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July 12, 2012
Basic Lighting Tutorial by ~Alenas Has to be one of the most comprehensive and well explained lighting guides I've seen for a long time!
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Basic Lighting Tutorial

Long tutorial is long. Again @_@... I have got to stop making such long tutorials. Originally it was even longer before I increased the width of the whole thing. >_>

Anyway, my basic Lighting Tutorial! This is for all of you who have trouble with lighting and how to apply it correctly in your works. This is how I got to understand it so don't take me for a pro or anything, though, but hopefully, it'll be somewhat helpful.

All photos in it are © me so no ripping, please.

Special thanks go to Brad and Nysha for letting me use some of their works. <3
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Abbyss's avatar
Out of all the lighting tutorials I looked at today, this has been the most helpful. Thank you!
Alenas's avatar
Thank you! I'm glad it helped! :D
SmickArts's avatar
Thank you for the tutorial. It's really helping. I do have a question about workflow. I'm currently working on a character of mine and applied the base colors on her. At this point i didn't really know what kind of light i should use on her, but after reading your tutorial and looking carefully at the images it has to be backlight for the character in question in this composition. Now should i do the shadows and highlights on the character first or should i go for a background to 'see' the light i want on her? There is also an issue about reflecting light on water surfaces, because i instantly got the idea of her floating above a lake, but first i need your advice on where i should go after the base color stage.
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Yeah, when I work on my stuff, I usually always do the background first, including the lighting so I could get a better idea how other things in the foreground should look like. Then I apply stuff on characters accordingly and add finishing touches and adjustments on everything once done with both to make them blend in with each other even better. 

Thanks, glad to hear you find it helpful! xD
SmickArts's avatar
Here it is thanks to your tutorial. I hope you like it: OC: Helene Angelique final
Alenas's avatar
Ohh, nice! Looks really good! Glad my tutorial helped! xD
Valronic's avatar
Saving this, because its so deep I fell in.
Alenas's avatar
LOL, I'm glad? xD

Either way, I hope it helps!
Turquoise-luck's avatar
Thanks for the useful tutorial! It's very helpful :)
Alenas's avatar
Glad to hear that, thanks! :)
Teurboa's avatar
I can't tell you how amazingly useful this is!
Alenas's avatar
Glad you think so, hope it comes in handy! xD
Aerite's avatar
Thank you for the tutorial. It's very helpful. :D
Alenas's avatar
Glad to hear that! :)
Horse-Paint-Designs's avatar
Wow, this is really helpful. Thank you very much I am a dummy! 
Alenas's avatar
You're welcome, glad it can help you~
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Showlover's avatar
it is really hard for me to understand the multiple light sources part
Alenas's avatar
Well, dunno how else to explain it better, lol. You can try putting an object between the light of the laptop and a lit candle at night and observe how the dual lighting plays on the object.
SomniumFox's avatar
Looking at this tutorial is just amazing
I just hope i can use some of these tips( ´ ー `)
Alenas's avatar
Lol, thanks! Hope it comes in handy!
Hyenax's avatar
Very useful and interesting :) Thanks!
Alenas's avatar
Glad it's helpful! :)
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