ever, comments would be most welcome, please =)
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This is so good!!! One of my favorite Doctor Who companions.
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Thank you! It's a really old drawing now, but I'm still quite fond of it! Thanks for the :+fav:! =D
"please try not to rip it *quite* to shreds"

I don't know why you'd be worried about that, it looks fantastic!  Such a shame she's left the world behind... after all, life on Earth can be an adventure too.
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Aw thank you, that's sweet of you to say! :hug: This piece is so old that I can now rip it to shreds myself quite easily, but I still have a soft spot for it, it was great fun to do (she had some of the best hair!) =D
Forever in my childhood memories. May she rest in peace. 
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Lis was so pretty I always remember saying "I like your haiiirrrr <3 I just wanna touch ittt."... The world misses her enthusiastic kindness... 
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You're right, she had some of the best hair, I have always been a bit jealous. =P
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.u. i never liked my hair long because i could never take care of it and it appeared straight... HAHAHA LOLNOPE, it's Colin Baker status if i cut it semi-short. XD
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I had *long* hair for years, right down to my waist, but it's too fine to be a satisfactorily bouncy medium hairstyle, so when I got sick of teasing tangles from it I chopped it all off into a 20s bob – it's *almost* straight, but quite capable of flicking out at odd angles when I am trying to look sophisticated. =P
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i swear when i try to act serious.. like a single curl pops out at the top of my head and nobody takes me serious... 

My hair= COLIN BAKER STATUS UP IN HERE. (colin.. cuz i'm blonde.)
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That's amazing. The hair must have taken absolutely forever to do. Yet it looks so perfectly real, I want to stroke it.
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Thank you so much! =) I did this an awfully long time ago, but I remember that the hair was fun to do – that type of hair always is, it's curls that drive me crazy. =P
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I liked Sarah very much. she was with Jon Pertwee as well as Tom Baker.

BTW I think it's Doctor Who.
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Yes, I know. Back in 2004 no one cared, mentioning Tom Baker might get some recognition, but not, alas, Jon Pertwee. Things have changed since then. =P 

And I refer you the very start of the show in 1963 – when it was often abbreviated as 'Dr', even in some of the merchandise, and it was an introduction of 'I am Dr Who', not 'I am the Doctor'. Plus the whole thing didn't fit into the submission title back then anyway. =)

Thanks for the :+fav:, I'm glad you like it! =) 
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BTW what medium is it?
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It's graphite. 

Thanks for the :+fav:s on "Humphrey Bogart" and "Dr Who - Christopher Eccleston" =) I'm glad you liked them too! 
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It's quite dark. I wasn't sure if it was ink.

Anyway, great work!
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No, I force darks out of my graphite pencils. You can see a run-down of all the materials I use for portraiture here:… =)
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Oh thanks, that was helpful.

BTW I have a problem with smudging when I use darker grades. May I ask how you avoid it?

(Hope you don't mind bugging you with too many questions ...)
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Since I am hopeless at working top-left-to-bottom-right I put a clean piece of printer paper under my hand while I'm working, so that my skin doesn't touch the paper, I prefer the smoother paper types, which don't pick up too much graphite and also don't have as much friction. I also use a large paintbrush (a dry one =P) to brush away loose flakes of graphite dust as I go, so that there is less loose graphite to smudge with. =) Of course, if I want to smudge something to blend it, I don't bush away the dust until after I've attacked it with my blending tools. =)
I think this is beautiful! You captured Elisabeth's innocence in her smile and Sarah-Janes strength in her eyes. Well done!
Anyone who thinks you are "strange" for liking Dr. Who needs to sit down and watch the show before they pass judgement.
Not too many shows survive 50 years. Keep up your work!
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Oh, thank you! =) When I drew this (8 years ago, wow) Dr Who had not come back into the public consciousness as the new series was yet to start. So as a teenager who had been brought up on the classic shows rather than on 'mainstream' tv I was indeed a bit strange. The series stopped in 1989, when I was 2, so people my age didn't see it unless they watched videos with their parents. =P With the new Dr Who so many more people know of the show, even the classic episodes, which is great. =D
Welcome to deviantArt, by the way! =)
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This made me tear up a bit...with joy. Best companion ever.
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Aw, thanks for the :+fav: =) I'm glad you like it!
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