Animals Art Feature *2

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 It is beautiful!
This is a small selection of photos that I really like.
I hope you enjoy it!Thank you for your attention!

:heart: rvmp I love animals!:heart: rvmp 

Gizemlianilar 6630vxx by gizemlianilar Gizemlianilar 6596vxx by gizemlianilar
Gizemlianilar 7896vxx by gizemlianilar Gizemlianilar 6947vxx by gizemlianilar
Gizemlianilar 7026vxx by gizemlianilar 
Gizemlianilar 7166vxx by gizemlianilar Gizemlianilar 7167vxx by gizemlianilar

frugal breakfast - Guanaco by AlejandroCastillo Look-out. by AlejandroCastillo

Horse by FrankAndCarySTOCK Deer Stock by FrankAndCarySTOCK
Dreaming by CaryAndFrankArts Raccoon by CaryAndFrankArts
Friendship by CaryAndFrankArts
New Born by CaryAndFrankArts Guanaco by LewiARTs
Bonobo Baby by LewiARTs Mmmh... by LewiARTs
No Problemo by LewiARTs Newborn by LewiARTs
Caption this... by DeniseSoden Yaaaawn by DeniseSoden
Emma by DeniseSoden Duplicity by Behrfeet
Three Amigos by Behrfeet
Wha Cha Dewin? by Behrfeet
Dandelion Delight by Behrfeet 

Winter food! by mockingbirdontree
More trouble every day by NB-Photo O Hai by FurLined
Ella by FurLined

Maudlin Meerkat by FurLined

Leopard Cat 20150713-2 by FurLined

I fall in love too easily by NB-Photo

Someone to watch over me by NB-Photo One zebra by NB-Photo

River crossing by NB-Photo Come my little I'll help you by MT-Photografien
very concentrated by MT-Photografien explore nature by MT-Photografien
two inseparable by MT-Photografien

Oh how tasty by MT-Photografien

Good To See You Friend by suezn

The Cat Window by suezn

:heart: rvmp Thank you for your attention!:heart: rvmp

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Wonderful pictures!  :love:
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Thank you for your attention!Hug 
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My pleasure, Alena!  :hug:
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I Love animals!Heart  Wath a wonderful feature!Hug 
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Thanks for the support and kind words!Thank You (19) 
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Wonderful journal full of nice pics !Love Love 
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Thank you!:) (Smile) Glad you like it! Hug 
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You're welcome !(so much)Love Love Daisy Exitebike :D 
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Beautiful feature Alena! :heart:
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Thank you very much Mina!Hug 
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You're welcome! :hug:
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I thank you for adding my studies to this beautiful collection! :) (Smile) 
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It's my pleasure,dear friend! :) (Smile) 
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Beautiful collections there Alena ^^
Loving it :love:
Thank you for sharing^^
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Thank you very much,Dzul!Hug 
I hope you are all right Hi! :) (Smile) 
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You're welcome, yeah I'm fine just a little tired :)
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Bless you :) (Smile) 
Take care of yourself Hug 
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Your well wishes means a lot to me.
You are so kind dear Alena, thank you so much :hug: :)
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It's my pleasure :) (Smile) 
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a WARM THANK YOU by Sugaree-33  ...for including me in this stunning feature!  :hug:  :heart:
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It's my pleasure,dear friend! Hug 
You-are-welcome by vafiehya  
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Thank you si much for includin my works in this fantastic feature. =)
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No problem! My great pleasure!:) (Smile) 
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wonderful photos
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