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July 12, 2012
Basic Lighting Tutorial by ~Alenas Has to be one of the most comprehensive and well explained lighting guides I've seen for a long time!
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Basic Lighting Tutorial



Long tutorial is long. Again @_@... I have got to stop making such long tutorials. Originally it was even longer before I increased the width of the whole thing. >_>

Anyway, my basic Lighting Tutorial! This is for all of you who have trouble with lighting and how to apply it correctly in your works. This is how I got to understand it so don't take me for a pro or anything, though, but hopefully, it'll be somewhat helpful.

All photos in it are © me so no ripping, please.

Special thanks go to Brad and Nysha for letting me use some of their works. <3
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Out of all the lighting tutorials I looked at today, this has been the most helpful. Thank you!