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The first finished illustration for my honours project.
I'm creating a picture book, reminiscent in style of 'golden age' illustrations (Edmund Dulac, Arthur Rackham, etc) but using more modern storytelling-through-pictures techniques.
It's not supposed to look as though, say, Arthur Rackham did the illustrations, but as though it could have been published at the same time.

This is spread 13/16, and two pages together.
You won't get to see all of the pages, but I'll upload some of them, and some of my character sketches and the like will probably make it into some sketch-dumps.
Eventually I want to try and get this published, and assuming I manage it, I don't want the whole thing floating around on the 'net! =)

No text accompanies this page, so I'll leave it all to your imaginations.
Please, if you have the time, tell me what you think is happening - I'd like to see how well I'm getting the story across. I'd really appreciate it!

Critique is discouraged because a) I'm feeling a bit delicate about this and b) I don't have time to redo it!
But please, if you like it, comment. or favourite. or both! Let me know! Self confidence is a bit low here - I'm far too stressed!

Size: A3
Materials: Bristol Board, sepia ink, watercolour, Prismacolour pencils, Photoshop.
Time Taken: Probably about 30 hours, all up.

Enjoy! =D
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Your art is nourishment for the soul. I´m dazzled!
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Oh, what a lovely comment, thank you so much! :hug:
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So pretty! I love the colors and composition! There is definitely a story here! :heart:
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Thank you! This was always one of my favourite spreads from the project. Sometimes I think I should redo it and see how far I've come, as it looks a bit tired now. But I'm glad you like it, and enjoy the story in it, thanks for the :+fav:! =D
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That's very pretty! I would love that as an illustration to any fairy tale. It looks like there's a painting (or a map, like in one of those Erroyl Flynn swashbuckler movies) being delivered. She could either be waving to the deliverers or someone has just arrived in that carriage with the package.
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Thanks so much, I'm so glad you like it!
That is indeed a painting being delivered! =D
RedPassion's avatar
Its beautiful!!! :love: I love her dress!!!^^
Alene's avatar
Thankyou! I had great fun designing this dress (although I did start to question my sanity when it came to painting all the dots. =P)
Thanks for the :+fav: too, I'm so glad you liked it! =)
RedPassion's avatar
Hehe i see ;) My pleasure i hope to see more stuff like that ;)
You are welcome :)
F-2-8's avatar
long time no see. i dont get out much ._.

well she's waiting for some kind of present. and suddenly the box arrives and inside is .. i dont know maybe a piece of beautiful furniture or a pennyfarthing or something ..? depends when it was set. but im amazed at your skills since its such a long time that i didn't loko at your pictures. good luck for honours
Alene's avatar
ooh, hello! :hug: How are you? And what be you doing?

Pretty much, yes, although it's a painting. =P
Thanks for the luck! I think I'll need it - deadlines are looming!
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Absolutely lovely!
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Thanks ever so, and for the :+fav: too! =)
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It's a beautiful scene. I love her dress. The print on it is so pretty.
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Thankyou so much! I'm glad you like the patterned fabric - it makes it more worthwhile while I'm driving myself insane painting it! =P
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Thanks ever so! :hug:
FireFiriel's avatar
Pretty; I like the hedges and fountain.
Looks to me like a painting or something is being delivered, and she's happy about it. ^^
Alene's avatar
Thankyou! =)
And yes, that's about the gist of it!
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This is simply beautiful!
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Thanks so much, and thanks for the :+fav: too! I'm so glad you like it!
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You're welcome!
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this is lovely! wonderful job :)
Alene's avatar
Thanks so much! =)
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