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Clint Barton and Leo Fitz

Commissioned piece of Agent Leo Fitz (Agents of SHIELD) presenting MCU Clint Barton with a hearing device (because Deaf Clint from the comics is important, dammit)
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Amazing art. Hawkeye and Fitz are my favorite characters. They are badass and so human at the same time. And deaf Clint is the best!! Did you see the comics where he worked together with Deadpool. It was so funny and great.
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I did, and I loved that Deadpool rolled his mask up so Clint could see his mouth in order to lip-read. It was a great touch. And I love Fitz' characterization so far in this season of Agents of SHIELD, so I'm looking forward to more of his growth!
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Yeah!! I was like squeling like a fangirl when I read those parts ;)

Fitz is an amazing character I soooo hope to see much more of him. We are on the same page my friend <3

You know what would be awesome, a drawing of Fitz working on those purple glasses or any other tech just for Clint and that you know it´s for him because it´s purple haha.

Btw, I´m not telling you what you should draw, but that would be a fun idea ;)