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Walling Tutorial

Long tutorial is long. Q_Q

Some people wanted to know how I make desktop wallpapers and how to make desktop wallpapers in general - what they needed for them, what to pay attention to etc., so I decided to make a tutorial for them. This mostly covers the basics of walling so it's good for absolute beginners but I guess others are also welcome to read it. :3

This took me about 3-4 days to make, mostly because I had to create some images of my own and go look for some others. I may have forgotten some things perhaps and don't be surprised if you see some typos but all in all, I hope this helps you. XD

No ripping please! >_<
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ahhh, it will take me a loooong time before I can make one just as good.
Alenas's avatar
Practice makes perfect xD
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awesome tutorialss!!! (>_<)b
btw, have you ever made coloring cloth tutorials?
thankyou so much... ^_^
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Excellent tutorial. I will apply the tips you've listed here and give my personal wallpapers a
fresh life :D
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Whooosh! Now look at this! Muahaha I love those little desktop icon guys. XD I also like your shaded blue ball. *___* Nice to see a tutorial thingamajig from you!
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Haha, thanks! I had fun drawing those little desktop guys, muahaha. XD And the ball was a blast, too. XDD
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Very useful tutorial :D
Alenas's avatar
XD Thanks! It's taken me daaaays. =_=
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btw, linked your tutorial in my thread, I hope you don't mind xD
Alenas's avatar
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Hey, that was a really nice tutorial. Though I'm not a wallpaper artist, just a doodler, this was nice insight into how you work. I love how you taught things like Rule of Thirds and shading.
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Thank you! Glad I made it useful! XD
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